U.K. Music Festivals Hope To Cut Back On Plastic Waste

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Many adults use straws to prevent their drinks of choice from staining their teeth, touching sensitive areas of their mouth, and other reasons. Kids use straws for fun, because they’re too messy without them, and sometimes because they refuse to eat without them.

Most all straws around the world are made of plastic, a substance that’s found in virtually all of our homes, workplaces, vehicles, and likely even clothes. Although plastic is cheap and can fit just about any need that a customer or end user could want, it has a detrimental effect on the environment because it takes so long to disintegrate.

According to modern statistics, a simple plastic bottle takes anywhere between a paltry – more like not-so-paltry – 70 years and 450 years, at the highest end of the spectrum.

So why not get rid of plastic bottles, rather than straws, since, most likely, tens of straws could fit inside the plastic bottle’s shell alone. However, plastic straws are one of the most common uses of plastic around the world and often aren’t truly necessary.

For example, in order to drink a bottle of water, that object must contain at least a thin shell of plastic to prevent any of its contents from leaking out. If we apply this to straws… wait, what are straws required for? Very little, if not nothing at all.

In the name of encouraging others to move towards a green Earth as fast as possible, the Association of Independent Festivals announced that it would soon be implementing the Drastic on Plastic initiative, a means of thinking in regards to how much waste single-use plastic items really does put on the world.

Throughout any given average year, a whopping 23,500 tons – that’s 23,500 multiplied by 2,000 – of waste is created just at the source of United Kingdom music festivals. Audiences of such shows, alone, throw away, litter, or recycle some 10 million bottles of water – and that’s just U.K. audience members alone.

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