The Work of Beamridge

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Construction company Beamridge is a well known contractor that works in both the Residential and Commercial areas. Beamridge has put together a team of professionals who have worked together for several years. They have reached people all across the globe and continue to grow with each passing day.


Beamridge was created in 2013. The company was formed by a group of well to do construction workers with many years of experience. The company is committed to being professional and forming lasting relationships. Beamridge is unique because they offer one stop for planning , design and construction of any project. Beamridge can handle the most challenging projects because of their unique skill set and varied experiences. The company specializes in offering Construction Management, Land Acquisition and Aftercare.


Lee May is a senior partner and leader at Beamridge. May recently made new because he announced that he would be undertaking a sponsored 10K run. This 10k if focused on aiding the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. The hope is to raise money to help the group purchase a new mini bus. Beamridge has been a proud sponsor of this boxing club for many years. The company works to help improve the training methods used by the club. Lee himself has been a boxing fan for years and pours his passion into working with this club. The club also works on teaching family values and youth development. Lee May’s group is hoping to raise £20K to help the boxing club. All the money received will be donated to the Club.


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