The Rise of Indie Music, Streaming Sites and Better Royalties for Artists

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The Indie music scene has a chance to survive, and it is very possible that this scene has improved largely because superstars like Prince. He had a desire to be very adamant about the control of his own music before his passing. Streaming sites have made it possible for the artists to engage in a better relationship with the fans. There are not so many middle men in place to collect funds because streaming is directly between some of the artists and the streaming sites if these artists are independent.

Major labels that have artist are going to reap profits from some of the sales if the label is responsible for getting artists into a recording studio and making an album. The major label still takes up a very big part in the total distribution of the album or the single even if it is connected to a streaming site.

Anyone that is doing music independently, however, will have the advantage of connecting with the streaming site without all of the additional things that major artists have to worry about. Prince is someone that wanted to take full control of his masters when it came to recording. He worked with Warner Brothers in the early years and his best material was made during this time.

What Prince would discover is that Warner Brothers would have a major steak in the royalties that were made. This really put him in a place where he was missing out on a large portion of the money that he should have earned. Once he finally received his master recordings back in his possession he made a contribution to himself by making even more music.

Prince believed that the artist needed to be in control of their own music. During that time where he was in a struggle with Warner Brothers he placed the word “Slave” on his face because he felt like he was a slave to Warner Brothers.

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