The Rise of Indie Artists Along Side Mainstream Artists

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A large number of people are considering the benefits of looking at what Indie music professionals bring to the table. These are really interesting artists that have made it there mission to make music that is different from what the mainstream is doing. The good thing about these artists is that they now have access to a platform that allows them to create content that is easily accessible through the cloud network. It is going to be so much easier for people that want to change things up for their playlist to acquire some abstract artists.


Spotify is one of those streaming sites that plays a major part in the music that you hear from Indie artists. This is something that they had to do because it became such a big part of the industry as a whole. These indie artists are much more professional because they are getting their music out and doing the distribution themselves.


These artists are not waiting on the green light from any record executives anymore. To the contrary, these are artists that know what they want to do, and they know how they want to do it. They have more confidence, and they are able to make bigger profits because they have the opportunity to skip the major labels. This is exactly how Chance the Rapper gave himself a leg up in such a harsh music business.


While many rappers were in search of a contract Chance the Rapper made a decision to do something that most people may not have ever thought of. He made a ton of mix tapes and give his music away.


He would change the way that the world received Indie rap music. He would start a trend and become someone that was able to make himself a millionaire without ever being signed to a contract. This was rare, but now it appears that Indie music also entails things like mix tapes by rappers.

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