The Indie Music Scenes Transcends to Streaming Platforms

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The Indie music scene is getting a lot of attention because these artists are coming up on apps like Spotify. There was a time in the music business were indie music artists did not get a whole lot of attention. These people would find themselves struggling to get connected to a mainstream audience. Today social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have given them the luxury of connecting to a world without any mainstream television advertising. There are in the artists like Emily King that have been able to open for major groups like Maroon 5.


This seamless transition of both mainstream and independent artists is no coincidence. Emily King has positioned herself in a place where groups like Maroon 5 would be interested in having Emily King as an opening act. Many indie artists become so popular through their social media accounts that they become mainstream artists. There are others, however, that go from mainstream to Indie music because they are looking to attract a completely different group of music fans.


The Indie music scene is booming because people that are part of this Indie group get a chance to get more of the profits from their own albums. They do not have so many sources collecting funds from the content that they are producing. Spotify is now making it possible for more of these artists to profit from the music. Now that music streaming sites are in place this takes away many of the advertisers that would typically be in the pockets of the music companies that are distributing music. This would also mostly leave less of a portion for the artists that are trying to get their music heard. It takes a big bite out of the money that is made by mainstream artists. It can take even more for an indie artists that have never been discovered. Fortunately, Spotify helps eliminate all of these high cost of advertising that traditional artists encounter.

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