The Indie Music Scene Through Cloud Streaming

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Indie music artists have a much easier road for themselves these days. This is all thanks to the better development of the cloud. Now that there are sites like Spotify, Tidal and SoundCloud artists like this have a better chance of getting their connection to a fanbase that likes what they represent. This is easily the best way for many independent artists to get discovered on Soundcloud.


The great thing about the SoundCloud platform is that there is a radio station set up where you may listen to a mainstream artist and find other similar artists on this radio station. You can scroll through the number of different artists that have a sound that may be like one of your favorite mainstream people. This changes everything when it comes to the amount of exposure that you are able to acquire.

This happens all the time for artists that are trying to do their own music but they may be background singers for someone else. This is certainly the case with artists like Mariah Carey or lesser-known artists like Avery Sunshine. When a backup singer has a soulful sound and they want to present themselves to the world. If this demo is any good it will surface online, and this is what makes the music expand.


This is much different from the days of old where a person with a soulful music sound and a dream would have to vigorously shop for a deal. They may carry their demo from one place to the next looking for the possibility to get a producer to sign them. Now this is completely different. People that are working on getting a deal do not go to a record label and shop for someone to put them in the spotlight. There are reality shows out there. There are also cloud streaming platforms. All of these different venues for releasing music to the public gives artist a better chance of controlling their own careers. There are also many social media sites that allow people to promote through the internet, and that is why Indie music is better.

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