The Indie Music Scene in the Cloud

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Indie music is something that is now getting a front seat and the entertainment world. For so many years people have overlooked the way that Indie music was bubbling on the internet. It did give more artist a chance to express themselves and get their music out, but mainstream artists were still the most dominant players because they had more marketing. The advertising world of television and print ads gave major label musicians at greater platform to get the word out about new albums.


There has been quite a shift in the music industry now that streaming services play such an intricate part in the way that people hear music today. The reality is that millions of people that wants built music collections with physical music that resided on a disk or an album are turning to the cloud and creating virtual playlists.


For the Indie music artists that would have never had the ability to pay to get records produced and distributed through a chain of music stores the cloud is easily the next best thing. It puts the musician in a place where the music can be distributed without actually being put into a cycle where the artist is losing money.


When an album was produced through a traditional method this would be such an extensive process. The record label would have to fund the production of the album. Once a physical product was made there would have to be a distribution of the album to music stores. Even before the album was put into stores there would be a marketing campaign with posters and print ads. All of this would be just to promote the album. There were times where albums would flop and the artist would be in debt to the record label. With cloud streaming the artist has a chance to get more of the money for themselves and they do not break the bank with advertising for their albums.


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