The Growth of Indie Music on Cloud Streaming Platforms

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The Indie music scene is debatable as one of the most influential parts of the music industry. A lot of these artists that start off as indie musicians and become mega stars, but it is always difficult to know which stars are going to have a true rise to fame.

As well known as Prince became in the world of music he was once something of an underground act himself in the very beginning. If this was a present-day time and Prince was just starting his career he would have been labeled as an indie artist because he did not conform to the rules.
He made music that was different from what everyone else was doing because he started his music after the death of disco.

Prince was someone that was selling music out of the trunk of his car. He created his own sound which has now been dubbed the Minneapolis sound with a group called The Time. In this day and age of musicianship it is much easier for people that are getting into the music industry to get their voices heard. Cloud services are making it possible for people to reach a wider audience quickly.

Before Prince died he was not so convinced that music streaming was something that he wanted to do. He did, however, get a little help in seeing the future of a better payout for the artist when he worked with Jay-Z and Beyonce. They were remastering his music and uploading it to Tidal.

Now that Prince is dead his music is available through a plethora of different web and app streaming services. He did not really have much in place as far as protection that would be needed to stop multiple streaming sites from doing this. Some people believe the apps are streaming services that are killing the music industry, but for Indie artists it is actually an important part of the culture. Spotify highlights these Indie acts.

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