The Growth of Indie Music in Social Media Communities

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Coaching new talent for music shows has become the save, but it is a rarity for any of these artists that win to actually become mainstream artists. They all tend to fall in the Indie music genre even if they have won the contest. The obvious reason for this is that they do not connect with people as other artists that have come up through a mix tape circuit or an internet sensation type of vibe.


These singers that are on shows like this are often people with great voices that imitate others, but they rarely have their own songs. This makes it hard for them to build a reputation and get taken seriously so quickly. It has become much easier for people to find these Indie music artists because they have a social media presence.



Every now and then someone from the Indie music scene crosses over and becomes a mainstream artist. It is so rare that it almost seems accidental when it happens. People that may have had songs that were only popular on the internet may suddenly find themselves getting radio play. This is the Indie music scene. This is where people are paying their dues and getting a fan base in place.


The odd thing about this is that these are artists that may have pounded the pavement for years with mix tapes and YouTube videos where they utilize their own money. They put their own money and time into getting studio time. They had someone to engineer and master their tracks so they could sound professional. They did a lot of things that that actually made it hard for them to find regular jobs. They put so much time into the music and their art because they wanted to create something that music lovers would enjoy.

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