Susan McGalla:Trying to Help Women Executives Shatter the Glass Ceiling

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As the daughter of a football coach, and sister to two brothers, Susan McGalla grew up in a male dominated household, one in which she got no breaks just because she was a girl. This may be why she has been determined to shatter the glass ceiling that often prevents women from reaching the highest levels within a company.

Susan did reach the highest level when she was president at American Eagle Outfitters. Now as Vice President for the Steelers, she is once again staring at the glass ceiling and hoping to make it through to the top.

She has a passion for helping women succeed. She puts a lot of thought into what keeps women from achieving the same success as a man, and feels that it comes down to outdated practices, and lack of forward thinking.

She strives to give alternatives to the gender discrimination that is still alive and well within many companies. One of her ideas is ‘sponsorship’, where an executive would sponsor a woman. This would help create opportunities for women.

Susan also stresses the need for women to support one another. Reaching your goals is wonderful, but after you reach them, don’t stop, help other women reach their goals. Women working together is an effective way to create the changes that we want to see.

Women can shatter that glass ceiling and work just as effectively as men, often, they just need the chance to prove themselves. Susan McGalla hopes that the day when gender discrimination is completely eradicated is coming soon.