Supporting Indie Music Scene

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There are people on the Indie music scene like Emily King that was once on a major label, but now she is an independent artist that is somewhat low-key. These are the type of people that are simply passionate about the music. They do not have a desire to go into a mainstream circuit where their music will be filtered down. This is what many of the artists that may not win on shows like “American Idol” may consider. They do not look for the mainstream appeal if they have the ability to find people that like their music. The thing that they really are interested in more than simply doing quality music that gets to a loyal fan base that supports their musicianship.


It goes without saying that people that are serious about their music are not going to give up. They are willing to make the sacrifice if it allows them to actually build an audience that will support what they’re doing. Groups that have had major success like One Direction have actually failed on reality shows where they were in singing competition. This just goes to show that persistence is something that allows people to get beyond where they are.


It does not matter if they have struggled in the past. If they really want to achieve something they must have the ability to set goals and make an effort to achieve these things.


The Internet has really made it easier for these artists to do this because there are so many social media possibilities that exist. What they ultimately need to do beyond the time that they have gained their 15 minutes of fame on reality TV is continue to work on their craft and look for a smaller audience that can support what they do.

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