Spotify and Indie Music Make a Good Match

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The concept of music streaming has taken a completely different direction in the last several years. At one time people were depending a lot on Soundcloud for underground music. As time progressed people became interested in Pandora. It seems like there was one music streaming site after another. There were so many possibilities that existed out there, but many people were not sure about how they would be able to find Indie music artists. Spotify has become the company that has solved the missing link to the puzzle where a lot of people are looking for someone that is on the Indie music scene.

Spotify is a website that has made it easier for people to find indie music artists. This is why there is so much talk about how these artists are able to utilize this as a vehicle to get exposure with a wide range of fans.

The thing that has always kept the Indie music artists from generating a substantial amount of income is the radio. The radio stations are locked down with a hit song playlist from mainstream artists. These are going to be the songs that are in heavy rotation. An independent artist that is not getting promoted by a record label does not have a chance when it comes to getting recurring radio play.

What Spotify has done is much different because the music is simply set out there. From this point it is up to the Spotify users to make the choice. They are building their own playlist. They are not waiting for a radio station to feed down songs that are popular.

This concept alone is what changes the direction that Indie music artist can go in. They don’t have to rely on a radio station that is only in a place to promote and play songs from those record labels that have the ability to advertise and distribute this music. Spotify gives Indie music a voice.

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