Speedy Ortiz Debuts New Video Ahead of Album Release

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The Massachusetts indie rock quartet known as Speedy Ortiz has a colorful new video out for the single “Lean In When I Suffer” that has its fans anticipating the band’s forthcoming new album.

The video features over-the-top eccentric costumes, surreal situations, and animation layered over footage of the group’s members. The protagonist of the video is played by lead singer and guitarist Sadie Dupuis.

Dupuis appears to be depressed, and is wearing a bizarre, mostly white-and-grey ensemble that has animated splashes of blue. She is whisked away by a more colorful character to join her bandmates, and together they are trained to become more colorful and happy.

The lyrics and the video suggest that the song is a sarcastic response from the point of view of a depressed person to suggestions from others to try harder to be happy. The video, for example, mocks the recommendation that an activity like yoga can cure depression.

Speedy Ortiz’s new album, “Twerp Verse,” will be released in late April. The indie rockers will shortly thereafter begin a tour.

Prior to “Twerp Verse,” the group released “Foil Deer” in 2015 following its 2013 debut record titled “Major Arcana.”

Dupuis launched Speedy Ortiz as a solo effort while serving as a teacher at a songwriting camp in 2011. Later that year, she put a band behind her. Speedy Ortiz released a few EPs that built anticipation for its eventual first full album, which ended up being reasonably well liked in the indie rock scene.

“Foil Deer,” however, really put the band on the map three years ago. The indie rockers developed a reputation as a group that often gives to charitable causes, spurning the idea that an indie rock band has to cling onto every little piece of revenue it generates.

The release of this new video will likely spark questions in the indie rock community regarding whether or not Speedy Ortiz will be taking another step forward in its development when its new album is soon released.

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