Southridge Capital Offers Custom Financial Solutions

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Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital has been serving their clients since 1996. Throughout the years, they have helped thousands of different people with their business needs. They specialize in offering financial solutions for a variety of different industries and have many different connections to help them with this process.


Individuals know how much stress debt can add to their relationships. Not only do issues with debt happen between individuals, they happen in business as well. Southridge Capital works to help solve these problems by advising even large corporations about their financial situation. The team at Southridge Capital is diverse and ready to address a wide variety of issues in the world of business.


Since their inception, Southridge Capital has invested $1.8 billion into companies that were on the verge of growth. There have been more than 250 public companies that have received financing from them. The team at Southridge Capital knows that there are many different issues that business can face and they help them prepare a plan to address all of them. For more info you can visit


One of the ways that Southridge assists their clients is through balance sheet optimization. This allows them to find a proper balance between the equity and debt within a company depending on their situation. Their balance sheet is optimized in order to create the results that they are looking for.


Southridge Capital is also experienced when it comes to helping companies through mergers and acquisitions. This process can be complicated and confusing no matter what size the companies involved are, but with the help of Southridge Capital, the process can go as smooth as possible. One of the first things that need to be done to ensure a smooth process during this transaction is to provide an accurate valuation for the merger and acquisition.  You can checkout for more info.


The chief executive officer of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, has upwards of 3 decades in the financial industry. This experience has helped him bring the goals that he has had in mind a reality. The many years of combined experience at Southridge Capital have also built a considerable network of people in many different industries.