Rocketship Education Serves Low-Income and Poor Communities with Great Success

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Service to people is one of the greatest attributes that a person can have. When it comes to serving low-income students, Rocketship Education Public Schools are truly on point. This charter school network was designed by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006.

The two founders realized that low-income families needed an alternative to educating their children. Many of the public schools where impoverished parents had to send their students – did not properly instruct their children. Rocketship works hard to ensure that this type of situation changes for the communities where they are located.

When Rocketship places one of their schools in a low-income neighborhood, they immediately start connecting with parents. As a Rocketship building is being fabricated, moms and dads can see the building process from the ground up. Once the school has been erected, the staff will integrate parents into the learning process. They help to transform parents into teachers at home so that their children’s education will soar.

Rocketship Education is also connected with their stakeholders and they work closely with community organizations to ensure that their schools are accountable and transparent. Rocketship Education does not operate in a bubble. The staff is held accountable to the state and local parents for student’s test scores and their ability to learn material.

Rocketship Education provides a top-notch education that focuses on all key subjects. The students are presented with a strong mathematical curriculum and they also are given high quality language instruction. Since this school is designed for elementary students, they are provided with an elementary foundation that is thorough.

Since the school is set up for K – 5 students; the education pupils receive should be strong enough to serve them at the intermediate and high school levels. Ultimately, Rocketship Education Public Schools provides outstanding services for poor and low-income families where they are located.

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