Rocketship Education Rises To Its Success

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Rocketship Education is a public non-profit chartered elementary school system that locates its learning centers in areas that are low on the economic scale. These areas have all but lost their tax base so the funds are not usually available to finance good quality educational systems.

The result is that children who live in these areas miss out on one of the most important items in their lives, that is a quality education.

This is where Rocketship Education enters the picture. They have cafefully studied and implemented the vital elements that children need in order to get started on a solid footing with their education. They come into a community and partner with the leaders, parents and other interested parties so everyone is aware of what is to transpire.

The track record of Rocketship Education is enviable indeed, with most of the Rocketship students reaching the requirements for graduation a full year ahead of their public school peers. Tests show that when moving on to middle school, their academic abilities are ahead of the public schools and the self-confidence, academic and social skills are way ahead as well.

Rocketship believes that every child has a ton of potential and with the proper education and training that potential can be unlocked and delivered so the student knows how to use it and learn more as their education progresses. In other words, Rocketship teaches the students how to learn, and learn on their own for a good part of their educational journey.

Classes are a little different than the traditional large class of students who sit in one place all day and listen to lectures. It is more dynamic than that and very exciting. There may be some large gatherings used for informational and general purposes, but most of the lessons are in smaller groups where students participate better, digital workstations, and individual tutoring.

The core principles of respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence are ingrained in the students daily routine so that the whole child is trained and educated to become good citizens as well as good students. In the final analysis, Rocketship Education is a system that works and works well in all phases of its processes.

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