Dick DeVos’s Path From Amway, The Windquest Group, And The DeVos Foundation

Dick DeVos is a business leader who has led two large companies, Amway Corporation and now The Windquest Group. He’s also donated to many non-profit groups and founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, the source of funding for education and political activist groups. The Windquest Group is an alternative investment company that also owns subsidiaries in manufacturing, clean energy, health, and technology. One subsidiary they own is the Stow Company where Phil Dolci was recently hired as CEO.

Dick DeVos started at a young age working for the family company Amway Corporation, co-founded by his father Rich DeVos and Jan Van Andel. After completing his business degree at Northwood University, Dick started taking leadership positions in the company’s research and development and finance divisions, and eventually became a vice president. When his father retired in 1993, Dick took over as CEO and lead the company for 10 years, growing sales profits and expanding operations in foreign markets, leading to over $4 billion in his last year alone. Dick also served as president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic from 1991-1993.

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy started the family foundation in 1992, making education reform one of their top priorities. They also tried unsuccessfully to pass a state private school voucher and tax credit law. They also chair the Education Freedom Fund and support Children First America.

Dick DeVos is also an active member of the Republican party, having been longtime friends and supporters of former president Gerald R Ford’s family. Betsy served as chair for a few years on the Michigan Republican Party, and Dick at one time decided to run for governor in 2006. It was a tight and contentious race, but he narrowly lost to incumbent Jennifer Granholm. In 2012, Dick and Betsy helped campaign to pass the state’s right-to-work law. Dick is also a member of the Grand Action Committee, a group that has helped revitalize economically poor areas of Grand Rapids.

Enjoy Themed Night Parties When You Have A Magnises Membership

If you like to enjoy the good life, then you’ll love “Good Life Saturdays,” which is something that is hosted at the Highline Ballroom every single week. This event is amazing and is open to every Magnises card holder that wants to have fun, and they are allowed to bring their friends as well. With a great sound system, anyone can party the night away in the club to have a great time. Those who are interested in getting their own table can use their Magnises card to get these benefits.

Anyone who does book a table will get three bottles of free alcohol, and they’ll also be able to enter for no cover charge and won’t have to wait in line, which is an amazing feat on its own. Those who have tried to get into clubs in New York City on Facebook know that there is always a line, so it’s easy to surpass the line while using the Magnises card if a table is reserved. There is a minimum spending limit to get these perks, but those with the Magnises card can also bring up to 20 of their friends to join them at their table.

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All 20 of the people will be able to gain entrance into the club without the cover charge or having to wait in line, and you’ll all be located in the VIP section. Now, who wouldn’t want to enjoy themselves every week while being treated like a VIP? In order to get into this party and to be treated like you’re someone special, you’ll first want to get the Magnises card. If you’ve never had a Magnises card before, then you can pay for the membership by going through the Magnises website.

Magnises has a lot more parties to offer as well as perks, especially for those who love to go out to party. It’s a good idea to get a ClubPass if you like to go to nightclubs, especially when you want to go out to any nightclub in New York City that’s hot. The hottest places in New York City that are the most fun are going to be the most populated, and you can possibly avoid the line or at least guarantee that you’ll be getting into the club if you get the ClubPass from Magnises.

Even if you choose to stay at a hotel in New York City for the night, you can get into the Dream hotel for a great discounted price of only $79 a night, where you can sleep comfortably in a luxurious setting at a discount, thanks to your Magnises card and your HotelPass. Don’t let all the fun that life has to offer pass you by, especially when you only need your Magnises Black Card membership to get started.

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How Malini Saba has accumulated Wealth by Investing in Diverse Businesses.

Malini Saba is a woman who has a good reputation due to her many achievements in entrepreneurship and philanthropy. She has been actively taking part in undertakings that empower women in various regions of the world. Saba is well respected in the business and investment industry of the United States due to the way she redefined investing. The entrepreneur was born in Southern Asia, and over time, she has managed to grow into a figure who is recognized internationally. Many people consider her as their role model.


Malini’s investment story is inspiring, and it makes her be admired by many people. She struggled against many odds for her to achieve her mission. Saba made her first investments in various parts of the world, but she was significantly affected by corrupt people who wanted to bring her business down. Struggling with her rivals made her substantial losses, but she never quit. She joined forces with other businesspersons and established other enterprises. The firms still faced challenges, but Malini and her partners worked hard to ensure that they were successful. She currently holds significant shares in big resource companies, and they include real estates, energy firms, and rice fields.


Most of the charity work that Saba does is related to emboldening women. Stree: Global Investments in Women is one of the organizations that she established. The foundation operates globally, and its mission is to enhance the living conditions of women from poor areas. She has proved to be selfless by the way she works hard to better the state of other women.


Saba’s investing journey kicked off in the 90s, and she started by purchasing shares in diverse businesses. The companies that she capitalized in are Sycamore Networks, Silicon Valley, Netscreen Technologies, and PayPal. The firms that she bought shares in were successful, and they have helped her in acquiring wealth. Malini believes that she is talented in business and she can pinpoint the best investments where one can capitalize.


 Malini Saba has a family that she considers paramount. She is a prosperous and busy woman, but she tries her best to raise her child by herself. Saba takes all the responsibilities of a mother, and she even ensures that her daughter goes to school daily.

Inmates can use Securus Technology to Help their Kids with Homework

I am an educator who is really concerned about the lives of the children I come into contact with. One day I came across a child who had a parent in jail. This child was struggling in school.

When I asked this child to have their parents contact me about improving their grades; he sadly told me that both of his parents were in jail. Now, I understood why the child was failing.

I recently came across a shocking statistic – nearly 3 million kids within the United States has at least 1 parent locked up behind bars. This is a very troubling statistic. Fortunately, I found some good news that counteracted this bad information.

I came across a fairly new technology called video visitation. It has been around for less than 5 years and it is really making a difference for family members with incarcerated loved ones. Securus is the name of communications company that provides specialized technology for inmates and their families.

This technology is called the Video Visitation App and what it does is to allow prisoners to use special video terminals while they talk to their family members through their mobile phone or tablet. Securus had a really good idea with this communication system.

I explored the app some more and quickly discovered a video that showcased an inmate helping his daughter with her homework. They were both engaged trying to solve a subtraction problem. He was encouraging his child to pursue her dreams and was even giving her advice about the type of college she should attend.

This is when I realized that Securus’s technology is really beneficial for family members and inmates. Upon further discovery, Securus had created their Video Visitation App not just to help prisoners to communicate better; but to form bonds with their families that would keep them out of jail.

Read more at Wikipedia about Securus.

The Video Visitation App by Securus does more than just allow an imprisoned mother or father to talk with their child; it allows them to prepare for their loved ones that they should be going back home to at some point in the future. In my opinion, Securus really got this one right. More information about the Video Visitation App is available on securus.net.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Who Is Crystal Hunt?

This sexy thirty-something star broke into the world of acting at just 17. She has had many roles that she is well known through since she began her career and she is still going strong with acting in both TV and movies. Her career started with a small uncredited part in the movie “Problem Child” and has rocketed since then.

The big break in Crystal’s career was her role on TV in 2003. Crystal Hunt was discovered in New York, and cast on the daytime soap opera “Guiding Light.” She played the role of Lizzie Spaulding, a troubled teen, which she played for four years. She was also at 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in 2005 as well.

From her role on TV, Crystal moved to a role on the big screen when she played Jill Overton in the equestrian film “The Derby Stallion.” She continued her movie career with a spot playing on a Snow White inspired movie, “Sydney White.” She left the big screen for a short time to return to daytime TV.

In 2009, Crystal was offered a role on the hit daytime series “One Life To Live,” where she played a stripper named Stacy Morasco. She continued this role for three years until 2012. She has returned to TV one more time since this role which was in

Between her bouts on TV she starred in several movies. These included her most notable movie “Magic Mike XXL,” where she played Laura. Crystal also starred in the movies “NYC Underground” and “23 Blast,” and co-produced the horror flick “Talbot County” with her friend Dania Ramirez.  See Crystal’s full list of credentials on IMDb.

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