Duda Melzer – Helping Run a Successful Family Business

The actual reason behind the successful year of RBS Group is Edward Melzer or Duda Melzer, as he is lovingly called. Even during the tough times of the Brazilian government, the RBS Group has grown immensely due to its great leaders and its dedicated staff. Any company needs to stay firm on its values and work towards their goal to be successful. It is exactly what the RBS Group has achieved over the years that it has been operating. The company runs most of the entertainment and the news industry in the south part of Brazil. Its viewership has increased immensely because of the hard work and the dedication of their 6000 and growing employees.

Even though RBS Group is a family business, it is still run like any other company in Brazil. Grandfather of Duda, Mauricio Sobrinho founded the company in 1957, and since then it has been run by his future generation. Melzer went to study at Harvard as he knew that one day he would run his grandfather’s company. He has experience working with other companies as well to help him understand how companies need to be run. Duda wants to adopt newer technology into his company but does not want to forget his roots. He aims to run his company with the soul of a small business. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

According to Acaert, RBS Group, however, is not the only interest of Duda Melzer. He has set up his own company as well with the name of e.Bricks Digital. He also has experience working as a financial analyst with Delphi which is known as one of the top firms in America. One person who has been a big influence in life is John Davis. He was the professional of family business course at Harvard. After joining his family business, he hired John Davis to be the consultant for business ethics.

Visit his website eduardosirotskymelzer.com

See more: http://zh.clicrbs.com.br/rs/opiniao/colunistas/fernanda-pandolfi/noticia/2015/12/em-sua-residencia-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-recebe-parceiros-do-grupo-rbs-para-brindar-o-fim-de-ano-4926417.html#showNoticia=LUchLzAuYjUxNTI2ODk0ODcxMDc4NTAyNDAwMTlzODc2MDgyMDM2MTIwMTE1OTMxOHUwJjU4NDc4NDUxNzMwMzEwNzU4NDBpI0hASHRGfFo7emdaTC57Mik=

Why Betsy DeVos is Hopeful about the Future of Educational-choice Programs in the United States

Betsy DeVos is an American philanthropist and supporter of education reform programs. Most people know Betsy as the wife of Dick DeVos, a business mogul and philanthropist. The couple has been featured in several news outlets for their ambition to support charitable organizations across the U.S. The couple also joined forces in conceptualizing ideas for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Besides working with her husband on charity activities, Betsy DeVos has also earned a reputation for leading political campaigns, action committees, and party organizations. Her enthusiasm for politics began back then when she was a student at Calvin College. She actively participated in campus politics. Today, she is affiliated with the Republic Party, a political movement that supported her husband’s bid for the Michigan gubernatorial seat.

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Work Experience

Just like her political involvements, Betsy DeVos is usually driven by the passion for solving social challenges using innovative solutions. This desire has been manifested in her career as the board chair of a multinational company known as Windquest Group. The firm’s primary source of income comes from clean energy, manufacturing, and technology investments. Betsy and Dick are the brains behind the firm.

Betsy as a Reformer

Betsy DeVos is an active supporter of reform program in the education sector. She uses her charitable interests to support the programs. Besides chairing the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, she has membership in numerous local and national brands. They include Kids Hope USA, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and Mars Hill Bible Church.

She is regarded as one of the best education reformers in the U.S. Her recognition allowed her to be part of the boards of the Alliance for School Choice and the revered American Federation for Children.

According to a survey in five states conducted by Betsy and her team, educational choice is popular among the Latinos. More American students are also enrolling in public school systems because of the faith that parents have in the system. Betsy’s enthusiasm for reforming learning institutions grew after she made a visit to Potter’s House Christian School with her husband. The couple discovered that the school had been operating for the past 30 years with an objective of serving kids from low-income families in Grand Rapids, MI. Visit betsydevos.com to know more about Betsy.

Education Reform Strategies

Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, Betsy is trying to create awareness on the freedom of students to pursue their academic courses from different learning institutions. She is also thrilled by the impacts of technology in the education system. Betsy believes that the future of learning programs and centers in the U.S. depends on the right framework of legislation.

Brazil-Based Copa Star Hospital Upgrades To High Tech Luxury

After three years of construction, and a $400 million investment, Brazil-based Copa Star Hospital is more like a high tech 5-star hotel. It’s not just the updated architectural design, but the concept of a new “smart network” combined with skilled care that has patients clamoring to Copa Star Hospital. Professionals at the hospital say before administrators updated the environment, patients requiring specialized care, including surgeries, had to travel to another facility. The current building has been adapted by all patient needs. Read more on Side Tech.

The latest medical technology, computer systems and supply engineering support the physicians, nurses and many other professional groups at Copa Star Hospital. Integrated operating rooms, the latest generation operating cameras that allow improved visibility and high-resolution monitors that provide an invaluable advantage, especially in minimally invasive surgery. Or take the intensive care unit: It has an innovative patient data management system that will allow, in combination with a new vital signs monitor, a complete documentation of the patient’s disability process, even during transport of patients. This is once again a significantly improvement for patient safety, and doctor monitoring. Because this modernized building is updated in all areas, as a building of optimized processes, it is better for patients, and also good for Copa Star Hospital employees.

The new center has nine operating rooms, recovery rooms for adults and children, 151 beds, and many of the rooms have been retrofitted into hybrid systems. The Copa Star exterior was also retrofitted with a laminate ventilated facade system, which offers better structural protection against weather. This updated building has become a system of change, and better able to improve inpatient and outpatient care.

Patients Look For Luxury

Art pieces, recessed warm lighting, a grand piano, automated curtains, and plasma televisions are just some of luxury upgrades at Copa Star Hospital rooms. At first glance, the expenditures for such luxuries may seem over the top, but not for patients. Many of the hospital’s patients prefer these “comfort benefits” during their stay. Additionally, doctors say environments can make a hospital stay calmer for the patient, which can directly impact recovery.

Most people ignore the fact that hospitals can be stressful on a patient, so to recover well, individuals must find a way to let go of the mental fatigue so they can get better quicker. Your surroundings help you accomplish that. Our body intuitively knows what we need to recover, and part of that it helping the psyche to relax, and part of that strategy when in a hospital is our environment. Copa Star Hospital accomplishes this goal with their newest modernized upgrades. Visit their profile page on facebook.com.

Sawyer Howitt Receives the Public Eye in Racquetball

Sawyer Howitt is a celebrated racquetball player in the United States who plans to make the game publicly known. Howitt is the beloved son of Meriwether Group’s founder. He was a former student of the renowned Lincoln High School. Howitt was an active participant in racquetball while in High School. He also gained his remarkable skills in the game through engaging in state playoffs and winning in several matches.

Today, he is a player of the prestigious Racquet Club where he has gained attention in the club. Howitt strives to become among the top Racquet players nationally as well as getting a household name. Racquet Club is a private tennis club found in Portland, Oregon.

How Sawyer Howitt gained his Experiences

Sawyer Howitt gained his outstanding experience in the Racquetball State Championship at Oregon High School where played an exception match against his competitor, Eric Poppleston, an upper-classman. He was a runners-up candidate at the championship even though he did not get the winners’ trophy in 2015. Howitt’s has received praises because he has managed to match his former classmates from Lincoln High School including Gavin Usher and John Curley, the National double finalists of 2015.

The Future Expectation of Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt has been part of the national scene because of his experience in racquetball. His skills have given him a great opportunity to participate in several events on the Oregon Racquetball schedule in 2017. Currently, Howitt is dedicating his time and effort in racquetball. At the same time, he is studying and building small businesses.

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InnovaCare Health Announces the New Chief Operating Officer, Penelope Kokkinides for Better Health Care Systems

As an organization grows, there is need to restructure. Sometimes, restructuring helps in bringing outsourced functions to the department. Organizational restructuring contributes to effective business strategies as well as input. One such organization that has exploited the benefits of restructuring is InnovaCare Health. Recently, InnovaCare announced its development in additional staff members. The company has managed to preserve a reputable impression in the healthcare departments. It owes its accomplishments to the leadership. Some of the leaders InnovaCare prides itself in having are Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto, the chief executive officer of the company. Read more on HRMR Online.

Penelope’s Background

Penelope Kokkinides is the current chief administrative officer of the company. She has twenty years experience in health sector. Penelope is especially known for her expertise in the public health. In her interview with IdeaMensch, Penelope explained her roles at InnovaCare Health in a broader perspective. She also explained her past experiences at work life. Penelope cited that the current advancement in technology has been a massive contribution to the health care sector. Before joining InnovaCare, Penelope specialized in managed care health industry. Her extensive knowledge in generating clinical programs led to her appointment as an executive in many companies. She ensures infrastructural growth through offering improved efficiencies in the health care sector. View her infographic resume at Vizualize.me


With her experience in offering Medicare plans, Penelope Kokkinides is trusted to manage the health advantage plans at InnovaCare Health. Initially, she served in Centerlight HealthCare as the chief operating officer. She also served at Touchstone Health as a senior executive. Additionally, she was a vice president of AmeriChoice. Under her leadership, she oversaw the implementation of the healthcare model. Penelope cuts out as a force to reckon with, in the healthcare sector. With her at InnovaCare Health, the organization will be able to provide affordable Medicare programs for the company. 7

Richard Shinto

Richard Shinto is the chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health. He is also the chief executive officer of MMM Healthcare. His leadership skills have a deep root in the medical care sector. Before being appointed the chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health, he was the chief executive officer of Aveta Inc. He was also the chief executive officer of PMC Medicare Choice. Just like Penelope, he has over twenty years experience in the health care sector. Between 2008 and 2012, he was the manager of Aveta Inc. He later served as a chief medical officer in NAMM. This is an organization based in California. His leadership roles extended to Pathways Management. There, he was the chief operating officer. With his presence as the chief executive officer at InnovaCare Health, the organization is set to provide the best Medicaid programs.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy at the Lung Institute Helps Patients with Lung Diseases

Stem cells are essential building blocks of life that self-renew and replicate and have the ability to form any type of body tissue. These cells can transform their function to that of other tissues through a function known in regenerative medicine as plasticity.

The Lung Institute uses stem cell to treat major pulmonary conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive disease (COPD), and emphysema. The way in which an organization that offers stem cell treatment for these conditions determine how their patients respond to treatment.

The Lung Institute uses autologous stem cells, which are versatile cells derived from the blood or bone marrow of the patient. After harvesting stem cells from the patient’s blood or bone marrow, the well-trained experts at the institute separate the stem cells from all cells in the sample and return the concentrated stem cells to the patient’s bloodstream intravenously. Once that is done, the cells begin to promote healing in the lungs.

When stem cells are introduced into the body through IV, they go directly to the right side of the heart. And the heart subsequently pushes these cells straight to the lungs within a single heartbeat or two. When the cells arrive in the lung, they are immediately trapped. Although this may not be good news for people who would like to see how stem cells move throughout the body, for individuals looking to slow down the progression of various types of lung diseases like chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive disease, it is a happy occurrence.  See, https://lunginstitute.com/treatment/.

About the Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is an innovative leader in regenerative medicine with a mission to provide stem cell therapies for lung diseases. This organization is improving lives through their unwavering commitment to offer patients a more effective way to address various pulmonary health conditions.

Founded in 2013 in Tampa, Fla., the institute has established fully- equipped clinics in Scottsdale, Ariz., Pittsburgh, Pa., Nashville, Tenn., and Dallas, Texas. And to date, they have treated over 2,000 patients, 82 percent of which have reported an improved quality of life. Read more about stem cell therapy on hawaiinewsnow.com.

Visit the Lung Institute’s Facebook page and website (https://lunginstitute.com/) to learn more.

The Ideal Journal for Seeking Medical Answers

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary medical journal with free access that publishes research papers weekly. It specializes in oncology, immunology, neurotarget, pathology, microbiology, neuroscience, cell death, autophagy, and circadian rhythm. Oncotarget has been publishing medical journals since its founding in 2010. Moreover, it is published by Impact Journals. The editors-in-chief for Oncotarget include Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny from the renowned Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/

The Aim of Oncotarget

Oncotarget has helped researchers contribute immensely towards the advancement of science. Therefore, the goal of the journal is to have a life without disease. Its mission entails making scientific results readily available for all readers. The journal also aims to maximize the outcome of the research through insightful view; to allow sharing of excellent research results; to eliminate the boundary between different specialties such as oncology and microbiology. Oncotarget aspires to link a variety of biomedical science field as well as fostering basic and clinical science to fight diseases.

Published Samples

Oncotarget published an article describing the diagnostic value and treatment of malignant mesothelioma, asbestos- related disease. The journal pinpointed the method of treating the disease and the results to be expected. Since malignant mesothelioma is poorly responsive to the present cancer treatments, the proper treatment for the disease is microRNAs, small RNAs with diagnostic value in both cancer and pollution exposure.

Oncotarget also published an article concerning EMSY driven suppression, which requires EMSY threonine 207 phospho-sites for DNA damage repair. The journal precisely highlighted that both BRCA1 and BRCA2 were essential for repairing the double strand DNA break. EMSY was recommended to repair the DNA damage by suppressing BRCA2.

The Achievements of Oncotarget

Oncotarget has hit the spotlight because of its constructive, insightful and multiple peer review journals, which has helped authors worldwide to boost the impact f their research. Members of the editorial board who have published different papers include the previous Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Research, Carlo M. Croce, and the Nobel Prize winner, Andrew Schally. Carlo published 27 papers while Andrew published 10 papers. Further, members of Oncotarget/ Gerotarget/Oncoscience were awarded Breakthrough Prize since 2013. These members include Stephen J. Elledge, Bert Vogelstein, Alexander Varshavsky, and Michael N. Hall. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Avi Weisfogel’s Accomplishments in the Sleep World

Various people in the United States and across the world are affected by sleep disorders, but they have not been diagnosed due to lack of awareness of the condition. In the recent days, medical professionals such as Avi Weisfogel have been conducting extensive research on the problem to determine effective methods for examining and treating the condition. He is the proprietor of various professional medical companies that have been studying sleep conditions.

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and has been practicing in Old Bridge, New Jersey for about two decades. He noticed about sleep conditions from his patients and gained interest to learn more. In 2010, he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, which has been assisting doctors and patients to better their knowledge on how to treat sleep problems. Dr. Weisfogel holds lectures across the world to educate the medical professionals on how to establish sleep clinics. He also founded another body that is called Dental Sleep Masters. It has been running as from 2015, and his wife is one of its administrators. The agency has been working to determine how dental appliances can be used in the treatment of sleep apnea and Avi on Facebook.

He holds a BA from the Rutgers University and also got his DDS from the New York University. Avi always conducts research to come up with advanced methods that he can use in treating his patients. His expertise and excellent service enabled him to be named as the Best Dentist in Old Bridge for many consecutive years. He founded a dental clinic that is known as Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and has been using it to offer his dentistry services. Medical professions have been referring individuals who need complex dental surgeries to his clinic.

He contributed $5000 to the campaign, and he has been encouraging his friends to donate more. Operations Smile is a charity organization that has been supporting the provision of healthcare to children who come from impoverished backgrounds. He has also been involved in the missions of the foundation and contact him.

Doe Deere of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a Russian native. She grew up in the Russian Federation from childhood. Doe relocated to the United States at the age of 17 and settled in New York City. In the present day, she dwells in Los Angeles California. The American and Russian cultures nurtured her to what she’s today.

Stay up to date with Doe Deere on Linkedin.com.

As an adolescent, she aspired to become a musician. The dream was accomplished while she settled in New York City.

From the tender age, Doe Deere was a hard-core for paintings, colors and craft drawings. The passion for the fabulous look made her apply make-ups on clothes and accessories. These were the aspects of creating Lime Crime today.

Back at nine years, she made her face dark and mysterious similar to her clothing while with other teens in the slumber party. This meant a colorful world and kept the dream burning for the rebirth of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company in the year 2008.

The name Lime Crime resulted from her favorite color that she aimed to develop eye shadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes to beautify body looks. It dated the 2004 DIY fashion line that she modeled and branded it on an eBay account she registered as “Lime Crime,” and the name became her staple.

Doe Deere’s success is mentored by Kimberly Gordon, the Wildfox inventor. Close analysis of the two companies seems to offer the product to the same type of customer. Similarly, both companies were launched during the same period between 2007 and 2008.

Doe assures entrepreneurs to trust their guts in whatever they are doing. Acting small with time will get the best in their lines of passion. Been at insurance group at 20 years, subjected her to learn on the guts to follow her passion.

Lime Crime is meant to stay. Customer satisfaction and service delivery are all DOE DEERE can afford.

The company is embracing technology in the running of its activities. Social media help the customer for immediate feedback, instant search solutions, and appealing customer experience.

Ignoring negative reviews about her company of what is wrong has made her the talk of the season of entrepreneurs. Focusing and investing in customer satisfaction through media and technology mean fashion to stay forever.

Doe Deere of Lime Crime, fashion is life.

To discover more, visit www.dodedeere.com.

Roberto Santiago Achievements in Business

Roberto Santiago is one of the most influential businessmen in Brazil. The businessman has done very well in his career, especially in the mall industry. Santiago owns the biggest shopping mall in the country, known as Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto was born and raised in Brazil, and most of his businesses are found in this country.

Santiago went for his education at the prestigious Pio X-Marist College. After completing his studies, he decided to go to the University of Canter where he specialized in Business Administration. The skills he acquired at the University enabled him to start a cartonnage company, and this has been the foundation of his career. He, later on, started the Manaira Shopping Mall.

The establishment offers its services to individuals living in Joao Pessoa and its environs. The mall also attracts clients from other parts of the world. Since it was established several years ago, the Manaira Shopping Mall has earned the trusts of international clients because it provides outstanding products and services.

Roberto Santiago started his successful career decades ago by working at a Café that is located in Santa Rosa. Afterward, he decided to establish a company that focused on the manufacture of decorative and utilitarian items. Since then, his business life has been very successful, despite the changes in the economic climate. This success has enabled him to get several awards from different institutions. His love for sports has also earned him several trophies. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has several features that attract a large clientele. The institution has a state of the art cinema that uses the latest technology in its operations. The facility has a stadium concept and great 3D rooms, and this gives consumers a thrilling experience. The mall has a gourmet space for individuals who want to enjoy tranquility moments. The mall has a concert capacity of four thousand people who are seated and ten thousand standing clients. The success of the mall has earned the businessman the reputation of one of the wealthiest individuals in Brazil today. The businessman is also a role model to many young people who want to venture and succeed in the competitive business world. His expertise in the field has been instrumental in running the mall. Read more articles on exame.com