The New Face of the Nashville Music Scene

Nashville has long been known as the country music capital of America, but the city is seeing a revolution in music tastes. DIY indie music is reigning at the moment as a reflection of the anti-establishment attitudes of the youth. Young Nashville musicians have come to value their creative freedom and ownership of their work, so they are rejecting the exploitation of the primarily country-based music business that has ruled the city for decades. Self-recorded albums, basement studios and concerts performed in living rooms are becoming more and more commonplace.

An abandoned barbershop now known as “DRKMTTR” has become a key location in the new indie scene. This volunteer-operated venue entices young music lovers with its relaxed rules (there is no age limit despite the fact that alcohol is often present) and its anti-authority atmosphere. Local indie bands such as Idle Bloom play there often. In a recent interview in Rolling Stone magazine Olivia Scibelli of Idle Bloom says that the main idea behind the new Nashville scene is “taking out the middleman.”

The middleman has had full control of the Nashville music scene and its profits for quite a long time now. In the 1950s, the major record companies took over Music City with the creation of the Nashville Sound: a successful coup of country music over the rock ‘n’ roll craze that had been dominating music charts nationwide at the time. The country music moguls have been in charge ever since. But their empire is crumbling under this new indie revolution in which rock ‘n’ roll once again rises to prominence in Nashville.

Advocates for Civil, Human, and Migrant Rights

Over the years, human beings have developed fundamental human rights that all people are entitled to enjoy. In most countries, human rights are enshrined in the US Constitution. This makes it mandatory for the state to protect the rights of the people. Rights are divided into different groups. This grouping depends on the targeted population and objective of introducing such rights. Various organizations have been set up to promote human rights. In this article, I will discuss four organizations that advocate for civil, migrant, and human rights.

  1. Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey founded the Phoenix New Times and Media. They were arrested in 2007 for informing the public about the existence of a jury investigating a sheriff. As law-abiding citizens and journalists, they revealed the information. Larkin and Lacey sued the county for infringement of their rights. The couple won a settlement of $3.75 million after the court found that they were unlawfully arrested.

After the ordeal, the couple decided to set up a fund to support freedom of speech, human, civil, and migrant rights in the state of Arizona. The fund is used to assist people whose rights have been violated by law enforcement officers. The fund also supports migrants whose rights are always under threat. The fund works in collaboration with other organizations such as the Arizona Justice Project, Promise Arizona, and the Center for Neighborhood Leadership.

  1. The Advocates for Human Rights

This group was started to reinforce the rule of law and promote civil society movements. The organization relies on research, advocacy, and education to promote human rights. Based in America, the organization also works in some other selected countries. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The group has restored peace in some countries because of its activities. Some of the initiatives they intervene include international justice, immigration rights, women human rights, education rights, and death penalty. The organization is non-profit and gets its funds from contributions from well-wishers and government grants.

  1. Migrants Rights International (MRI’s)

This organization was started in 1994 and was initially known as International Migrant Rights Watch Committee. In the year 2000, the group changed its name to MRI. The organization was created as an initiative of the church, trade unions, inter-governmental agencies, civil societies, migrant, and human rights organizations. The main aim of establishing the organization was to protect migrants and asylum seekers from abuse. This group works with other national and international humanitarian groups from Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America, and Europe.

  1. Amnesty International USA(AI USA)

AI USA was founded in 1966. The organization works to protect and champion human rights regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and residence. In the US, the organization promotes human rights through education and lobbying. Read more: Phoenix New Time

The group also informs the people about what rights they ought to enjoy. The organization creates reports about human rights violation in America. They also petition the government whenever a legislation that seeks to limit or violate a right is passed.

The Amazing Reputation And Considerable Achievements Of Robert Santiago

Respect is never given away, it must be earned. Due to his personality, hard work, and ingenuity Robert Santiago has earned the respect of the Brazilian community as an exceptional businessman. His reputation categorizes him as friendly, likeable, and exceptional in his business pursuits. His most highly recognized achievement is a magnificent mall in Paraiba called the Manaira Mall. The plans for the construction of this mall were contemporary and cutting edge. The renovations since the mall first opened their doors in 1989 have been consistent as the space continued to develop and transform until it was the size of a small city. The residents of Brazil have a high respect for Robert Santiago’s mall due to the experiences offered, the amazing array of services available, and the opportunities all found beneath one roof.


Robert Santiago did not miss anything when he envisioned the entertainment he wanted his mall to encompass. From young children to adults there are activities that everyone can enjoy. The elaborate cinema complex is an absolute dream and fully electronic. Shoppers can view a wide selection of available movies while enjoying high tech electronic gear 3D movies, and unique experiences with friends and family in the plush VIP rooms. The seating arrangement was designed in a style reminiscient of a stadium and is comfortable and provides a visual experience difficult to find anywhere else. Robert Santiago even though about snack and drinks and the selection offered has something that will please everyone.


One of the most amazing sections in the mall is an amusement park often referred to as the Game Station. Customers can entertain themselves for endless periods of time with more than 200 consoles. All of the gaming equipment is of the highest quality with incredible effects. Robert Santiago was not content with just an amusement park, he also constructed an electronic and ultramodern bowling alley. Then to literally top it all off the Domus Hall was built in 2009 at the top of the mall. There is no concert hall anywhere in Brazil with a larger interior area ad it was designed for the comfort of 10,000 people. Everything is spectacular including the insulation installed for superb acoustics, audio systems with phenomenal sound, and the state of the art air conditioning. The musicians and entertainers who perform here are internationally and nationally known for their excellence in the industry.


It can be difficult to grasp the fact Robert Santiago has accomplished so much by the age of just 58 although his excellent education was a factor in his success. He was additionally responsible for the Mangeira Shopping Mall which also boasts an excellent reputation. Robert Santiago will always be remembers and respected in Brazil due to his kindness and contributions.


Whitney Wolfe And Bumble

Dating can sometimes be a drag. It is about who have time. It is also about how to beat the odds. The introduction of online dating applications has relieved women from the pressure of getting the right partner.

Whitney Wolfe saved the situation by founding a modern woman-powered dating application known as Bumble. When Whitney noted that the users of Bumble were using the app as a way of meeting romantic partners as well as friends, she decided to make it cooler and introduced Bumble BFF. It is just one of the modules within the Bumble dating application.

The module is used in conjunction with Facebook. The user only needs to download the Bumble application and sign up through Facebook. It is from Facebook that the application will pull out your basic information and photo albums as well. It is a stealth application. This implies that a person within your Facebook profile cannot see whom you interacted with while using Bumble. After you have logged in, it is recommended that you create a basic Bumble profile. It is through the profile that users on both the Bumble BFF and dating modules will see whom they are interacting with while browsing for a perfect match.

About Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe is a businessperson who founded Bumble. She is also one of the co-founders of a dating application known as Tinder. Since 2016, Bumble and Tinder have become top-rated applications in the world. Currently, Bumble has over 11 million users, and it has launched new verticals like Bumble BFF and Bumble BIZZ. According to TIME, Bumble is rated at $500 million.

Whitney Wolfe was brought up in Utah and attended SMU (Southern Methodist University), from where she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in International Studies. Wolfe venture into entrepreneurship while in college. She started by retailing bamboo tote bags. These bags were used to benefit the people who were affected by spillage of BP oil.

Susan McGalla: A Role Model to Women

In the recent times, many companies have embraced gender equality and given women management positions. Companies that have women leadership are 15% more likely to perform and succeed in business.

Women hold different leadership positions and one of those women is Susan McGalla. Susan has not only soared and achieved success, but has also paved the way for other women.

From a young age, Susan learned how to fight for what she wants. Susan was born into a family that embraced sports and as the only girl; she had to learn how to work hard for what she wanted to achieve.

Susan has been successful in her career. However, not many women have been able to replicate the results. The lack of women in leadership has led to the establishment of different organizations. These are the groups that provide women with support and opportunities to connect with other women in leadership.

Susan is a mentor and a role model to many women. She has motivated them to go after their dreams and life goals.

About Susan

Susan achieved great success and worked her way up to the management position. Her first employment after College was at the American Eagle Outfitters. At that time she was joining, men managed the Company. However, at the time she was leaving, Susan was the President of the Company. For 15 years, Susan served in different positions in the Company. She was responsible for developing a portfolio for American Eagle Outfitters.

Susan joined the Wet Seal Company in 2011. She served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Susan managed to reinvent two brands; the Wet Seal and the Arden B. Susan left the Company in 2012.

In 2013, Susan founded the P3 Executive Consulting. The Company provided financial consulting services. She served in the Company for two years and left in February 2015 to join the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan is the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy.

Susan attended the Mount Union College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Administration in Business and Marketing.



New York City Cardiologist Edward Honig-Practice Makes Perfect

What exactly does a cardiologist do? Why is it necessary for people to know about the services they provide? A cardiologist; also known as a heart doctor by the layman, does many things pertaining to keeping your heart healthy. They are medical doctors who specialize in the heart including diagnosing heart conditions and performing a variety of related surgeries. Such surgeries include bypasses, the installation of pacemakers, and even heart transplants. With more and more people being diagnosed with heart conditions and with our increasing consumption of fatty foods and skyrocketing levels of obesity, people are more likely to need a cardiologist at some point in their lives.

Since we are all born with only one heart, which is 100% necessary for our survival, choosing the right cardiologist is imperative. How do you go about making such an important decision? This isn’t something you want to go into blindly so start by seeing whom your primary care physician recommends. You don’t have to stick with their recommendations and a second opinion is often warranted. Word of mouth from family and friends is usually helpful, as is reviewing potential doctor’s credentials through healthcare websites. is one example of such a site.

Choosing the right cardiologist can be hard to do however, if you live in the New York City area here’s a recommendation for you: Dr. Edward Honig. Dr. Honig has decades of experience working in the field of cardiology. His vast experience includes working at New York City’s Glen Cove Hospital know for its high quality physicians. Finally, if practice makes perfect then Dr. Edward Honig is the most qualified cardiologist for the job.

Dr. Edward Honig is someone with whom you can trust your heart as well as your life. With over sixty years experience, there aren’t many cases which will be able to stump this seasoned professional. Consider this cardiologist who has more experience than most doctors around to care for your heart or the heart of your loved one.  Read more about him by following Dr. Honig on Twitter, or check out his pieces for WingsJournal.

Fleet Foxes Releases A New Song To Great Fanfare

Recently, Fleet Foxes released an expansive new song that demonstrates tunefulness and originality. This remarkable group is cementing its reputation with this remarkable new song, which is entitled “Third Of May/Odaigara.” It has now been six long years since Fleet Foxes released their last album, 2011’s “Helplessness Blues.” As a variety of journalistic sources have reported, the new album Fleet Foxes have recorded is called “Crack-Up.” Hopefully, Fleet Foxes will continue to live up to the expectations of their fans. Whether or not “Crack-Up” is fully artistically successful, there can be no doubt that this band knows how to put songs together in a professional way. This may be a band for the ages.


With their plaintive, folky tunes, Fleet Foxes have managed to win over the hearts of a generation. Instead of endlessly repeating themselves like so many other successful bands, Fleet Foxes is instead developing new sounds and new modalities. One could argue that Fleet Foxes has unquestionably managed to set the conditions for long-term success. At the same time, music history has a way of surprising even the most experienced prognosticators. Fame and fortune can often prove fickle and fleeting.


One of the most appealing qualities of Fleet Foxes is its extensive use of three-part harmony. Elements like this go a long way towards differentiating an indie band from similar peers. It is relatively easy to forget just what a huge impact Fleet Foxes made when they released their first album. For people of a certain age, the first Fleet Foxes album was a touchstone and a sign of things to come. I think it is a good thing that Fleet Foxes demonstrates great attention to the needs of fans. Without this commitment, the band could potentially become a kind of repetitive self-parody. With groups like Fleet Foxes working tirelessly for the public, I think this is one of the most exciting periods in the history of American popular music.


Is the Glastonbury Festival Losing its Indie Cred?

The indie music and summer festival scene isn’t what it used to be. Even the most esteemed music festivals are pale imitations of their former selves, like bad cover bands struggling to remember the lyrics to famous songs.


Founded in 1970, England’s Glastonbury festival, a five-day, open-air celebration of performing arts and British culture was inspired by Woodstock and other free, counterculture music festivals. Today, Glastonbury is a corporate behemoth, a tent-pole music event that’s more of a quick money grab than a celebration of music and art. Deep-pocketed sponsors, A-list celebrities, and has-been headliners have hijacked Glastonbury’s bohemian ethos and indie cred. According to DJ Fat boy Slim, Glastonbury has become more middle class and less dangerous, and that’s putting it lightly.


The Glastonbury festival opens on June 21. Johnny Depp is the latest lineup addition. Luckily for festival attendees, Depp won’t be playing on the main stage in his Alice Cooper-fronted supergroup, Hollywood Vampires. Depp is the guest of honor at Glastonbury’s new Cineramageddon area, a Drive-in movie screen and auditorium featuring a program of rock and roll inspired cinema. Depp’s money woes have been well documented, and his appearance at Glastonbury, where he will be introducing the 2004 film, “The Libertine,” seems like a cheap and easy way to make a paycheck.


Does Glastonbury really need a stage devoted to movies with rock and roll attitude? More importantly, does Glastonbury need to grease the pocket of an aging A-lister to draw a crowd? Glastonbury has struggled with its lineup in recent years. Fatboy Slim says the festival is running out of headline acts and has dated itself by rebooking artists who’ve already topped the bill. This year marks the third time that Radiohead has headlined Glastonbury.


Instead of booking Johnny Depp to introduce a film he made 13 years ago, maybe the Glastonbury festival should focus its attention on regaining some indie cred.


New Jersey Looks to the Future

As the real estate market continues to escalate, the volatility we are seeing is having a real impact on New Jersey. New Jersey is a highly populated state that, according to a report in, is currently seeing some of the most alarming foreclosure and mortgage delinquency rates anywhere. This trend could make for a seriously negative impact on the housing rebound that’s been celebrated recently.

According to Rutgers, one of the big factors in today’s real estate world is the overall housing shortage. A boom in the creation of new homes, according to, would be the best cure for the situation. The other complication, however, is that there is currently a blockage in the building permit department in New Jersey which is causing a bottleneck. The concern is that if this situation is suddenly resolved, it could result in a wave of home sales that could bring prices down, adding to the problems New Jersey is facing.

A Possible Real Estate Renaissance

Even with the complications New Jersey is facing, real estate has a lot of good news to share. There are many new housing and commercial/retail developments due to open in New Jersey soon, and homeowners are looking to the success of these projects to bring added value to their homes. Many of New Jersey’s newer homes are sure to appreciate, and all of this could spark a kind of real estate renaissance in the state led by Omar Boraie.

The Impact of Boraie Development

Another factor in the overall improvement of New Jersey is the Boraie Development Company. This developer has spent over twenty years building successful properties in New Jersey, mostly using private funds from investors. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

This company has a long-held faith in the future of New Jersey as an urban center that can attract up-and-coming young professionals. With Boraie’s many attractive retail and housing projects in New Jersey, the company has really made a statement about the value of property here. All of this has a positive impact, as this state regains its luster and its allure to young professionals and investors as well.

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The War On Drugs Appears On National Television

This is an amazing time for an up-and-coming indie band called the War On Drugs. Recently, this band performed a song called “Holding On” on the Stephen Colbert show. This song is found on the band’s latest album, “A Deeper Understanding.” For this live television performance, the War On Drugs put together a fairly extensive ensemble of nine players. This performance included three guitar players and three keyboard specialists for a nuanced, layered sound. Although this band is still essentially singer Adam Granduciel plus collaborators, Granduciel is reportedly striving for a more democratic, band-oriented approach for the group. As music journalists have duly noted, the War on Drugs is slated to perform a major tour this next fall. I believe it will be interesting to see how this rising band ultimately affects the indie music world.


With its quirky name, the War On Drugs certainly stands out from the crowd. Nevertheless, there is every reason to believe that this band can subside into the background if it does not market wisely. Instead of following tired marketing trends, bands like this need to tailor their images appropriately for the Internet age. In this era of social media engagement, the public is increasingly becoming tired of bland, old-fashioned rock bands who make use of hackneyed imagery. Fortunately, the War On Drugs is a strong enough band that its excellent sonic signature can make up for any possible deficit in the band’s cool factor.


Although the War On Drugs has produced some great studio recordings, the band can occasionally seem cold or sterile during live performances. If this band hopes to mature into a long-lived entity, I think it should continue practicing and honing its live act. Although studio recordings are great for getting your brand out and creating an audience, live performance is now the most practical method for achieving financial independence as a working musician. I have every confidence that the War On Drugs can change the face of indie music if they work hard enough.