Indie Darlings The War On Drugs Release New Video

Indie band The War On Drugs has released some new music that is receiving an awful lot of attention from music critics and the listening public. The band just released a video for its new song, “Strangest Thing.” This cosmic-tinged song has deeply impressed a large cross-section of rock fans. A slow-burning epic, “Strangest Thing” has the potential to earn this band increased airplay. Even if this doesn’t happen, The War On Drugs has already earned a vaunted position in the indie music scene. This retro-sounding rock song comes from the band’s upcoming album, which is entitled “A Deeper Understanding.” Fans are waiting with baited breath for that album’s late August release date.

“Strangest Thing” features a laid-back country groove and a Dylan-like vocal performance from Adam Granduciel, the band’s shaggy-haired lead singer. With the release of the band’s upcoming fourth album, the War On Drugs will likely gain a lot of new fans. This band has certainly paid its dues by performing a number of large shows that attracted sold-out crowds. Although some might question if this band has the originality and staying power to become rock legends, the band has already achieved a measure of success that most indie bands would greatly envy.

Though it may take a tremendous amount of work, it is certainly possible that the War On Drugs will become a household name over the course of the next few years. I feel that this band is certainly talented enough to deserve such a fate. However, indie bands that break into the mainstream need to have luck as well as talent. It will take time to see if this band lives up to its early potential. What is for sure is that the growth of social media has changed life for indie bands like The War On Drugs.

An Exciting British Band Called Let’s Eat Grandma

A new indie band named Let’s Eat Grandma has inspired a lot of love from the indie music community. The band is a duo comprised of 18-year-old young women, Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingsworth. This British duo is well on its way to achieving a very prominent public profile. Called “I, Gemini,” this band’s debut album has caused a major stir with critics. People are in love with the creative way that this band combines standard pop hooks with a true sense of experimentalism. In a recent interview, the duo revealed that they have been writing songs together since they were both 10 years old. Earlier in their teenage years, the duo attended the same music college together. Onstage, both full-time members of this band are known to play multiple instruments in a show of musical virtuosity.

As the band prepares to perform at Glastonbury, the legendary British musical festival, they are excited to deflate many of the stereotypes people propagate when it comes to teenage girls. This duo seems ready to put their unique mark on modern indie pop. Although their music features plenty of catchy pop hooks, it also contains its share of grunge-rock guitars. Most of all, this band maintains a punk-rock attitude that is deeply infectious.

I sincerely hope that Let’s Eat Grandma breaks through into the mainstream in a major way. Although the band’s choice of a name seems unfortunate at first blush, it actually fits the bands eccentric style fairly well. If this band becomes a mainstream hit in Britain, there is a fairly strong chance that North American success will follow. Only time will tell if this band will be able to follow its remarkable debut with another slice of avant-pop goodness. This band has earned every bit of hype that has made the band an indie sensation in its home country

Bob Reina, Developer of the first video marketing solution

Bob Reina is the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. He pinpointed the emerging video trends for 2017 and discussed how the techniques of the 2016 videos affected the marketing techniques used for the 2017 videos. His video discussing these trends was released to Martech advisors who shared it with their global network of viewers that is comprised of over 1.1 million subscribers.


When Bob opened Talk Fusion in 20017 he wanted his company to change lives and communities. Talk Fusion was born from the idea of being able to send video’s in Emails. In 2004 while Bob was touring a house he potentially wanted to buy he took a short ten second video clip. He opened his AOL and tried to send the video and was disappointed to discover it could not be done. He reached out to a lifelong friend of his, Dr. Jonathan Chen, and they developed video email. Later this evolved into what would be known as the world’s first all in one video marketing solution. Prior to his startup of Talk Fusion, Bob graduated first in his class at the police academy at the university of south Florida. With the idea of giving back, helping people and building dreams, Talk Fusion began down a path of positive community involvement. Talk Fusion and independent Associates in over 140 countries help give back to promote great change. Bob donated a million dollars to the Tampa Bay humane society and he offered monetary support to orphanages in Indonesia.


To help keep his employees at Talk Fusion active in giving he has promoted a program where each employee can give one free account to the charity of their choice. These accounts provide free video chat, conference, newsletters, sign up forms and emails. His company has also been actively involved in helping with donations and clean-up efforts from the Nepal earthquake victims, Japanese tsunami victims and lifesaving involvement in the lives of countless animals affected by natural disasters. Learn more:


Electric Blue: Arcade Fire’s Latest Tune

We all enjoy when our favorite musicians release new music. Luckily for all of the indie music fans out there, Arcade Fire has released yet another masterpiece. Their latest dispatch, titled “Electric Blue” was released less than a week ago. This video can be viewed online for fans everywhere. It’s being considered a dance floor friendly number with pops of bright guitar.

If you are a fan of Arcade Fire, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that it resembles the sounds of Sprawl II. In Electric Blue, you’ll hear Régine Chassagne singing in falsetto. The title, Electric Blue, is similar in lightheartedness to the same song title by David Bowie and can be likened to such. Electric Blue is somewhat reminiscent of the sound of the Bee Gees in its own disco-like way.

In the video, you will see Régine Chassagne strutting around the city of New Orleans during Mardi Gras season. In contrast with the positive nature of the song, the video shows Chassagne dancing in a trash-filled environment. As she moves, you will see that city workers and garbage trucks surround her in an attempt to clean up the mess.

For your next party or feel-good tune, make sure to keep Electric Blue by Arcade Fire as accessible as possible. It’s a catchy and upbeat tune that you can introduce your friends to and they’re quite likely to love it.

“Electric Blue” will appear on the forthcoming album Everything Now along with other tracks such as “Everything Now,” “Creature Comfort” and “Signs of Life.”

Echosmith Releases A Remarkable New Song And Video

On July 13, the band Echosmith released their first single in roughly two years. Called “Goodbye,” this song is already making quite an impression on people. The band immediately followed up the single release with a music video for “Goodbye.” Like all of this band’s visual media so far, this video demonstrated a fairly sophisticated sense of aesthetics. Echosmith initially started out as a group of four music-loving siblings. When lead guitarist Jamie Sierota left the band last year, Echosmith was was reduced to a trio.

Apparently, Echosmith is exploring a fresh, pop-oriented sound in their exciting new material. Featuring lead singer Sydney Sierota, the bands new video is deeply colorful and quite memorable. I think that Sierota could well become the Alanis Morissette or Cyndi Lauper of her generation. If she hopes to become famous while maintaining her integrity, Sierota will have to focus on building internal strength. After all, many people have demonstrated that even celebrities can have difficult, tangled lives.

Echosmith has created the conditions for future commercial success. I feel this band makes beautiful music that is guaranteed to impress almost every listener. Fans of all ages should enjoy this band’s soothing pop-rock. Even better, this band has enormous authenticity. I feel that when you listen to this music, you can really tell that the band has lived through a lot. This music act can certainly meet most reasonable standards of musical quality. If this band doesn’t break through to the mainstream, this seems a sure sign that the public needs to get a clue. Sydney Sierota is a true rock star and her example may influence millions of girls and women. By launching an empowered female singer to stardom, Echosmith is proving itself an outstanding force in modern media. I wish more bands demonstrated such qualities.

Avett Brothers Documentary to Premier for One Night Only in Theaters

The award-winning documentary May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers will have a limited theater screening later this year. Directed and produced by Judd Apatow and Michael Bonfiglio, May It Last was an audience and critic favorite at SXSW earlier this spring.

Tickets are already on sale for the movie’s nationwide premier on September 12. As of now, over 250 theaters have announced they will screen the movie. Apart from the world premier at SXSW, this will be the film’s only theater release.

May It Last impressed audiences at SXSW. It won the 24 Beats Per Second Audience Award, given to the most popular music-related documentary at the festival.

The Avett Brothers is an American folk band fronted by brother Seth and Scott Avett. Other band members include Bob Crawford and Joe Kwon. Apatow and Bonfiglio followed the band for two year as they developed True Sadness, the LP they released in 2016. Apatow and Bonfiglio included studio and concert footage with scenes from their personal lives. One important scene shows the brothers visiting their father at home.

Fans and music lovers get an intimate look into the band’s recording process and work with Rick Rubin, their producer. Rubin is know for co-founding the famous Def Jam Records.

Fans interested in watching May It Last may only have one opportunity to see it on the big screen, but it won’t be the last time the documentary airs. HBO also acquired the film. It will show May It Last in 2018.

Market America Miami Conference at the Heart of American Ecommerce

Early this year Miami city saw one of the largest gathering of entrepreneurs come to town to celebrate a very historic event in the ecommerce world. Market America Inc. a global internet marketing and brokerage company better known for its direct marketing strategy was the company responsible for this gathering. Through its products and services, Market America has its objectives cut out to help business market their commodities online while at the same time providing their customers with an excellent platform to shop.


The 2017 Market America Miami conference was significant for the company in the sense that it climaxed the company’s journey into the world of internet marketing through the highlight product “the shopping annuity program.” This program is one that seeks to reward shoppers who changed their daily shopping partners to the company’s website. In addition to the competitive prices for the commodities, consumers also get to enjoy up to half price discount for their qualifying purchases.


In addition to the shopping annuity program, there are a number of exciting products and services that were highlighted at the Market America Miami event. Some of the notable things includes, new products both for the company and its clients, new opportunities were unveiled and seized and importantly new strategies were formed. All these things were aligned to the company’s overall objective of improving rewarding the shoppers through their purchases and making the process effective and efficient.


The Market America Miami event brought together both entrepreneurs and the top company’s executive. Among those who attended the event included founder, CEO and Chairman of Market America, JR Ridinger. According to Mr. Ridinger he was optimistic about his company in leveraging the people’s buying power in the economy. At the event, JR noted that his company had facilitated an extraordinary growth within the American economy and that every business that was using his platform to sell its products was bound to succeed. Mr. JR noted that their direct marketing strategy, referral feature and the universal shopping cart coupled with the consumer’s purchasing power as the most important component to their growth.


The other attendees included Senior Executive Vice President, Loren Ridinger who doubles up as the founder of the Motives cosmetic brand by Loren Ridinger. Marc Ashley Market America’s President and COO was also present at the event and introduced with the help of the founder some of the advancement the company was creating to help their customers save money. Market America Miami was not short of entertainment. Grammy-nominee who also adds up as the company’s President in charge of Urban and Latino development, Fat Joe, helped thrill the guests with some of his hits. Generally, Market America Miami was a great success and gave hope to the internet-marketing sector.


About Market America


Market America is an online marketing company founded in 1992 by R Ridinger. The company has its headquarters in Greensboro, NC with global operations in countries such as Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia. Currently the company employees over 750 employees and has made up to $6.2 billion in sales.

Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne

Mr.Norman Pattiz is the Executive founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Norman Pattiz is a renowned American broadcasting entrepreneur. Norman has forty years of experience in radio syndication and is also the Founder of Westwood One that is the largest provider of sports, news, talk, entertainment and traffic programming in America under his leadership. Westwood One distributed, managed and owned CBS News, NBC radio networks, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, CNN radio-station, the Mutual Broadcasting System, March Madness, talks shows and Summer and Winter Olympic Games.


In 2010, Norman Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group which produces and distributes quality programming. Norman launched PodcastOne in 2012 after realising that there were some untapped opportunities in the audio industry. In the year 2000, Norman was appointed to work at the Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Clinton of the United States of America. In 2002, he was reappointed by President Bush to working for the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Pattiz was later inducted National Radio Hall of Fame and was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award by the Library of American Broadcasting.


On 24th April 2017, Norman Pattiz was able to announce that Norman Lear was going to host a new show called ‘All Of The Above’ on PodcastOne. Norman Lear is one of Hollywood’s legendary producer and creator. The new show is expected to take listeners on a ride of conversation, from family to comedy, music, politics, social issues, current issues and more. The show will feature the different unique perspectives of politicians, everyday folks and celebrities.


The Podcast was expected to debut on May 1. The new episodes are always available every Monday on the PodcastOne app, and iTunes. Pattiz has admired and known Norman Lear for a very long time and is happy to have Lear’s podcast on his PodcastOne network. Fans are free to subscribe the podcast by visiting or


Norman Lear is a man who has many talents and has had a front-row seat to the start of writing, television, developing or creating more than a hundred shows. Lear got the National Medal of the Arts. Norman Lear purchased a copy of the Declaration of Independence and successfully toured if for about ten years in all the fifty states.

Norman Pattiz is the chairman of Launchpad Digital Media or PodcastOne. Pattiz also serves as the Chairman of the Los Alamos National Security and Lawrence Livermore and as a Regent of the University of California.




Margaret Glaspy’s Emergence as the Face of Indie Music

Margaret Glaspy concedes that her brain is ever bursting with melodies and ideas. In an interview granted to MTV, she says that anyone can write a song provided that he/she focuses on it. The Indie Rock musician recalls the hard work that went into the production of her debut album, Emotions and Math. This was the standout Indie Rock album of 2016, and it was definitely a success.

When working on the album, Margaret would spend at least three hours every night recording song ideas onto her iPad. She says that just like any other human being, her mind is always churning out new thoughts and ideas. What makes a difference is how one packages these ideas. Emotions and Math is a swanky album, which highlights why Margaret is being regarded as the new queen of Indie Rock. Its success has led music lovers to draw comparisons with Indie Rock greats such as Jeff Buckley, Elvis, Costello, and Liz Phair.

Margaret’s Source of Inspiration

The songstress draws her inspiration from Elliot Smith, whom she severally referred to when writing the lyrics to Emotions and Math. Smith’s harmonic melody and unique vocabulary greatly inspired her. Growing up in a small town in Northern California, Margaret never imagined that she would turn out to be a nationally-renowned Indie Rocker. She started listening to Indie Rock after getting influenced by her older brother who was a huge fan of the genre.

Dropping out of Berkeley College of music and with no other source of income, she started entertaining the idea of taking up music professionally. Nonetheless, she didn’t get the instant success that she always dreamt of but instead, had to perform at small clubs and in street concerts. Her breakthrough came in 2015 after being signed by ATO Records. She describes this as the turning point of her career. Glapsy hopes that Indie Rock fans will continue appreciating her music.

Au Revoir Simone Lights Up the Screen on Twin Peaks

There is no doubt that “Twin Peaks” is one of the most talked-about reboots to grace television screens this season. Complete with an exciting new cast and a dazzling soundtrack, this new rendition of the old classic is sure to thrill fans of David Lynch. For a long time now, the eccentric Mulholland Drive director has been known for his exquisite taste in music. Those who are familiar with his films tend to notice the fact that he’s a fan of synth. Enter Brooklyn-bred indie band Au Revoir Simone.

With the band members’ history of performing on some of the hippest shows—including “Casual” and theme music for the web series “Self Storage”—perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they nabbed a sweet songbird session in an episode of “Twin Peaks”. After a memorable scene with Sky Ferreira, the women appear onstage to sing their hit song “A Violent Yet Flammable World”. Of course, to those who have been following the dream pop trio Au Revoir Simone, it probably isn’t a surprise to see the group lighting up a Lynch production.

Erika Forster, Annie Hart and Heather D’Angelo have been perfecting their keyboard skills since the early aughts, when they became the reigning pop princesses of the indie scene in New York City. It didn’t take long for the group to attract the attention of David Lynch, as the director is known for his excellent taste in music, as well as his slick visuals. With sensational soundtracks that always seem to pop off the screen, Lynch is the ultimate indie king.