Moby: Details on Indie Sensation’s Latest Album and Single, “Mere Anarchy”

If you’re a fan of indie music sensation Moby, then you’re in for a treat. On March 2nd, 2018, Moby will be releasing a new album called Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt, which will be available on Mute.

The opening track on Moby’s upcoming album is titled “Mere Anarchy.” There is currently a YouTube video out for listeners to enjoy and watch. Just a fair warning: for an opening track, it’s a bit eerie.

Moby’s “Mere Anarchy” video is captured in black and white, with his trademark hipster glasses catching much of the frame when he appears. The song begins in a dystopian electronic fashion, with lyrics of caution leading to the sound of drums.

Mere Anarchy is definitely a bleaker sound than usual for Moby, with some elements of David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar. The video, which is filmed in grayscale, was directed by Rob Gordon Bralver.

Moby’s recently released single, Like a Motherless Child, is filmed in a very similar format. Both videos are in black and white with large shots of big landscapes. Both songs will appear on Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt. However, in Mere Anarchy, there are intriguing yet gloomy snapshots of abandoned buildings with decaying trees that have twisting branches. You will also notice some scenes of the planet earth, which look like they were taken from outer space – possibly by aliens.

The musician and DJ himself has described the Mere Anarchy video as post-apocalyptic. Simply by watching the video, you can definitely understand what Moby means. The post-apocalyptic visual elements are quite apparent in the video, with the aforementioned scenes of a decaying earth.

Moby has also released music that influenced the album Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt on both Spotify and YouTube for any curious fans.

In the meantime, fans of Moby will definitely be intrigued by his latest video’s sound and visual elements. If you’re listening to Moby for the first time, you’ll be sure to enjoy this unique indie sound. Just remember: this is a bit of a new style for Moby, so keep an open mind! After all, Moby has been a trusted and true performer in the indie world.

Securus Technology to Add Payment Services to its Growing Portfolio

Securus Technologies is a company with a vision and a plan for its future as it continues to add to its growing portfolio of company acquisitions. It has recently made a deal to acquire JPay, a company that makes electronic payments on the web possible for many people. Securus hopes to use this platform as its base to expand its services to the corrections industry.


Imagine inmates communicating on their tablets in real time playing games and also making electronic payments for goods and services. All of this is made possible now with the acquisition of JPay,who has been an innovative and leading force in this market space for quite some time now. Jpay is based in Miramar,FL and at the time was serving 33 state correctional facilities and over 1.6 million inmates.


The CEO of Securus technologies, Rick Smith, thinks that this acquisition will allow them to be more competitive by offering the best products and the best products and services at the most optimum price on the market today. He also feels that the company has now positioned itself to be the best choice in providing superior payment and communications gateways to correctional prisons across the nation. The two companies deal is expected to be approved finally by the second or third quarter of 2015.


Make A Difference Woth Troy McQuagge

USHEALTH Advisors been on the scene assisting families and communities with their mission for years. With the help of Troy McQuagge, their project HOPE, Helping Other People Everyday, has changed hundreds of lives for the better. This organization deserves major recognition for all that they’ve done for others.

Troy McQuagge is current the CEO of USHEALTH which was founded in 2010. Their mission to be the change that is needed in this world and spread love everywhere they possibly can. HOPE has joined with several other organizations over the United States to bring true assistance as with Hurricane Katrina. The organization went right into the storm torn town and began cleaning up where they could with the help of the Phoenix of New Orleans organization. Their aid didn’t stop there as his organization also donated vital items such as clothing, shoes and food for children. The people of New Orleans benefited greatly by the caring HOPE freely shares with others. Read more at about Troy McQuagge Son

USHA also is responsible raising thousands in order to provide brand new clothing and shoes to The Crisis Nursery in Phoenix. This non profit provides shelter to the children who need help in the Metropolitan area of the state. These children now have resources to get them through this tough time in their lives thanks to Troy and his team’s hard work.

One of the main objectives of Troy’s is to spread HOPE all over the world. There are millions of people worldwide who are in need of help and any support goes a long way towards making a difference m. One partnership is with The Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project in Florida. This project assisted with demolition and clean up to prepare homes for the needy. One particular home was donated to a army specialist and his family. It’s acts like this that have earned Troy the tile of hero.

Troy McQuagge son encourages others to take part in the assistance programs and volunteer organizations in their community to keep the hope alive. Take a look at their informative website for more information on their next big project near you.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas, Texas, Why Plastic Surgeons There Are The Best

One of the most controversial topics in the realm of medicine is plastic or cosmetic surgery. Much of the public opinion seems to be limited to viewing this avenue of medicine as little more than vanity procedures for the wealthy.


This opinion may hold some small bits of truth to it but the reality is that the bulk of plastic surgery is actually a very technical and skill oriented field of medicine that does far more than a face lift and nose jobs.


Many of the procedures that are in the arena of plastic surgery are actually designed to be either constructive, fabricating a portion of the body that is either damaged or missing entirely, or reconstructive, taking parts of what is already there and repairing it to be what is normal for humans. such as cranial reconstruction.


On the aesthetic side of things, one of the most controversial procedures that is commonly being performed is the Brazilian butt lift. This butt lift differs from the standard procedure in that instead of reducing the appearance of saggy or drooping skin, the Brazilian butt lift is designed to add volume and roundness to the buttocks.


This procedure can be a bit risky given that the gluteal muscle region of the body contains an extremely complex network of veins that can be difficult to work around for any plastic surgeon. It is always advisable not only to shop around for a skilled surgeon but also one that uses the best safety methods and precautions for their patients.


Dallas, Texas, is one area of the nation that is bursting at the seams with some of the most skilled as well as safety oriented plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Rod J. Rohrich and Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is also home to some of the very best in the business.


Academy of Art University: Future of Art

Academy of Art University held its 21st runway fashion showcase for New York Fashion Week on September 9th 2017. Ten aspiring BFA and MFA graduates released five womenswear pieces, as well as to menswear pieces and two collaborations to the fashion debut. Fashion show limelight shined on Skylight Clarkson Square, the official residence for all things Style and fashion. The designers themselves came from a nice spread of diversity. There were designers from China to a few other far off places that introduced a unique range of ideas in silhouettes, patterns, materials and craftsmanship techniques that impressed those attending the show. Among the attendees included America’s Next Top Model, Ms. J Alexander and Sara Kozlowski, Professional Development at CFDA and Director of Education. Every last workshop, class, internship and “last minute” hours of painstaking labor and preparation boiled down to the fifteen minutes of runway excitement. In the presence of peers, classmates, potential career mentors, professionals and the whole world from livestream, watched what these designers had to share.


Since 1929, Academy of Art University was established in San Francisco, California by Richard S. Stephens. With 283 full-time teachers and 1154 part-time teaching staff, and about 18,000 students. It is said to be the largest privately owned art institution in the nation.


Sunset Magazine’s own creative director and founder, Richard S. Stephens aspires to transform students into professionals of industry. He thought that anyone pursuing artistry interests could learn the crafts they need if given appropriate training, diligence and “elbow grease”. Richard S Stephens also felt students ought to be admitted into an art institution regardless of experience. Most importantly, education need be delivered by true experts.


By the devotion of present President Dr. Elisa Stephens as well as Chairman Emeritus Richard A. Stephens, the goal of Academy of Art University is to succeed with a professional faculty, top-notch facilities and curriculum in many study avenues. Majors include: Acting, Architecture, Art Education, Fashion, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Motion Pictures, Multimedia, Music, Photography, Landscaping and more! Graduates have launched careers with many impressive companies such as Nike, Apple, and many others.


Clayton Hutson: Successful Tour Manager

Clayton Hutson is a production manager and sound engineer. He and his team provide services that include production management, monitor engineering, show producing, production designing, stage management, rigging, and logistics management. Some of his most recent work includes that of DiGiCo, in which he was day-to-day production tour manager and FOH monitor engineer.


He was highly intrigued with using DiGiCo on tour. He previously had used the SD8, SD7, and D5 console. The D5 was the first of its kind, and handmade for a Marilyn Manson concert. Clayton Hutson had used all of the first consoles, so being in control of Aaron Lewis’s sound had to happen.


For the Aaron Lewis tour, Hutson needed a compressed mixing system that could be stored away easily. The SD11 was only 19 inches and seemed to be the best option. It came with DiGiCo’s best sounds and functionality that Hutson relied on. He had it running perfectly within 15 minutes.


This tour was a smaller production of what Clayton Hutson typically works. He did both monitors and FOH for Ben Kitterman and Lewis’ vocals. But, the gig still had some issues. He tailored the sound to match the house and what was going on the stage. It can be difficult at times being at a casino with a smaller floor. Sometimes that sound doesn’t match what you think it will, and have to work with it.


Once the SD11 was turned on, it did not sound any different than other DiGiCo consoles. Even though it was very compact, the sound was perfect and highly reliable. The EQ reacted the same as the SD7 did. He was very impressed with the SD11.


Clayton Hutson has been working with music since he was young. He labored very hard for many years and was finally able to turn his passion into a profession. Hutson has worked with several celebrities such as Garbage, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. He now has a well-known name in the industry of music for engineering, producing, and designing. For his clients, he offers easy, budget friendly, solutions. Hutson and his team give onsite execution and a one stop shop for any event needs.
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Indie Rock’s Crutchfield twins make a strong impact on the indie scene individually

Indie sisters Allison and Kate Crutchfield’s music has definitely been a force in the indie music scene. In Birmingham, Alabama Allison and Katie Crutchfield worked on “Handstands in Antartica together. At age 28 these twins the practiced in their parent’s basement. The walls lined with some of their favorite musicians and influencers such as the Beatles and the Velvet Underground. Katie is the lead vocalist while Allison is the percussionist. They spent many afternoons in the basement, perfecting their sound.

According to Rolling Stone, Allison describes Kates performing earlier songs as super visceral. The depth and emotion won over a loyal crowd of fans. Sisterhood has served them well. Their musical force is parallelled by each other’s raw talents. People have questioned the sisters about the naturalism and perfect synchronicity of their performances.They stated when questioned about the phenomena, “there is a level of synchronicity that’s more emotional.

Katie recorded her debut in 2010. Waxahatchee, American Weekend is an 8 track LP
The sisters eventually both relocated to Brooklyn. During this time, Alison was busy with her own musical ventures. She took a break from the drums and started a band called Swearin. Their raw music was inspired heavily by the velvet underground. Even though the Ackleys are not together they separately created two of the 2012’s best indie albums and inspired a cult following. In 2012 American weekend by Wazahatchee and the self-titled debut of Allison’s band, Swearing both have made a heavy impact on the indie music scene.

But she didn’t forget about her beloved sister’s musical ventures. The two paired together perfectly compliment each other’s abilities and styles. She continued collaborations with her sister’s band by playing keys. They haven’t stopped since their first album over a decade ago. In a recent interview, they told Rolling Stone, “I don’t necessarily think we’re different people, but we have lived now-quite a bit
Its been 12 years now since their first album and they do not have any intention to stop now.

Indie distribution company Merlin partners with rights clearance company Dubset

Indie distribution company Merlin recently partnered with the startup rights clearance company Dubset. Dubset’s MixScan technology identifies songs used in DJ Mixes and enables artists to earn royalties when a remix of their song is played. Merlin is a global music rights agency that represents some of the worlds top independent artists.
Not only will Merlin’s rights holders earn royalties, this merger will help expand the music library for dubstep. According to The Verge Sony became the first music label to agree to this deal.

Dubset is a company whose company motto is, “making mix and remix distribution simple and legal”. They offer a unique innovative marketplace for musicians, labels, publishers, and distribution companies. Dubstet aims to make it easier for artists to clear samples while helping ensure that artists retain their rights and receive proper royalties.

The arrangement is simple and precise. Producers and DJs upload their tracks to the MixBANK platform, then Dubset releases the tracks. Once uploaded to the platform, the track can then be played on streaming services. The monitoring services ensure that artists will receive royalties when their songs or remixes of their songs are played.

Under the new agreement, Merlin member’s catalogs will be identified for use and they will immediately be able to manage, monitor and modify their individual recordings usage. Dubset’s MixBank is already is used by many an increasingly large amount of major music services. Currently, thousands of artists and labels are using Dubsets’s MixBANK to monitor and monetize the usage of their remixes. As according to the Merlin website, the deal will expand MixBank Catalog to over 30 million tracks.

Chief Strategy Officer Bob Barbiere is also the SVP Licensing of Dubset. According to Merlin Network’s website, he recently stated, “A large percentage of the content MixBANK is scanning each day comes from Merlin member labels. This partnership will have a pronounced impact on the amount of content Dubset will now clear and distribute to music services for consumers.”

Omar Boraie Leads the Wat for Families

It seems that 99% of the citizens in the United States of America want to point at the upper class and declare that they are the cause of all the evils and social ills that we see in society today. While many of the hedge fund managers and chief executive officers are probably to blame for the economic meltdown we saw in 2008, Omar Boraie is not one of those people, and he is a wonderful man who helps his fellow man.

Omar Boraie is known as the prodigal father of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was born and raised in the city of New Brunswick and longed to make that city reach its potential. During a time of discovering himself, he traveled throughout the continent of Europe. He saw the great capitals of Germany, England, France, and Spain and long to have New Brunswick, New Jersey become that influential.

When he returned to New Brunswick, he began working in four areas to help make New Brunswick a thriving city.

He first began working on the family atmosphere of the city. He wanted New Brunswick to be a community where people know each other even though the city is as big as it is. He began hosting community events such as the seven weeks of free movies. He covered the omission and concession cost of Disney and DreamWorks movies the families would be able to connect with one another and build friendships. Check out Press of Atlantic City to know more.

The second thing he began working on was the job situation in New Brunswick. He was able to bring new jobs to the area by selling corporate factories for a deficit in order to get profit later when they pay taxes. He also was able to keep jobs in the area when he convinced the corporate leaders of Johnson & Johnson to remain in New Brunswick. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The third thing he began working on was the priorities of the power elites in New Brunswick. He knew that he needed the Mayor and the President of Rutgers University and the leaders of many nonprofits to allied together to forge a path of New Brunswick.

The fourth thing he began working on was bringing back the middle class. He brought the middle class back by giving them class A office space and the real estate for a middle-class cost. This offer was so irresistible that families came in by the droves.


The Academy of Art University Is The School of Choice For The Arts

The fashion industry is one of the most popular and profitable industries on earth. Some of the biggest of names have come from this specific field of work. This includes Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and Vera Wang. Many of these prominent names has attended New York Fashion Week on multiple occasions. When it comes to fashion schools, few institutions can outwork or outperform the Academy of Art University. This school is well-respected, and it has garnered plenty of attention over the years. For the 21st consecutive time, Academy of Art University has graced the prominent stage at New York Fashion Week and for the 21st consecutive time, it was a hit.

At this special event, you’ll find fashion and designers that come from all over the globe. Whether the designers are from Maine, or the designers are from Mongolia, this is one of the most diverse fashion events to date. Academy of Art University was definitely on top of its game by displaying some amazing fashion attire. This includes attire for womenswear and for menswear. Of course, the event was jam-packed with celebrities, industry-insiders and the general public. Academy of Art University has a resume of success as it has produced top-rated talent such as Dina Marie Lam and Eden Slezin. Both designers participated at the prestigious Skylight Clarkson Square. This for-profit school is similar to any other school as it offers student programs, housing, galleries and sporting events. It has a beautiful location that’s near the city’s prominent New Montgomery Street.

There are more than 283 full-time teachers here as well as more than 1,100 part-time teachers. The number of students in attendance is estimated at 12,600 in total. It is also said to be that the Academy of Art University is one of the city’s largest property owners.