Who is Felipe Montoro Jens?

Formerly a Chief Executive Officer of a Private Partnership Company, a Brazilian businessman, and corporate leader Felipe Montoro Jens had aspirations for the world of business at an early age. With his interests in the function of large corporations, he pursued his career in industry and pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in finance at the FundaçãoGetulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro and his Master of Business Administration in General Finance from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona. Visit consultasocio.com to learn more

After several years serving in a junior position, Felipe Montoro Jens and his skills acquired by his education and experience became Head of Project Finance of a Private Partnership Company in Sao Paulo, Brazil from 2007 to June of 2008. From July of 2008 to June of 2013, he was Chief Investment Officer, from July of 2013 to March of 2015 Chief Executive Officer and from April 2015 to 2018 he was Managing Director of this company.

Felipe Montoro Jens has 25 years of experience in large multinational enterprises such as a Private Partnership Company, Enron, Enel, and PricewaterhouseCoopers in several countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Portugal, and Brazil. He is presently the CEO of Empresa de Generacion Huallaga SA, Ac Energia SA, ConcessionariaTravase Olmos, and ConcessionairaInteroceania. With the knowledge of Investments and Project Finance, he specializes in the field of infrastructure and has helped several businesses reduce industrial wastes.

Felipe Montoro Jens sits on the boards of Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, San Antonio Energia SA, and Foz do Brasil SA. He is also one of the most influential executive leaders in South America.

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How Organo Gold Recognizes Their Top Independent Distributors

Organo Gold is a privately held company which was established in 2008. They offer teas, coffees, and nutraceuticals in 45 nations. They have an independent distributor network which sells their products to consumers. In the United States and Canada they have a Coffee Connoissuer Club which is another way to buy their products. Read more at patch.com about Organo Gold.

In 2013 Organo Gold started the Star Achiever program in order to recognize their top independent distributors. This program was announced during that year’s International Convention by their Chief Visionary Officer Holton Buggs. It was during their next years International Convention that that first group of Star Achiever’s was announced.

There is one requirement to meet in order to be named as one of Organo Gold’s Star Achievers. This is to earn at least 450 PQV each month for the year. These points can be earned both through retail orders plus the independent distributor’s own personal orders. There is also Super Star Achiever Distributors. To earn this designation an independent distributor needs to have four of their own personally sponsored distrubotors earn 450 PQV as well during a month. Follow Organo Gold on Linkedin.com.

Any independent distributor who is able to earn the 12 Star Achiever designation is gifted a Bulova watch which has been customized just for them. This watch is meant to recognize the effort it took to be able to consistently meet their goals. Organo Gold also has a recognition in place for those who achieve “Perfect Attendance”, which means they never missed an order of 450 PQV for the entire year.

Everyone that achieves Star Achiever status also earns a pin to show others their achievement. When Organo Gold holds a major event they will bring on stage some of the people who won Perfect Attendance as well as those who achieved Super Star Achiever. They get to go on stage in front of their peers and be recognized for their hard work. This inspires everyone in the audience as well and after one of these major conventions there is always a boost to sales of Organo Gold’s products.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/organogoldofficial

Band Is Doing Well in the San Diego Music Scene

Sights and Sages, a band in San Diego, is now an independent alternative rock band after being a ska group.

In 2017, they competed in a battle of the bands called the 91X contest. The judges were the band called Switchbox and they picked Sights and Sage as the winners. This event raised money for a non-profit.

Jay Sanchioli, a bassist for Sights and Sages, believed that his band was very excited about the win because we were able to do better than the other bands in the contest. He does not think that they are actually better than other bands. It was good that they were selected by Switchfoot. It was a really, really good feeling.

Soon after releasing a seven-song album called doubleplus, they were one of the nominations for Best New Artist and Best Indie/Alternative Album for the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. The awards ceremony was at the House of Blues on March 19th. They ended not winning, but they were just ecstatic to be nominated.

Sanchioli feels that it would have been cool to win, but we were not really worked up about it.

This band was originally a ska group, but as they added members, they eventually became a rock band that was deeply influenced by the 1980s.

Some of the musical influences of the band are Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Gorillaz, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, The Cure and Blur. The composers that they like are Danny Elfman and John Williams. Members of this band want to be like their influences and become inspirations for future generations of musicians.

Christian Clark, guitarist, and vocalist, believes that when he was a kid, he was very awed that some people could actually create something really beautiful. It meant a lot to people. He wants to have the same impact as his influences.

The latest addition to the group is Sebastian Rizo. He actually joined the group after being their audio engineer for the group’s first album. He enjoyed their sound so much that he decided to become part of the group.

Sights and Sages is an up-and-coming group that seems to be going in a good direction.

Mark Mofid Is Changing the Gluteal Augmentation Field the Better:

Dr. Mark Mofid is an industry leader in the cosmetic medical area of gluteal augmentation. Mark studied at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard. He has developed his own unique implants that are the result of years of careful research. Mark Mofid has developed his implants in accordance with the human body. Due to his careful and thorough research and his insistence on putting his patient’s best interest first he has become one of the most trusted practitioners in his industry.

Gluteal augmentation has in recent years come up as the topic behind the troublesome stories but Mark Mofid has made gigantic strives to remove any negative stereotypes. His strict adherence to medical regulations and his innovative approach to the procedure has made him the trusted name in the field.

Mark knows how to properly counsel his patients as the what implant is right for them. He has gone out of his way to separate himself from others in the industry who simply look for a way to make the most money off of their clients. Mark wants to provide his clients with the highest quality gluteal implants, rather than the largest and most expensive.

Mark’s implants are the result of endless hours of design, research and thought. He has extensive knowledge in all the body systems associated with the implants and has developed a superior product. Mark Mofid was never satisfied to simply use the products that were available. Mark Mofid has been studying gluteal augmentation for a number of years and has worked with Dr. Raul Gonzalez from Brazil. Dr. Gonzalez is considered one of the top professionals in the world. The gluteal augmentation industry is constantly evolving and advancing. Individuals like Mark Mofid are leading the charge of this evolution and advancement. He has done this by understanding how things have been done previously and working tirelessly to think about how things could be done. This attitude is what has led Mark to change the game in the gluteal augmentation industry. Whether it is improving on an existing method or creating a revolutionary new method, Mark is changing the industry for the better.


Green Structure Homes Founder, Barbara Stokes

The Green Structure Homes is a organization that is prepared for assisting people when disasters occur. Barbara Stokes alongside her husband Scott Stokes founded this company in 2008. They are also the Chief Executive Officers of Green Structure Homes. Huntsville, Alabama is where the company is headquartered. Green Structure Homes are often offered FEMA contracts to lend a hand to relieve natural disasters. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times. They offer residential and commercial homes across North America. After Hurricane Harvey, Green House Structure supplied families with quality homes. The homes are built to tolerate high wind speeds from hurricanes and are also resistant to mold and pests. They also have actual kitchens and bathrooms. The houses are comfortable and are all different sizes. This helps people to simply continue their lives and restore their neighborhood. This year, the company is expanding and providing new jobs in Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. The company plans to always provide the best quality constructed homes. Read this article at businessinsider.com.

Barbara Stokes attended Mercer University and studied numerous subjects. These subjects include, physics, technical communication, biomedical engineering, thermodynamics, structures and properties and more. Barbara had been apart of 26 companies over the span of 9 years. From 1990 to 1991, she was a assistant researcher at the University of Alabama. She owned a corporation called Pisces Corporation, that was located in Montgomery, Alabama from 1991 until 1996. In May 1998, Barbara Stokes worked at Muscular Dytrophy Association in Macon, Georgia as a administrative assistant. She worked there until June 1999. At Boeing Company in 2000, she was a AOG manager. She worked as a AOG manger until August 2001. Barbara Stokes also founded the Biomedical Engineering Club and is the president of the club. She has been given awards such as, Engineering Education and more. She also has publications that include, Pendulum Research 1999.

Know more: https://about.me/barbarastokes

Jack White Releases New Song

Popular indie rocker Jack White just released a new song, only a few days before the release of his new album.

Music critics are calling White’s new song, which in entitled “Ice Station Zebra,” both adventurous and funky. It was a preview of White’s highly anticipated new album that was released on March 23. The album is called Boarding House Reach.

“Ice Station Zebra” is apparently named after an espionage novel published in 1963, which subsequently became a movie 5 years later. The song crosses many different musical genres, including experimental and funk, during the course of the 4-minute song.

“Ice Station Zebra” is not the first track released from Boarding House Reach. White has so far released from the album the singles “Over and Over and Over,” “Corporation,” “Respect Commander” and “Connected By Love.”

To promote the new album, White will be doing a two-part radio interview with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich that will be broadcast on March 25 and April 1 on the It’s Electric Beats 1 radio show. He is also right now on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and it was just announced that he will be the headline performer at the upcoming Lollapalooza Music Festival.

Coinciding with the release of the album, White on March 23 also performed at a record release show that took place at Warsaw in Brooklyn, New York. The show, which was presented by Governors Ball, was livestreamed on Twitter. In addition to his scheduled North American tour, White will further be headlining the New Orleans Jazz Fest and Governors Ball.

White rose to fame as part of the duo White Stripes, in which he both sang and played guitar. He has received both commercial success and critical acclaim for his work in the band, and also for his solo efforts. He has further appeared in two other bands: the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather.

Flavio Maluf: The Business Minded Leader To Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur from Brazil who is best known for his leadership at a company called Eucatex. He is someone who is extremely revered in his field and has contributed immensely to the growth and contribution of the company that he leads. Eucatex is a company that is involved with the production of machines that can produce goods without causing much harm to the environment. The company is known for being one of the pioneers of the sustainable innovations movement that has started happening in Brazil. One of the main sectors that the company divulges into is the production of home furnishing items like wooden panels and wall paints. Eucatex has been in this business for many years, which is why they work hard to stay at the top of the sector that they are in. Environment-friendly production is one of the main reasons why the company has got so popular, and Flavio Maluf has been working extremely hard to ensure that the company continues on their mission to create sustainable goods.

Flavio Maluf starting taking on business projects since the beginning of his professional career. He was seen as a brilliant fit for the company owing to the incredible amount of knowledge he had. He has been an excellent leader for the company and tries his best to take the company forward onto a successful path. Learn more at mundodomarketing.com about Flavio Maluf

One of Flavio Maluf’s first business ventures was when he was still studying at university. He attended the Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado, which is known to be one of the top tier institutions in the country. Since a young age, Flavio Maluf has always believed in working hard achieving success in his career, and this quality has taken him extremely far. He has always been one to stand out from the crowd, and even today works extremely hard to ensure that he is putting in the best effort to make himself and his company a success.

Knowing so much about the field, he saw it as a good move to start helping other people by providing them with information and tips for running a successful business. He authors his blog in which he talks about the various experiences he has had while trying to make a name for himself.

Read more: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/conheca-com-o-empresario-flavio-maluf-alguns-mitos-e-verdades-a-respeito-de-ser-um-empreendedor,21991ecd7b49587604a2d972ecada3b6lz1vsqwr.html



Adam Milstein is a famous Israeli activist who has dedicated his time to create awareness of the Jewish community both in Israel and abroad. He took part in the Yom Kippur war when he serving in the Israeli’s defense force. He attended school first in Israel before proceeding to the United States where attained his MBA degree.

In his recent blog article posted on the times of Israel, Adam Milstein talks of the new challenges Israel is currently facing and what it takes to overcome them. Being a strong pro-Israel activist, Adam believes that the problem Israel is currently facing can be tackled by greater and sober leadership.

He pays tribute to early and founding leaders of the state of Israel for how they stood up and laid the foundations that led to the establishment of the modern day Jewish state of Israel. Ben Gurion Israel’s first prime minister, Gold Meir, the first female prime minister of Israel and Hadassah the founder of Henrietta Szold are the leaders who set the pace for an independent Jewish state.


Adam Milstein believes that the young crops of emerging Israeli leaders are the right group to lead Israel into the next level. He stays these challenges demand immediate action and support, mostly from the Jewish communities living in the Diaspora. His interactions with them even during his time at the Israel-American council made him be sure that they are the people to lead Israel. Their innovativeness, passion and hard work are all good elements of great leadership.

He now strongly urges the Jewish community both at home and abroad to recognize these leaders, invest in them and give them the support they need to succeed. He further challenges the Jewish people to stand up and be counted so that their motherland Israel is secured from any kind of threat.

Besides his activism, Adam Milstein is also a philanthropist who has contributed a lot to support the Jewish American society within the United States. He together with his wife Gila founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a local organization that focuses on teaching the Jews in America on the Jewish values and principles.


Speedy Ortiz Debuts New Video Ahead of Album Release

The Massachusetts indie rock quartet known as Speedy Ortiz has a colorful new video out for the single “Lean In When I Suffer” that has its fans anticipating the band’s forthcoming new album.

The video features over-the-top eccentric costumes, surreal situations, and animation layered over footage of the group’s members. The protagonist of the video is played by lead singer and guitarist Sadie Dupuis.

Dupuis appears to be depressed, and is wearing a bizarre, mostly white-and-grey ensemble that has animated splashes of blue. She is whisked away by a more colorful character to join her bandmates, and together they are trained to become more colorful and happy.

The lyrics and the video suggest that the song is a sarcastic response from the point of view of a depressed person to suggestions from others to try harder to be happy. The video, for example, mocks the recommendation that an activity like yoga can cure depression.

Speedy Ortiz’s new album, “Twerp Verse,” will be released in late April. The indie rockers will shortly thereafter begin a tour.

Prior to “Twerp Verse,” the group released “Foil Deer” in 2015 following its 2013 debut record titled “Major Arcana.”

Dupuis launched Speedy Ortiz as a solo effort while serving as a teacher at a songwriting camp in 2011. Later that year, she put a band behind her. Speedy Ortiz released a few EPs that built anticipation for its eventual first full album, which ended up being reasonably well liked in the indie rock scene.

“Foil Deer,” however, really put the band on the map three years ago. The indie rockers developed a reputation as a group that often gives to charitable causes, spurning the idea that an indie rock band has to cling onto every little piece of revenue it generates.

The release of this new video will likely spark questions in the indie rock community regarding whether or not Speedy Ortiz will be taking another step forward in its development when its new album is soon released.

Bob Reina: He’s Giving People A Reason To Believe

Bob Reina wants people to believe again, and that is something he strives for, each and every single day he’s in charge of Talk Fusion. After all, he is the founder and the CEO of the company, so he has always made that a top priority. It breaks Bob Reina’s heart when he hears about people that have stopped believing and they are simply giving up and feeling defeated. He does not believe that is the way to get ahead, but he understands where they are coming from and why they feel the way they do in life. They have to take a lot of crap, and it hasn’t felt good.


Money is the way of the world these days. Without money, it is next to impossible to do anything in this world. However, it shouldn’t mean that someone should have to be severely unhappy and even depressed. A lot of people can’t even deal with the thought of getting up and going to work in the morning and dealing with the same old, same old. They have grown tired of it. They know what to expect, what someone is going to say, and how the day is going to unfold from A to Z. It is not a mystery to them at all. Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/bob-reina-worlds-greatest-ceo/


It’s a very sad and disheartening feeling for them. It is why Bob Reina created Talk Fusion to allow them to reach people and connect with people. It allows them to find people that are interested in their business and interested in what they have to say and what they have to offer. They see the talent in them and they see what they can bring to the table. They just needed the right avenue and the right format to get it accomplished. Talk Fusion has done that for them and it has given them new life.


That is what makes it all worthwhile for Bob Reina when it’s all said and done. It is a great reminder of what can happen when a great man creates a great product and great people are surrounding him.