James River Capital Lists Some Tips To Help Leaders Improve Their Leadership Style

James River Capital is located in Richmond, Virginia. The corporation initially served as an alternative to Kidder, Peabody & Co Inc. James River was established when Paul Saunders helped acquire the business from Kidder. James River is registered as an investment advisor with The SEC and a commodity trading advisor with The CFTC.


Key Principals


James River helps investors in multiple sectors, including corporate credit, equity strategies, asset backed securities, and managed futures trading. The corporation believes that having multiple types of alternative investments can add flexibility to an investment portfolio. James River seeks to add alternative investments to portfolios to help improve the investor’s overall return.


Paul Saunders


Saunders is the founder of James River Capital, as will as the portfolio manager for James River’s hedge funds. Saunders is also The Chief Executive Officer of The James River Financial Corporation. Saunders received his B.A. from The University of Virginia and his M.B.A. from The University of Chicago. Prior to working at James River, Saunders worked at Warburg Paribas Becker, and A.G. Becker.


Recently, James River Capital gave some advice on how business leaders could improve their leadership style. Being a leader is an art form. It takes skill to be able to effectively lead a team. Many studies have been done to help show some of the common traits that all great leaders possess. Here are some tips to help you evolve your leadership style.


Encourage Dialogue


Research has shown that a lot of employees withhold negative feedback from their bosses. Many employees feel that they will be penalized if they come to their bosses with an issue. Great leaders are open and transparent, so that they can avoid any communication issues. By being a transparent leader, you can ensure that your employees will feel safe coming to you with suggestions and different problems. Try to have a welcoming attitude at all times, while also ensuring that everyone has a chance to voice their opinion during meetings.


Always Be Supportive


Instead of focusing on leading, make sure that you are consistently supportive. Focusing on being supportive can change the perception of what type of leader you are. Learn more: http://jrccblog.net/


Respect Everyone’s Opinion


Make sure that the morale of your employees is always high. Find a way to keep everyone engaged and on the same page. Every employee should feel valued and appreciated.

Malcolm CasSelle, the president of WAX and contribution to the gaming industry.

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins, which is a leading company involved in trading video games accessories online. Previously, he served as the president and Chief Technology Officer of tronc, where he was in charge of managing the quick growth of properties and digital assets. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Massachusetts University of Technology. Malcolm also graduated with a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University.

Malcolm started his career in 1995 in NetNoir, a media production website that had an emphasis in Afrocentric philosophy. He served as the co-founder and CTO in the company. Later on, between 1998 and 2013 he was in charge of managing direct investments of companies up to the last stage. Malcolm has been serving as the CEO of MediaPass since 2013, a company that was acquired by SeaChange International in December 2014. After the acquisition, Malcolm continued to serve as the General Manager and Vice President in the newly acquired company. He is the president of WAX, a position he has been since 2017.

OPSkins creators have launched a blockchain platform for the traders in the virtual asset market known as WAX. WAX is a platform that enables people to buy and sell their virtual assets. WAX ensures the traders do their business efficiently by providing the solutions to the problems of fraud and disintegration in the virtual markets.

The WAX platform provides the tokens that help in ground-breaking the use of blockchain in eSports by generating a smooth market that provides room for clients to trade in a fraud-proof platform. The blockchain technology utilized by WAX is driven by Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) algorithm which s the most effective, fastest, decentralized the flexible model in existence. The WAX architecture is very decentralized by the use of ‘guilds’ that provides room for users to vote for their delegates.

Malcolm CasSelle has confidence in the platform because it allows buyers and sellers from around the world to trade their virtual goods with no financial risk. Malcolm CasSelle believes that the gaming industry will explore the world of cryptocurrency to the majority.

Infinity Group Australia-Reducing Debt in Australian Households

Infinity Group Australia reviews show that there are many happy customers. They are a company that wants their clients to succeed rather than drown in debt so that they can collect steep interest rates. Infinity Group Australia is no stranger to recognition, and the company was recently recognized as the 58th most innovative companies by the Australian Financial review. They were among a thousand other companies that were considered to be a recipient of the award and their company ranked very high.


Infinity Group Australia is a leading broking firms in Australia, and they offer many financial services to Australian families. They help Australian families to get rid of their debt, create wealth and build an adequate nest egg for the future. The company is helping to change the lives of many families and has helped many clients to gain financial freedom. They offer the tools and guidance that is needed to not only help their clients to get out of debt but also to know how to handle their money better and to change their way of thinking when it comes to finances.


Infinity Group Australia has helped their client to achieve their goals and to pay off their debt more quickly. They offer solutions for the modern world and do not have hidden or exorbitant fees that rob their clients of their hard-earned money as many financial companies tend to do. The company is one of the final picks in five different categories of the Advisors Australian broking awards and has even won New Office of the year. They have been selected to receive the category of prestigious IQPC Customer Experience Management. They have been recognized for their stellar customer service and for their focus and dedication to their clients. They are known as one of the Top 100 Innovative Companies from across New Zealand and Australia.


Infinity Group Australia helped to eliminate $6.3 million in debt mortgages in 12 months, and this is along with the $41k average debt per client that was eliminated. That means that over 3,376 years have been taken off of the time of the mortgages of their clients. Learn more: https://au.linkedin.com/company/infinity-investments-group-australia-pty-ltd


Graeme Holm is the co-founder and director of the award-winning and successful company. Infinity Group Australia was founded by was created to drastically take down debt and to foster the wealth of Australians. They’re built upon the values of Care, Passion, Trust, and Integrity.


Infinity Group Australia Experiences Huge Victory With AFR Award.

Infinity Group Australia is working hard in order to establish themselves as one of the most compelling and effective debt reduction services in all of Australia. Founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, Infinity Group Australia has surged over the past five years into becoming one of the most notable new financial coaching companies on the entire continent. Their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and a recent award slot from the Australian Financial Review has the entire team at Infinity Group Australia ready to celebrate. It was recently announced that Infinity Group Australia would be ranked at the #58 spot on the AFR’s list of Top 100 Most Innovative companies. What does this award mean for Holm and his team? Let’s find out!


When it comes to dealing with financial goals, Holm and his team at Infinity Group Australia know all too well the struggle that their fellow Australian is going through. Holm realized, after spending 17 years in banking, that far too many of his customers were living hand to mouth and paycheck to paycheck. Seeing how much his customers struggled to map out their financial goals made Holm realize that there had to be a better way of approaching finding solutions. This mindset would lead Holm to step away from his comfortable job in banking and out toward establishing Infinity Group Australia alongside his partner and fellow co-founder, Rebecca Walker. The company opened its doors in 2013 with the goal of becoming the ‘financial coach’ that people needed in order to get their finances back in order. Learn more: https://www.yourmortgage.com.au/mortgage-brokers/best-mortgage-brokers/mpaaustralia-top-100-brokers-2017/13-graeme-holm-infinity-group-finance/243102/


Swinging our focus back to the Australian Financial Review, the inclusion of Infinity Group Australia on their list of 100 Most Innovative Companies is something more than just a small honor. In fact, being included on the AFR’s list of decorated companies will put Infinity Group Australia in front of more than 1.8 million subscribers of the publication. Additionally, being selected at 58th overall means that Infinity Group Australia was chosen over literally thousands of other companies for the exact same spot on the list. This is the seventh year that the Australian Financial Review has releasde their list and if you were to look back on past releases, you’d find that all of their prior additions have gone on to become very successful in their field. Holm and his team at Infinity Group Australia hope that success continues to follow their good fortunes thus far.

Nick Vertucci: Enlightening Lives by Imparting Knowledge

Nick Vertucci, a leading real estate investor in the United States, always thinks about his struggling days when it comes to helping people to develop a career in the real estate industry. It is not something unusual that a person who saw the miserable part of life values virtues than money or anything in their life. When it comes to Nick Vertucci, the observation is absolute as he helped many people to design a successful real estate investment career from the scratches. He says that someone’s past does not make any advantage or disadvantage to his future. By quotes this, Nick tries to reflect his life and how he captured success in the later years with determination and hard work.

He says that his success was not easy. Initially, Nick started a computer parts sales business. In the initial years, it gave him a good income, and he thought things were fine. But the dot-com crisis in 2000 wiped his hard works, and he was forced to move out of the industry. Nick Vertucci confesses that he was jobless for more than a year; however, he did not lose the hope and worked on his own way to come out of the hurdle. Those days, one of his friends introduced him to a real estate seminar on real estate investments. That changed the life of Vertucci forever, and he bounced back with significant success.

Vertucci went through the fundamentals of real estate investments, learned the market, developed a kind of market insights that are significant in investments, understood the philosophy of the end-to-end process, and more. After registering enviable success in the real estate industry, Nick Vertucci felt that he wanted to impart the skills and knowledge, he acquired by the industry exposure, to the aspiring real estate investors. For that purpose, he established NV Real Estate Academy in 2013 and started training people with fundamentals of real estate investments and strategies for various market conditions.

Nick Vertucci frames the real estate investments into three separate section of tasks. It starts with Get In, and that means, the investors should get the best deals in the real estate market at the most economical price to sell it for higher margins. In the second step, the investors should Get Out; it means the investors should make the property ready for the flip. For that, they can repair or renovate the property as required. Finally, Get Paid step where the investors sell the properties and take their fortune.

Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is a principal at Fortress Investment Group, and he has achieved a lot of things in his entrepreneurial journey. Today he has established himself as a great entrepreneur in the competitive business environment. He is known for successfully undertaking several investment projects and being a leader at Fortress Investment Group where he has managed to take the company to the next level when it comes to their investment. He is currently the chairman of the company and has come up with various development projects to ensure Fortress Investment Group continues to expand and achieve its agenda.

His journey to success

The career of Wes Edens has come from a humble beginning. He started by pursuing his education whereby he attended Oregon State University. He graduated in 1984 with a degree in Finance and Business Administration. That marked the beginning of his career, and after school, he went to work with Lehman Brothers. He worked at the company with diligence and rose to the position of a managing director. He also became a partner at the firm. He worked here for years and gained the necessary skills needed in the financial industry. After he had gained knowledge and experience, he decided to move to pursue other endeavors. That is when he met other individuals who had the same goal and Fortress Investment Group was born. They had a vision and were dedicated, and that is why they have managed to make the company successful.

Role at Fortress Investment Group

Apart from being one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens also serves as the chairman of the company currently. He is not only in Fortress Investment, but he has also ventured into other industries like real estate, healthcare industry, transportation, and media. That is what makes him an outstanding investor because he has ventured into various sectors. At Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens is working hard to ensure the services customers receive are exceptional. He has also come up with innovative ideas to ensure the services delivered to customers are excellent. Wes Edens is a leader with a lot of experience in management.


The Spectacular Racing Career of Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a famous name in the streets of Brazil, he is a standout driver who not only a rider but also a member of the Bull Sertoes. Together with his teammate, Rodrigo has successfully competed in pro circuit racing. Despite the difficult challenges that are usually experienced by drivers in the Sertoes rally, Terpins and colleague have been able to finish this race inside 2 hours. This guaranteed them a coveted top ten. Bookmakers had earlier on predicted a bad finish from this pair after questions were raised about the car that they were driving.


Rally driving is a challenging sport, drivers and their teammates must work together to ensure that they finish the race in the shortest time possible. According to Terra, to achieve this, they should be highly composed and have chemistry between them. Sertoes Rally is one of the most challenging sport in Brazil mainly because of the different types of terrains that give drivers a hard time to maneuver through.


Rodrigo Terpins hails from a family that has excelled in sports. Just like Rodrigo, His brother Michel Terpins is famous rally driver in the country. They both compete in pro circuit racing. Their dad, Jack Terpins, once was a basketball star in Brazil and is still influential in the game. Currently, he has made tremendous strides in the business world. Rodrigo’s love for sports started when he was young and he showcased high levels of athleticism. This prepared him well for a racing career that demands too much.


Rodrigo Terpins serves as the senior director at T5 Partipacoes, see marketresearchtech.com. Prior to joining T5 Participacoes, Rodrigo was the president of Lojas Marisa. Rodrigo is also the founder of Floresvale. This idea to start Floresvale was driven by the lack of certification in the extraction of wood in the country. Rodrigo and his partners wanted to start an ethical business that would help the environment. Additionally, they wanted to increase the production of certified wood.


In order to stay productive, Rodrigo always keeps taps with what that is happening all over the world. This greatly helps in decision making answering career questions.




Marc Beer’s Renovia gets $42 million in Series B Funds

Renovia Inc. has recently closed on $32 million of Series B funding to go ahead with new products treat pelvic floor disorders. The company, which was co-founded by Marc Beer in 2016, also received $10 million in venture capital as well.


The funds will be used to develop four new products addressing pelvic floor ailments, though details were not released by the company. Bizjournals.com said they will address diagnostic and therapeutic improvements that address ailments that may include urinary incontinence. Marc Beer said in a statement the company aims to improve its sensor technology to give healthcare providers the tools to incorporate better data in their treatment strategies. Beer went on to say that these improvements will “eventually” bring down healthcare costs.


The Series B included money from the Longwood Fund, which was an early investor in the Beer’s co-founded company. The Series B process was led by Perspective Advisors, based out of New York, and Missouri-based Ascension Ventures. Renovia Inc. developed the drug Leva, which was approved by the FDA back in April. The Series B funding will partly be used will be used to create a new generation of Leva, it was said in the bizjournals.com article.


Marc Beers joined two others, Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie, to create Renovia in August 2016 and was instrumental in securing the Series A funding used to develop Leva. The Longwood fund was one of those initial investors. Marc Beers co-founded Renovia Inc. after a long tenure in the medical field, has commercialized a number of products in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, devices and diagnostics.


Among other companies he started was ViaCell, a biotechnology company that focuses on the collection, preservation, and development of umbilical cord stem cells. He led the company from inception to its growth to 300 employees to ts eventual sale to PerkinElmer in 2007. Prior to that, Marc Beers was a member of the board of directors of Erytech Pharma and held positions with Genzyme where he served most recently as the vice president of global marketing where he was instrumental in the launch of drugs addressing rare diseases across the globe. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/

Charlamagne Tha God Teams Up With Cardi B In The Midst Of The Cross Fire Between Her And Nicki Minaj


Recently Charlamagne Tha God gave his perspective on the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Drama, ultimately siding with Cardi B, but gets major backlash from Twitter fans. If you are unaware of the incident. Cardi B wanted to confront Minaj about some rumors but quickly escalated into a fight at the Harper’s Bazaar ICON party.


Charlamagne disagrees when people run their mouth on social media, podcast, radio shows while having no repercussions at all. Called out on Twitter, fans were disappointed that he backed Cardi B after she started a fight over some words that were said by Nicki Minaj. Twitter and Facebook users stated that you don’t start fights over words, that’s just wrong but backed their statement by using the “freedom of speech” spill.


Standing strong on his beliefs he went on to discuss that today’s society is so stuck on using freedom of speech on social media sites and being able to say whatever they want without any kind of consequences which is far from the real world. Many understand his views but many are questioning this statement because of his past against violence with Nicki’s threatening behavior.


Tweeters went on to talk about Charlemagne Tha God taking up for Nicki’s threatening DJ Self over his statement saying Cardi B’s record was better than Nicki’s, but now defending Violence since its aimed at Nicki. Some are stating it is a double standard. Either you’re for violence or against it.


Others have started tweeting about Charlamagne’s past rape allegations from decades ago that have started popping back up. Many are snapping back telling him he should be taking responsibility for his own actions, and not just facing consequences when it benefits you rather than siding with one side one day and deciding to go to the other side the next day. Read This Article for additional information.


Charlamagne Tha God is a household name in entertainment. As one of the co-host’s of the hip-hop morning show, ‘The Breakfast Club,’ on iHeartRadio, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where he got the inspiration for his new book entitled “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me.” The title comes from two hip-hop songs that speak out against being anxious and afraid, which is mostly what his second written work explains.


Source: https://atlantablackstar.com/2018/09/11/charlamagne-tha-god-takes-cardi-bs-side-in-beef-with-nicki-minaj-fans-call-his-consequences-standard-inconsistent/



Years of great achievements of OSI Group

OSI Group is a company that is renowned in many parts of the world for being outstanding in the delivery of services. OSI Group acquires Baho Food. From the way the company has been successful, you should think that it started with a lot of money, but this is not the truth. OSI Group has come from a humble background since Otto Kolschowsky started it. He opened a small butchery with the aim of selling meat to the locals, but soon he expanded his services beyond Chicago. Later they renamed the business Otto & Sons, and it became a family business. They managed to lead the company through tough economic times and the World War II. Since then the company has grown to become what it is today.

Many have tried to outline the journey of OSI Group since it started. The company went to the next level and became a goldmine after making a deal with McDonald’s, which is one of the biggest meat companies in the world. There was a demand for meat products, and Otto & Sons had to look for a way to sustain the market. That is how the company propelled to become one of the largest in the United States. They also embraced new technology and innovation. OSI started using meat flash freezing technology. That enhanced their storage capacity and they could now expand without issues. They wanted to target the big market, and they finally managed to do so. After this expansion, they now needed someone who would be competent to lead the company. That is when Sheldon Lavin joined. He has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer.

After the entry of Sheldon Lavin, the company has been ranked as one of the most successful food companies in the world. He has helped it to expand to other parts of the world and has also enhanced the delivery of services. The customers of OSI Group have been happy with the kind of services they get. OSI Group is now found in Canada and the United States. They provide food products of great value, and that is why customers love the products. The company is taking a development pat that will likely lead to it to levels never seen before. The company has done very well so in bringing showing the rest, the right direction. OSI has a bright future that is unstoppable, especially with the current leadership.

Learn More: www.indeed.com/cmp/Osi-Group