Matthew Fleeger Helps Sadie Keller Make A Difference For Cancer Patients

Matthew Fleeger has helped many charities and organizations through the years, and one of the charities that he is currently helping is the Sadie Keller Foundation. This foundation was built by a little girl and her family. Sadie Keller was diagnosed with cancer when she was seven and wanted to help others understand what they would go through if they had cancer, too. So, she started making videos of herself talking honestly about the procedures that she had to endure and the things that were happening for her, and she got many hits on them on Youtube.

Sadie Keller wanted to do more than just make videos, and she decided to try to earn money for cancer research for kids. So, that is why she and her family started the organization, and people like Matthew Fleeger have been helping them with it so that it can earn a good amount of money for cancer research. Matthew Fleeger helped the foundation with Sadie’s Sleigh Drive for toys by hosting it in 2018. The event was successful, and the charity received tens of thousands of dollars in addition to 13,000 toys. And, they were able to give those toys to the kids with cancer at the Dallas/Ft. Worth area hospitals around Christmas.

The Sadie Keller Foundation does a lot of work beyond just giving toys to kids with cancer, they are sponsored by Matthew Fleeger and others in their other work, as well. Sadie Keller is a public speaker and shares encouragement to other children who are battling cancerv because she has been cancer-free since 2017. And, people like Matthew Fleeger are helping her to spread her message of hope far and wide through their generous donations to her foundation. They are helping her make a difference in the lives of many young cancer patients.

A Background On Organo Gold

Organo Gold, a popular health-conscious company, has been at the top of its game over the past few years. No one really knew just how great this brand would become, but it has surely lived up to the hype. Hot cocoa, black ice, café mocha, gourmet-black coffee, café supreme, green tea and red tea can all be purchased from this company. In addition to that, organic products such as deodorant and toothpaste can also be purchased. Living the healthiest life possible starts from within, and few companies can produce products that will get you there.

Bernardo Chua is the mastermind of the entire operation. He started his professional career as a multilevel-marketing executive, and he’s worked in the medical industry. That right there along puts him at an advantage because he fully understands what it takes to retain a good health standing. This Asian native has incorporated some ancient China’s herbal medicines into the products.

Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold are truly one in the same. The company is worth millions of dollars, and it’s reaching a high number of consumers. This is what Bernardo Chua was dreaming of all those years ago, and it’s finally paying off in huge returns.

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Michael Nierenberg’s Outstanding Managerial Skills

Mastery in managing companies is often a hard task but an exception for a few chosen people such as Michael Nierenberg, who has well-managed companies most of his career. He is currently serving as the President, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Investment Corp (NRZ). NRZ is a real estate investment trust operating in the US. It is involved in investing and managing assets related to residential mortgages. Michael Nierenberg’s managing career began at Lehman Brothers where he worked for seven years. His prowess became his strength when he became an influential factor in building Lehman’s adjustable mortgage rates.

Michael later joined Bear Stearns where he spent fourteen years working at different senior positions. He served as a member of Bear Stearns Board of Directors which he worked from 2006 to 2008. He also co-headed the structured products division as well as the mortgage-backed securities trading at Bear Stearns. Michael headed foreign exchange trading and interest rate operations. From Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg proceeded to JP Morgan where he quit in 2008. At JP Morgan, Michael was head of the Global Securitized Products and a member of the management committee. From JP Morgan, Nierenberg proceeded to work for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in November of 2008.

In this multi-national investment bank division of the Bank of America, he was head of the Global Mortgages and Securitized Products division tasked with the responsibility for all sales and trading activities. He also served as the managing director for this firm. As of 2018, Michael Nierenberg was estimated to have had a net worth of about US$44 million. Nierenberg traded over 1.5 million units of NRZ stock worth over US$24 million which he bought early last year. He has traded over three trades since 2016. His total stock over the last three years at NRZ is worth over US$43.5 million. According to these statistics, Nierenberg has traded an average of 412,885 units for every 111 days from 2016. Michael Nierenberg also serves as a Managing Director at Fortress. Currently, at 55, Michael still hopes to add to his already mastered art of leadership.

Paul Mampilly says 2019 will see big changes happen in the business world

Paul Mampilly is one of the most decorated and respected investment managers in Wall Street and his reputation goes beyond the walls of Wall Street. Mampilly has worked as an executive for many top institutions including Deutsche Bank, ING and Bankers Trust. His two decades experience as an investment banker has put him in a catbird seat, and his investment strategies and advice have been widely sought after. Therefore, Paul Mampilly speaks from a position of deep knowledge and first-hand experience from the financial markets when he writes to his thousands of subscribers on Profits Unlimited Newsletter.

Paul Mampilly offers the following insights on the factors he predicts will influence business in 2019.

For starters, Paul Mampilly says that data will become more accessible to smaller companies. Over the last couple of decades, data has become the most essential product for all companies, big or small. As Mampilly says, the success of most companies in recent years has been largely determined by their ability to access the big consumer data.

However, accessing the data has been overly expensive, putting it out of reach for small companies without huge financial muscles. Mampilly says the year 2019 will see a big shift in data access, as technology advancement has made the process more affordable. Therefore, smaller businesses will have the means to access this big data and utilize it to improve their businesses.

Paul Mampilly also notes that 2019 will see a big shift in the way businesses conduct their marketing strategies. In light of the modern techniques used in advertising, Mampilly notes that small companies have made marketing more personalized and specific and big companies will have to rethink their marketing strategies.

With the cutthroat competition and the rising awareness of consumers, marketing has become more sophisticated, inspiring a shift from the traditional one-size-fits-all techniques to more individualized marketing policies. This, according to Mampilly will push small and large companies, to adopt more involving marketing techniques that build more on their relationship with their consumers.

Mampilly adds that 2019 will see companies produce more diverse products and services to cater for the budding and changing needs of the customers who, thanks to technology, can now choose from an array of choices. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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Wes Edens Is A Savvy Investor, Businessman, and Philanthropist Who Is Helping To Nurture A Better World

Wes Edens is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group, and he is also one of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. He has been an investor in the United States for many years and has been a large part of many charitable giving efforts. Fortress was founded a bit over three decades ago, and Edens proved himself to be one of the world top investors by helping to grow the firm. He was responsible for the firm’s investment in Brightline passenger rail, which is now known as Virgin Trains USA. He also headed up efforts to create New Fortress Energy, which is a company that works with clean energy companies to help bolster their infrastructure.


Wes Edens became involved with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 when he took on the role of part owner. Since that time, the team has made some huge improvements and is currently the most winning team in the NBA. After his business success with the Bucks, he made the decision to partner up with Naseef Sawiris, and together, they purchased the majority ownership of the Aston Villa Football Club. The club competes in Britain’s second league, but Wes Edens is hoping that team will work its way back into the premier league. He has also purchased Flyquest, which is an e-sports franchise that holds competitions for League of Legends in North America.


Wes Edens has been a very generous man for most of his life and is involved in different his philanthropic pursuits. He partnered up with his wife, Lynn, in order to create the Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College. This is a $2 million dollar professorship that helps to educate students about the global economy and other global matters. The professorship has already made a huge impact on the the students at Macalester and will also go a long way towards supporting efforts to get rid of a lot of the injustice in the world’s health care systems. Edens has also been involved in the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Environmental Advocates of New York, and many other charitable and non profit organizations.


Boraie’s real estate developments

The Aspire is the recent real estate property developed by Boraie Development LLC. Boraie development has been in the real estate industry for the last thirty years. Their vast experience has made them be the most sought developers in New Jersey. The Aspire is a high-end luxury building with 238 residential units.

It is located in New Brunswick in New Jersey. For convenience and easy access, the building is just a few meters from the New Brunswick train station and also has an ample parking space that has direct access to the elevator at the lobby. To complete the executive and luxurious touch of the complex it has a state of art fitness center.

The building also has a rooftop sundeck that has a garden which the residents can use to host barbeques. The residents of this building will also have direct access Robert Wood Johnson hospital since it is adjacent to the Aspire.

Boraie development is working with Mr. O’Neal for their projects in New Jersey. Mr. O’Neal is a former star at the National Basketball Association. They are working together to reconstruct the state’s most distressed areas by using commercial and housing development. In the 1970s Mr.

O’Neal and his family lived in New Jersey and his family had made sure that he was always he kept off the streets. In the partnership, O’Neal provides the funding and also attention due to his celebrity status to the developers.

According to O’Neal, their main focus is reconstructing the urban downtown of New Jersey since they do not want to be all over the place they are putting their attention on one project at a time. Apart from engaging in real estate the Boraie development also participate in political matters of New Jersey by handsomely donating to political committees and even politicians.

Rebel Wilson as a Romantic

Rebel Wilson, born 2nd March 1980, was raised up alongside her three siblings in Sydney, Australia. She attended an all-girls Christian school which encouraged her to pursue her dreams and career. At the age of 17, she worked for Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program in Australia. She graduated from University of New South Wales and Australian Theater for Young People.

She has starred in various films: Bogan Pride, The Wedge, Bargain, City Homicide, A Few Best Men, Bachelorette, Struck by Lightning, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Ghost Rider, Monster House, Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, Small Apartments, Pain and Gain, Ice Age: Continental Drift, How to Be Single, Grimsby, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and Television Series Super Fun Night.

The latest film Wilson has featured in is known as Isn’t It Romantic. She plays as the lead actress, co-starring with fellow film stars: Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra and Adam Devine. Her role is as an Australian architect going by the name Natalie. Living in New York City and neighbored by a drug dealer, Natalie believes romance to be a complete fantasy. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

The film begins with Natalie as a child, watching Pretty woman. Her ever drunk mother warns her that films are never about reality. Years later while at a subway station, she is attacked by a thief and in the process of escaping she is knocked out. Natalie regains consciousness in an emergency room and wakes up to an alternate universe of romantic comedy.

In this universe, her pet dog is all of a sudden obedient and her dingy apartment transformed into a spacious and gorgeous loft. The streets of New York City are flooded with beautiful flowers, the air is clean and cupcakes are in almost every store. Everyone she bumps into in Central Park is charmed by her.

In order to flee away from the alternate universe, Natalie has to fall in love and be happy. This is her way back to reality. Luckily, Natalie while walking along the streets of New York City is almost hit by a Limousine belonging to one of her architect company’s client, Blake. Blake is smitten by her amazing personality on seeing her.

Natalie’s best friend, Josh, always encourages her to be confident. She witnesses a moment of love between Josh and a swimsuit model, which progresses to a marriage level. Eventually she meets up with Blake and she appreciates the feeling of romance.

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Trusted Financial Services

Demonstrating strength in managing financial services, in 2017 NexBank Capital, Inc. secured $54 million in fixed to floating rate notes to expand their business. Bringing their total raised in debt and equity to $283 million since 2016.

The new offering earns interest at a fixed rate of 6.375% for five years, at which point interest is calculated based on a spread above LIBOR 458.5 basis points. These notes are non-transferrable and cannot be sold, as they are not registered under the Securities Act. The offering closed on September 19, 2017 and will mature on September 30, 2027.

According to Banknews, The Kroll Bond Rating Agency gave these bonds a Tier 2 BBB- grade, with a stable outlook.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas based firm offering institutional services, commercial and mortgage banking. Founded in 1934, NexBank has built a reputation for trust and longevity. Serving primarily financial institutions, large corporations, real estate investors and middle market companies, NexBank is the fourth largest bank in Dallas and tenth largest bank in the state of Texas. NexBank has a legal lending limit of $168 million with syndication capabilities for larger transactions. They are an FDIC member institution and equal housing lender. NexBank is committed to the strict use of policies and procedures to safeguard information as well as comply with the Patriot Act mission of not funding terrorism.

Headed by the leadership of John Holt as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since 2011, NexBank has seen strong growth to meet the needs of their clients. Matt Siekielski serves as both Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr.Siekielski is actively involved with the community, serving on the board of Impact Dallas Capital and the Real Estate Council Community Fund. Learn more about Nexbank on Yelp.

NexBank offers three locations in the Dallas, Texas area. You can find them at:


“How to Encourage Employees? – Paul Saunders of the James River Capital “

In times when capital rules the market, it is very important to have access to large capital investments. Many companies tried their luck. But only a small number actually survived on the market. Mostly because of their good strategy and successful running.


One of these companies is James River Capital Corp. with headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.


James River Capital Flowing

Founded in 1986, James River Capital Corp. was originally conceived as the alternative investment sector of Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc.


Nine years later, it became an independent investment company.


In 1995, two senior department officers, Paul Saunders, and Kevin Brandt – bought the business. This happened parallel with the acquisition of Kidder by Paine Webber.


James River Capital was registered as an investment advisor in the SEC. But also as a commodity adviser and a CFTC commodity funder.


Today, this company is still very successful in the capital investment market.


They manage to survive and have a successful business.


All thanks to the principles they’ve been adhering to for years.


How To Avoid The Burnout?

Paul Saunders considers burnout as a widespread issue. Ensuring help to your employees might be basic advice you can get.


We all know work can be extremely stressful.


Pervasion of business with private life is a very common phenomenon.


And this often leads to burnout. Paul Saunders from James River Capital shared some effective ways of helping employees.


  1. Losing Control


Managing your own time is difficult even in everyday situations. It can especially be dangerous when it happens at work. In such situations, employees often feel they reached the point of despair. They feel the hopelessness, and so they risk to totally burnout. Saunders’s advice is to encourage employees to take a break. He recommends 10-15 minutes break every morning. It’s a good way to outline the goals they want to achieve. Such a break will help to regain a sense of control during a workday.


  1. Lack Of Transparency And Dissatisfaction


When employees think they deserve a promotion they haven’t got or if they think they’re not been properly paid – it may be a major problem. Not only in relationships among employees, but such individuals themselves are at greater risk of combustion.


Employers and superiors are advised to be fully honest with their employees in such cases. Providing an explanation of made decisions, reduces the risk of unpleasant situations and burnout – says Paul Saunders.


  1. Changing Of attitude


When people are stressed, they often make various mistakes. And finally, it starts to get their work. Burnout contributes to moodiness and a lack of motivation. Keep in mind that emotions are not easy to control sometimes. Support for employees can be very encouraging to them.


  1. Do Not Loose Confidence


When it comes to burnout, employees most often begin to question the quality of their own work. Paul Saunders advises employers to be there for the employees and remind them of their importance in the work of the company.


Burnout has become almost an everyday issue in most of the Western societies. Ensuring to do the best you can to help employees, and you can achieve long-term success. Learn more:


How Neurocore Centers Enable You to Function Effectively

You should never get worried if you have behavior or health challenges because it is easy to handle them. In the whole world, we use two strategies to curb the menace. Apart from medication, we use psychotherapy to treat the affected individuals. Visit to know more about Neurocore.



Moreover, Neurocore is instrumental in offering feedback to the users. For instance, it provides a strategy that is effective and viable to the individuals. Hence, the individuals can figure out how to deal with the conditions.


Neurocore provides a way where the brain can improve the environment while at the same time learning the information that is available to the brain. Since mental health is a critical issue in society, there is a need to enhance its education to avoid stigmatization in society.


Neurocore is available several categories namely ADHD, Anxiety, ASD, depression, memory, migraines, sleep, and stress. ADHD identifies why various individuals have specific behaviors. Moreover, it involves excellent applications that are useful in neuroscience. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.


Thus, it maximizes in enabling the clients to attain their full potential while at the same time learning their ability. Neurocore introduced an anxiety program that strives to eliminate drugs in society. Since most individuals experience anxiety, the program involves innovative techniques that tackle stress, and panic attacks hence enabling an individual to have a calm life.


As for the Autism Spectrum Disorder, the management at Neurocore helps the children to understand why the anxiety symptoms occur in them. Moreover, they enhance a program that is custom-made to address the symptoms. Since there is some uniqueness in every child, the center aims to explain why every child experiences a particular behavior.




The organization experiences many individuals on a daily basis with various types of depressions. Irrespective of the kind of depression, it aims to analyze the symptoms by use of a mapping technology that analyzes your brain expertly.