Panorama Music Festival Announces Lineup

The annual Panorama Music Festival has quickly become one of the biggest festivals in the United States despite being only a few years old. The festival debuted in 2016 with a lineup headlined by Arcade Fire, Kendrick Lamar and LCD Soundsystem. Fans of the popular festival no longer have to speculate about this year’s lineup because it was just announced. The huge outdoor concert will take place on New York City’s Randall Island for three days beginning on Friday, July 27.

The 2018 edition of the Panorama Music Festival will be headlined by The Weeknd, Janet Jackson and The Killers. Some of the other top acts on the bill are Father John Misty, St. Vincent, The XX, David Byrne, Fleet Foxes, The War on Drugs, Japanese Breakfast, Dua Lipa and SZA. The headliners may be somewhat of a step down from the first two years, but the mixture of top indie rock and hip hop acts on the rest of the lineup will surely appease a lot of music fans.

If you like the lineup, then you will not have to wait long to grab tickets. They go on sale at 10:00 AM EST on Friday, February 2. General admission tickets can be purchased for one, two or all three days of the event. A one-day ticket will cost $105 after all taxes and fees are included. If you want to get the full festival experience, then it will set you back $275. The daily lineup has already been released, so you can start planning your trip to New York right now. Make sure to add a ferry shuttle pass to your ticket purchase. The festival takes place on an island, and the ferry will be the only way to get to Panorama every day.

Panorama Music Festival Line-Up Set

It’s the time of the year when music fans begin planning their summer festival season. The lineup for the 2018 Panorama Music Festival was just announced and indie music fans everywhere are talking about this year’s eclectic mix of acts. Organized by Goldenvoice, the same organizers of Coachella, this festival has made a name for itself as one of the premier music festivals on the East Coast.

The three headliners of this year’s festival feature a varied mix of artists. Kicking off the festival as Friday’s headliner is The Weeknd. Hailing from Canada, The Weknd hit the U.S. scene in 2015 with the hit “Can’t Feel My Face”, which was quickly followed up with fan-favorite “The Hills”. Saturday’s headliner choice goes off script from the usual indie-dominated focus with Miss Janet Jackson. The iconic pop singer and dancer has been a prominent figure in the music industry for over 30 years. Panorama returns to the Indie music roots with The Killers concluding the show as Sunday’s headliner.

Other popular acts featured in the 2018 Panorama Music Festival include:

• Father John Misty
• Fleet Foxes
• War on Drugs
• St. Vincent
• Odesza
• The xx
• Migos

This year’s festival will be held July 27-29 at Randalls Island Park in New York City. Located on an island in the East River, this venue is centrally located between East Harlem, the South Bronx, and Queens. Randalls Island Park can be reached via subway, taxi, bike, or ferry.

Tickets go on sale Friday, February 2nd at 10:00am EST. A single day ticket will cost you $79 or you can purchase a 3-day pass starting at $230 for regular admission and running up to $450 for a VIP pass.

Why Entertainers Look To Clay Hutson to Produce Their Tours

As one might imagine trying to produce a world tour or even a one-off concert is not an easy feat. When an entertainer and their crew are able to pull off a successful concert or tour the audience often walks away satisfied not knowing that what they just witnessed was likely the work of hundreds of people who play a critical role in ensuring that a concert is executed without any hitches. The dreaded delays that can come during a live performance whether it is a show by a stand up comedian, a performance by a group of ballerinas or a highly anticipated show by an A-list performer due to technical difficulties are a testament to the fact that there is much more that goes into a smooth performance than the skill of the person on whom the literal spotlight is trained.


Performers are very much dependent on the stage crew who are responsible for building the sets that they execute their routines on. These crews are responsible for creating the literal landscape of the performer’s tour. For instance the Glow In The Dark tour by Kanye West saw the rapper standing on a moving platform that was covered in mist while images of outer space where projected on the wall behind him. The tour helped to define the rapper as an innovator in his genre and arguably could not have been pulled off without the assistance of a production management team. Production managers like Clayton Hutson are the hidden forces of nature who make legendary performances by the world’s favorite performers come true.


Clayton Hutson has spent years in the entertainment industry working as a production manager and a monitor engineer for various musicians and tours. Clayton Hutson has worked behind the scenes on tours for acts such as Aaron Lewis of the band Staind and R&B singer Maxwell. During his time working on the tour of Staind’s lead singer Aaron Lewis, Clay Hutson was in a role that saw him having various duties. The roles that he was responsible for executing during Aaron Lewis’ tour involved him serving as the monitor engineer and carrying out the quotidian duties that are required of a production manager and a tour manager. In addition to working behind the scenes for Aaron Lewis and Maxwell, Clay Hutson has also worked behind the scenes for other acts that include Marilyn Manson and the band OneRepublic. Learn more:


When SZA Stormed The Grammy Stage

When indie R&B artist SZA took the Grammy stage on January 28, she made quite a splash. SZA proved her critics wrong when she performed “Broken Clocks,” which is one of most well-loved tracks from SZA’s debut album. Wearing a pair of modest platform shows, SZA put in a performance that impressed virtually all of the major commentators. The performance was greatly enhanced by a world-class light show. Although SZA received more Grammy nominations than any other female performer, this dynamic artist went home without any awards.

Even though she didn’t win any Grammies, SZA must be satisfied with the overwhelmingly positive reaction to her televised performance. I think it is certainly possible that SZA will become a major force to be reckoned with. Although SZA is already quite successful in the world of indie R&B, she has yet to achieve mainstream success. Over the course of the next five years, it is highly likely that SZA will establish a large and healthy fan base.

SZA has a unique melodic sensibility. When you hear a SZA song, you hear melodies and harmonies that may stay with you for quite some time. Arguably, SZA’s music is more unique and memorable than the music of major artists like Beyonce and Rihanna. Although popular artists can be quite creative, there’s no question that independent artists tend to be far more quirky and individualistic. If SZA is going to continue to grow her fan base, she will need to become more sophisticated without losing her outsider sensibility. Most of all, I belive SZA must continue to express herself authentically. The public seems to have a pretenatural gift for sniffing out fakes and phones.

Franz Ferdinand: A New Sound

Back in 2004, the indie rock band Franz Ferdinand released “Take Me Out.” Because of its original disco-punk sound, the song was immensely popular. It appeared on their self-titled LP.

Since then, the band has evolved in new ways. Soon enough, Franz Ferdinand will be releasing another album for fans and new listeners everywhere, titled Always Ascending. This album will be the first one without their original guitarist Nick McCarthy. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy Franz Ferdinand’s new sound with their latest member, Julian Corrie.

Julian has been noted for adding electronics into the music of the album. According to the frontman of Franz Ferdinand, Alex Kapranos, it’s still their sound, “but it’s maybe trying to do some new things.”

It’s definitely exciting to think that this unique Scottish band has even more material for listeners to hold out for. If you’re a diehard fan of Franz Ferdinand, then you’ll be excited to hear them discuss their new album as well as changes made in their band online.

One of the most important parts of creating their upcoming album was to avoid over-focusing on any song in particular. Their producer, Phillipe Zdar, had made this rule perfectly clear to them. According to Kapranos, Zdar told the band that “All the other songs become jealous if you say what the single is.” This allowed for more freedom and creativity in composing their other tracks without having to compare any one song to another.

A funny fact about Franz Ferdinand is that, even fourteen years after their first hit, they haven’t grown to dislike it. Bands are frequently known to dislike their most popular hits because it’s something that they resent for whatever reason. One common example is Radiohead – they never play “Creep” live anymore since it was their first hit. However, Franz Ferdinand is still in favor of “Take Me Out,” which is the tune most people know them by.

Spotify Partners with Discord, Allowing Users to Share Music as They Game

Spotify has been changing the music game ever since it first launched in Sweden in 2008, and now it seems to be eyeing a new market: gamers. The streaming music giant just announced a partnership with Discord, a free alternative to Skype that is marketed specifically to gamers who need a way to manage voice and text chat with the rest of their team.

As Verge noted in its article on the partnership, Spotify has had an, er…spotty relationship with gamers in the past. Spotify curates many theme and event playlists, and its “gamer”-themed podcasts are legendarily terrible, full of early 2000s rock and dubstep that represents the tastes of only one segment of today’s gamers.

The Spotify-Discord partnership will offer an exciting service in the post-mixtape age: now, instead of burning a mix CD for friends–or, if you’re really old-school, a cassette tape–you can stream your favorite tunes directly into their headphones. That’s an enormous opportunity for music-evangelizing–an opportunity that’s especially exciting for indie artists, whose success depends on fans spreading the word.

As the market for video games continues to grow and the definition of “gamer culture” shifts to include casual gaming with friends as well as hyper-competitive e-sports, the market for indie music stands to grow, too. The popularity of games like Life is Strange, whose soundtrack featured indie stars like alt-J, Amanda Palmer, and Mogwai, shows just how much gamers are ready for a musical refresh. (No disrespect intended to Skrillex.)

The Spotify-Discord integration will be available in the Discord desktop app. All Spotify users will be able to broadcast what they’re currently listening to, while Spotify Premium users will be able to broadcast music to other Discord users in their group.

The OSI Group Is Changing The Way We Eat Fast Food

The OSI Group is the leading protein supplier in the country. They provide pizza, sandwiches, beef patties and sausage links to the top retail and food service brands. Headquartered in Aurora, Ill., the OSI Group operates over 50 plants in 17 different countries. They have operated in China for over 20 years, and is focused on expanding their presence in Asia. China has seen massive economic growth and OSI intends on growing with it. They operate 8 factories and have two new facilities being built making them the largest protein producer in the world. OSI built a mega-plant to help increase production in Henan province. In China alone, OSI serves top clients such as Starbucks, Papa John’s, McDonald’s, Yum, Burger King, Subway and Saizeriya.

With their huge success in China, OSI Group announced plans to open 7 additional plants and processing facilities around the world. Just last year, they built a beef-processing plant in Poland that is replacing their existing operation. The new OSI plant will increase the facilities staff by over 30 percent. In Madanapalle, India, they opened a frozen food processing plant with the focus on vegetable products for fast-food restaurants. In Geneva, Ill., OSI has a new plant that is producing private-label frozen entrees. David Mcdonald is the President of OSI Group, and has the passion and energy it takes to grow a successful business. He understands the importance of product development and the significance in offering healthier food options for its customers.

They collaborate with their clients consistently to help each other grow their businesses’. The OSI Group is beginning to process natural and organic healthy and tasty meals.The OSI Group uses innovative technology to ensure the quality and safety of their food. This includes machines that have built-in X-ray equipment that can detect foreign matter. The OSI Group continues to use their expertise, understanding of local cultures, and efficiency to satisfy their clients on a global scale. David Mcdonald has stated that the vision of the OSI Group hasn’t changed however, their relentless need to improve quality products to their customers is what drives their growth.

A Look Back at an Iconic Indie Music Record

It’s been ten years since indie rock band Vampire Weekend released their successful and influential self-titled debut album, and Rolling Stone Magazine has an interesting article about the recording and its context within the indie music scene of the time. Although the record is now seen as a classic, at the time it made a lot of critics angry because the band, all of whom graduated from an Ivy League college, tended to dress in preppy clothes, which was seen as uncool and elitist. The record’s musical merits, however, were many and even those who thought that the band members were spoiled rich kids agreed.

Interestingly, the band wrote a manifesto to guide them on the project. Some of the rules they set for themselves were not to use distortion and not to include any trip-hop music. This didn’t impress classic rocker Alice Cooper, however, who said the band was too intellectual and wimpy for his taste. The article also mentions the fact that, while the band was accused of being made up of wealthy sell-outs, they actually recorded the record by themselves using pro-tools on a Macintosh computer

According to Rolling Stone, the creepy photo of an antique chandelier dangling over the heads of a crowd on the cover of the album was actually taken at the band’s first gig. They played at a hall on the Columbia University campus that is notorious as the meeting site of secret societies and the location of numerous wild parties. When the record was released, the photo helped give the act a slightly sinister and mysterious vibe. .

In conclusion, this article is an excellent look at an album is important and often misunderstood. It’s a must-read for fans of the band.

Streaming Isn’t Looking Good for Indie Music

If you are an indie music fan, you are probably into more than just the music. This is because there are plenty of songs on the popular radio stations that can satisfy a person’s need for a catchy tune. These songs aren’t bad. However, it is indisputable that these radio hits played on endless loops are heavily produced and heavily marketed. Sure, these songs are made by genuine artist. However, these songs are also backed by people who wish to make a lot of money.

Indie music fans are different. These people seek out new music, and they connect with the music they find. Indie music fans often have a deep sense of loyalty to their bands, and the current age of music streaming makes it difficult to know how to best support the bands these fans love. For example, streaming has allowed thousands of new indie bands to connect with new fans. Sadly, these same streaming services don’t compensate these indie bands very well.

Contrary to what some folks say, streaming services aren’t getting better at compensating artists. To put this in perspective, 99 percent of audio streaming consists of the top 10 percent of audio tracks. This means the musicians in the ten percent, folks who once grumbled at only being able to be very rich in the streaming world instead of filthy rich, are now happy they can return to to their posh lifestyles. Meanwhile, it leaves indie musicians collecting fractions upon fractions of pennies to split numerous ways. This happens while superstar musicians drop albums for free on streaming services and claim it’s the way of the future.

In other words, all is not right the streaming world. Thankfully, if you want to know how you can help, a music critic is showing us how. Maybe we should all listen.

Arctic Monkeys Announce New Tour

The extremely popular indie rock band Arctic Monkeys have just announced their first tour in nearly four years. The band went on hiatus after completing a long tour to support their latest album, “AM,” in November 2014. While fans of the band have been able to see lead singer Alex Turner perform with The Last Shadow Puppets over the last few years, they have been desperate for a new album and concert tour from their favorite band. Arctic Monkeys are considered to be one of the best live acts in the indie rock genre, so these new shows will not disappoint.

All of the newly announced shows with take place at music festivals over the summer. The first show will take place at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain, on June 2. The 15-show tour will conclude with a performance at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary, on August 14. Concerts in the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Finland have also been scheduled. Arctic Monkeys are currently only scheduled to perform one concert in the United States at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware, this June.

The new run of live performances are expected to lead up to the release of the band’s highly anticipated sixth studio album. While the album does not have an official name or release date, it is expected to come out some time later this year. It is safe to assume that a few songs from the new album will be played during the upcoming tour. This will be the first taste of new material from the British band since “AM” was released in September 2013. A bigger concert tour will likely be announced after the new album is released, but there is no way to predict when these shows will occur.