The Ideal Journal for Seeking Medical Answers

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary medical journal with free access that publishes research papers weekly. It specializes in oncology, immunology, neurotarget, pathology, microbiology, neuroscience, cell death, autophagy, and circadian rhythm. Oncotarget has been publishing medical journals since its founding in 2010. Moreover, it is published by Impact Journals. The editors-in-chief for Oncotarget include Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny from the renowned Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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The Aim of Oncotarget

Oncotarget has helped researchers contribute immensely towards the advancement of science. Therefore, the goal of the journal is to have a life without disease. Its mission entails making scientific results readily available for all readers. The journal also aims to maximize the outcome of the research through insightful view; to allow sharing of excellent research results; to eliminate the boundary between different specialties such as oncology and microbiology. Oncotarget aspires to link a variety of biomedical science field as well as fostering basic and clinical science to fight diseases.

Published Samples

Oncotarget published an article describing the diagnostic value and treatment of malignant mesothelioma, asbestos- related disease. The journal pinpointed the method of treating the disease and the results to be expected. Since malignant mesothelioma is poorly responsive to the present cancer treatments, the proper treatment for the disease is microRNAs, small RNAs with diagnostic value in both cancer and pollution exposure.

Oncotarget also published an article concerning EMSY driven suppression, which requires EMSY threonine 207 phospho-sites for DNA damage repair. The journal precisely highlighted that both BRCA1 and BRCA2 were essential for repairing the double strand DNA break. EMSY was recommended to repair the DNA damage by suppressing BRCA2.

The Achievements of Oncotarget

Oncotarget has hit the spotlight because of its constructive, insightful and multiple peer review journals, which has helped authors worldwide to boost the impact f their research. Members of the editorial board who have published different papers include the previous Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Research, Carlo M. Croce, and the Nobel Prize winner, Andrew Schally. Carlo published 27 papers while Andrew published 10 papers. Further, members of Oncotarget/ Gerotarget/Oncoscience were awarded Breakthrough Prize since 2013. These members include Stephen J. Elledge, Bert Vogelstein, Alexander Varshavsky, and Michael N. Hall. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Avi Weisfogel’s Accomplishments in the Sleep World

Various people in the United States and across the world are affected by sleep disorders, but they have not been diagnosed due to lack of awareness of the condition. In the recent days, medical professionals such as Avi Weisfogel have been conducting extensive research on the problem to determine effective methods for examining and treating the condition. He is the proprietor of various professional medical companies that have been studying sleep conditions.

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and has been practicing in Old Bridge, New Jersey for about two decades. He noticed about sleep conditions from his patients and gained interest to learn more. In 2010, he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, which has been assisting doctors and patients to better their knowledge on how to treat sleep problems. Dr. Weisfogel holds lectures across the world to educate the medical professionals on how to establish sleep clinics. He also founded another body that is called Dental Sleep Masters. It has been running as from 2015, and his wife is one of its administrators. The agency has been working to determine how dental appliances can be used in the treatment of sleep apnea and Avi on Facebook.

Weisfogel is a passionate about the medical field has made many accomplishments. He holds a BA from the Rutgers University and also got his DDS from the New York University. Avi always conducts research to come up with advanced methods that he can use in treating his patients. His expertise and excellent service enabled him to be named as the Best Dentist in Old Bridge for many consecutive years. He founded a dental clinic that is known as Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and has been using it to offer his dentistry services. Medical professions have been referring individuals who need complex dental surgeries to his clinic.

Dr. Weisfogel currently runs a GoFundMe account that he uses in raising funds for Operation Smile. He contributed $5000 to the campaign, and he has been encouraging his friends to donate more. Operations Smile is a charity organization that has been supporting the provision of healthcare to children who come from impoverished backgrounds. He has also been involved in the missions of the foundation and contact him.

Doe Deere of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a Russian native. She grew up in the Russian Federation from childhood. Doe relocated to the United States at the age of 17 and settled in New York City. In the present day, she dwells in Los Angeles California. The American and Russian cultures nurtured her to what she’s today.

As an adolescent, she aspired to become a musician. The dream was accomplished while she settled in New York City.

From the tender age, Doe Deere was a hard-core for paintings, colors and craft drawings. The passion for the fabulous look made her apply make-ups on clothes and accessories. These were the aspects of creating Lime Crime today.

Back at nine years, she made her face dark and mysterious similar to her clothing while with other teens in the slumber party. This meant a colorful world and kept the dream burning for the rebirth of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company in the year 2008.

The name Lime Crime resulted from her favorite color that she aimed to develop eye shadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes to beautify body looks. It dated the 2004 DIY fashion line that she modeled and branded it on an eBay account she registered as “Lime Crime,” and the name became her staple.

Doe Deere’s success is mentored by Kimberly Gordon, the Wildfox inventor. Close analysis of the two companies seems to offer the product to the same type of customer. Similarly, both companies were launched during the same period between 2007 and 2008.

Doe assures entrepreneurs to trust their guts in whatever they are doing. Acting small with time will get the best in their lines of passion. Been at insurance group at 20 years, subjected her to learn on the guts to follow her passion.

Lime Crime is meant to stay. Customer satisfaction and service delivery are all DOE DEERE can afford.

The company is embracing technology in the running of its activities. Social media help the customer for immediate feedback, instant search solutions, and appealing customer experience.

Ignoring negative reviews about her company of what is wrong has made her the talk of the season of entrepreneurs. Focusing and investing in customer satisfaction through media and technology mean fashion to stay forever.

Doe Deere of Lime Crime, fashion is life.

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Roberto Santiago Achievements in Business

Roberto Santiago is one of the most influential businessmen in Brazil. The businessman has done very well in his career, especially in the mall industry. Santiago owns the biggest shopping mall in the country, known as Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto was born and raised in Brazil, and most of his businesses are found in this country.

Santiago went for his education at the prestigious Pio X-Marist College. After completing his studies, he decided to go to the University of Canter where he specialized in Business Administration. The skills he acquired at the University enabled him to start a cartonnage company, and this has been the foundation of his career. He, later on, started the Manaira Shopping Mall.

The establishment offers its services to individuals living in Joao Pessoa and its environs. The mall also attracts clients from other parts of the world. Since it was established several years ago, the Manaira Shopping Mall has earned the trusts of international clients because it provides outstanding products and services. The mall is mostly committed to strengthening the relationship it has with clients. Individuals who have visited the facility say that they enjoyed the best comfort, fun, and leisure.

Roberto Santiago started his successful career decades ago by working at a Café that is located in Santa Rosa. Afterward, he decided to establish a company that focused on the manufacture of decorative and utilitarian items. Since then, his business life has been very successful, despite the changes in the economic climate. This success has enabled him to get several awards from different institutions. His love for sports has also earned him several trophies. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has several features that attract a large clientele. The institution has a state of the art cinema that uses the latest technology in its operations. The facility has a stadium concept and great 3D rooms, and this gives consumers a thrilling experience. The mall has a gourmet space for individuals who want to enjoy tranquility moments. The mall has a concert capacity of four thousand people who are seated and ten thousand standing clients. The success of the mall has earned the businessman the reputation of one of the wealthiest individuals in Brazil today. The businessman is also a role model to many young people who want to venture and succeed in the competitive business world. His expertise in the field has been instrumental in running the mall. Read more articles on

Marketing Wine With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a way for the stay at home mom/dad or student to earn money on the side. This opportunity can also become a full-time income, if one works hard enough.

The way that it works is that the entrepreneur will purchase a starter kit for $189 and make 35% of any sales made at the wine tasting party they give to their friends and family. The entrepreneur will also make money from anyone they sign up to the program, and bonuses from goals and achievements set by The Traveling Vineyard.

You will receive a personalized website, so that you can recruit team members and sign people up for a wine tasting party, in their home or yours. The website is free for the first three months and $15.95 thereafter. Online training is available to learn more about the business strategy of The Traveling Vineyard and the wines you want to market.

There are many benefits to working with The Traveling Vineyard. One is that you get to learn all about the wine business, while making money. You also get to make your own hours and set your own goals depending on your lifestyle and available time to invest. There is always someone to ask questions of, and there is an assortment of information to help you make as much money as you want with the marketing of wines.

The Traveling Vineyard can be found on any social media outlet. They are currently using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even YouTube. They have thousands of followers who love their wines, parties, and business opportunities available to anyone who is interested in hosting parties and making new friends.

George Soros; Political Powerhouse Advocating For Equality

George Soros is presently rated as one of the most influential individuals globally. With a net worth of an estimated amount of 25.5 billion dollars, George has been able to be instrumental to major political and philanthropic ventures around the world. Tracing his roots to his Hungarian upbringing, George has been able to conquer the adversities that life threw at him to amassing major financial and investment milestones.

George Soros’ tenure at the London School of Economics was evidenced by an undergraduate degree and later, a Master’s in Philosophy. He sustained his education years working blue-collar jobs around the city. Right after his studies, George began engaging in the brokerage business. Four years after working at a London brokerage firm,

George proceeded on to the New York Wallstreet where he featured as a broker. Since then, George’s career has taken a considerable turn for the good and is currently the owner of a prolific hedge fund, The Soros Fund Management in New York City. He is also an author of brilliant publications including ‘Discover The Network’ which showcases George Soros as a supporter of leftist groups and the inceptor of the open Society Foundation.

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George Soros has been integral in sensitizing the plight of refugees. He has contributed large sums of money to causes that advocate for resettling displaced people. Having had a personal experience as a refugee, this cause hits home and acts as his motivation for connecting with the people that go through the situation.

Through his Open Society Foundations, George is also an ardent supporter of democratic political activist causes like the National Lawyers Guild, Four Freedoms Fund and Equal Justice based in the US.

Political Influence

George Soros has been a crucial figure in the political environment worldwide. Notably, he has an unwavering impetus to transforming the hostile political settings of many countries to experiencing a peaceful transition in the country’s government. George also utilizes his resources to ensure that these governments are accountable to the rights of their citizens. He consistently states that his innate conscience leads him to believe that he should be on the path to making the world a better place to live in by inspiring a political revolution. In a particular case, he cited that his altruism leads him to appease his conscience through taking part in humanitarian causes.

George Soros was a defining force in the peaceful shift from communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe. His impact was seen through the funds he contributed towards the peaceful talks and the transition process. He has also taken part in the financing of various political campaigns among them Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton. His philanthropic ventures have seen him donating more that 13 billion dollars towards human rights, freedom causes and the improvement of the health and education status all around the world.

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Scott Rocklage – A Serious Investor on a Mission

Scott Rocklage became part of 5AM Ventures in 2003 as a venture partner and later in 2004, became one of the managing partner. The Ph D. holder has more than 30 years of experience in health management as well as responsibilities strategic leadership. These skills led the FDA to approve drug applications by the company. He has served in different positions of influence including as the CEO and chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals as well as the president and CEO of Salutar and Catalytica. He also chaired the board of Relypsa and Novira. He is currently serving as chairman in cidara, Kinestral and Rennovia among others. He has been an executive chair of a number of well-respected boards.

Dr. Scott Rocklage received his B.S in chemistry from the University of California. His chemistry Ph. D is from MIT. He had the opportunity of conducting researches with the 2005 Nobel peace prizewinner Richard Schrock. He has been responsible for patenting or co-patenting more than 30US inventions. He also has over 100 peer-reviewed publications to his name. He currently has an office in Boston MA.

Scott Rocklage has more than 8 investments in four companies. His business was inspired from his science life. Its name, 5AM is derived from the fact that the company is at its initial formation stage hence its significance. He attributes his success in his business and career life to excellent organization skills as well as proper time management and scheduling habit. He has a harbor of prioritizing the most important tasks first, which has been a major aspect of his company’s success and learn more about Scott.

He believes that focus on people is a great way to achieve success and this is one thing he would do even more if he had a chance to start over. Choosing the right team for a company is an important step from the beginning. He also believes in taking measured risks repeatedly and this is the advice he would give other entrepreneurs. He believes that success in managing your own entrepreneurship venture is the best way to do well in life and not to work for a fortune 500 company and more information click here.

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Julie Zuckerberg, an International Recruiter

Based in New York, Julie Zuckerberg works as the Deutsche Bank Talent Acquisition Leader and Executive Recruitment Lead. After finishing her Philosophy studies in New York-Brooklyn College City University, she went on to study law at the New York Law School. She embarked on a career by joining the Hudson as the candidate placement director.She worked there for almost half a decade and served as recruitment attorney, manager, paralegal, support staff and handled all the different levels of the workforce.


She was capable of providing job data, future details, post guidelines, promotion and other employee benefits.Due to her previous Law background, she was able to serve as the important intermediate between management and employees regarding workplace issues and problems. She was also efficient in ensuring that emerging workplace issues were resolved and processed with legal compliance frameworks.


She is especially helpful by creating counseling contact for employee problems as well as the necessary conflict resolution training.She went on to join New York’s Global City Consumer Bank as an Executive Recruiter. She served under numerous posts and helped the firm by giving counsel on the appropriate compensation trends and recruitment strategies that helped the company remain market competitive.


Julie also offered talent acquisition insights and competitive market ideas and planning. She was an active participant in recruitment and talent acquisition. Some of her work included immigration, equity buyout negotiation, clawbacks, relocation among other recruitment components. Julie also managed international and foreign expatriate relocations processes.She was also especially important in sourcing global talents.


This year, Julie Zuckerberg served as the Global Citi Functions executive recruiter. This job at Citi Group has assisted her to know more about the recruitment process, and she has also gained the exposure of in-depth and job practical. She has been cited as the employee with the most exceptional skills and performance. She has gained the broad experience that allows her to comprehend what employee candidate is capable of being productive as required.


Talent hiring is not only necessary for better results and performance, but it is also an art. By handling Citi’s top most branch recruitment levels, Julie has equipped herself with knowledge, skills, and information about recruitment front, management, compliance, audit and legal wealth.After working for the Citi Group, she went ahead to serve at the New York Life Insurance Company, where she served as the company’s full cycle support and recruiting agent.


At the New York Life Insurance Company, she was responsible for developing business strategies as well as other provision and planning solutions. She currently works at the Deutsche Bank, where her skills are proving helpful. She serves as the Talent Acquisition Lead, recruitment counselor, and coach. She is also the leader of the MD hiring leads negotiation team.


She also has other supplementary roles like Talent Lead Executive Officer and all other responsibilities like business management, client management and all other procedures that ensure best practices during company recruitment. She firmly believes business success to be based on proper hiring processes and companies.





To believe in your dream is one thing but to make it come to fruition is another. Omar Boraie is one of the people who believed in his dream and made it come true.

Omar Boraie started the Boraie Development LLC to make sure that his dream of turning New Brunswick town into a city comes true. In 1972, when the Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Company walked in the town, everything seemed bleak, but he has managed to turn all this around through developing various real estate projects.

According to a feature on NJBiz, everyone thought that the Egyptian Chemistry scholar was mad when he started building luxury residential units in the downtrodden city, but years later these units have given the town a facelift, and they are filled and he’s even building others.

About Boraie development LLC

Boraie Development is a company that deals with property management, real estate development and sales and Marketing. The Company is situated in New Jersey, and it has developed into one of the best in the region. The staff is professional and hands on as they fully commit to their work, to know more about the company visit Bloomberg.

Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the son to Omar Boraie and also the Vice President of Boraie Development LLC. Sam is a philanthropist who is involved in various charities. The philanthropist and many other locals are part of the board of trustees for the State Theatre in New Jersey.

His family, Boraie Development, and Sam have heavily contributed to the success of the theater through their contributions. Sam Boraie is the chairman of the board of directors of Elijah’s Promise. This charity organization focuses on fighting poverty in New Jersey.

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Bruce Levenson Spreads the Word of Philanthropy at the University of Maryland

After Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, he ventured into the non-profit industry. One of his notable investments is the University of Maryland’s “Do Good Institute”.

What is the Do Good Institute About?

The Do Good Institute is a higher education initiative aimed at helping students who are undergoing undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland. According to PR News, the program exposes these undergraduates to nonprofit enterprise and volunteering. The intended outcome of this program is to create non-profit entrepreneurs who are highly competitive against the private sector. According to Levenson, many high profile organizations are headed by professionals who are unable to accomplish their mission because they lack basic business skills.

In this class, attendants were given $10,000 and asked to allocate the money to a cause of their choosing. It became a popular program on campus.

The Mission of the Do Good Institute

Founded in 2010, this initiative’s mission is two pronged:

  • To change the campus into an institute where every student who graduates is well informed and has enough motivation to volunteer in the society
  • To educate a generation of non-profit professionals

Currently, the campus intends to allow students to major in the field. The aim of this incentive is to cater for students who have a passion for philanthropy.

About Mr. Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson got his Bachelor of Arts from the Washington University. He co-founded United Communications Group (UGC) in 1977, in partnership with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. Before establishing UGC, he wrote for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. Mr. Levenson became a director at TechTarget, Inc. on Feb 10, 2015. He has also been on the committee of directors at Electronic Publishers Association and Newsletter. He has also served as president of Washington’s “I Have a Dream Foundation”. Mr. Levenson has contributed to many voluntary projects including the “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland.

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