Advocacy Through Music from a Rappers Life Story

American rapper Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, popularly known by his stage name as Macklemore, has called on artists and fans to use music in resisting what political and social imbalances.



Speaking at the launch party of his new album titled Gemini, the rapper said that “music is resistance,” and called on his fans and listeners to keep themselves abreast with what is happening, rising to call for justice. In this new album, the rapper appeals for inclusion, honesty and positive change, explicitly training his message to the arbitrary visa bans on Muslim –Americans, immigrants, and Dreamers.



The song further advocates for the advancement of equal rights for the LGBTQ community and the rapper saying that “No freedom till we’re equal: damn right, I support it.”



At a time when the country is undergoing an emotional debate over immigration, the rapper’s message is going down very well with his fans. Macklemore is using music to advance political stands and engage in social activism, with a focus on the theme of inclusivity. “Regardless of the God you believe in, or the God you don’t believe in, you are welcome here,” he said.



Macklemore is not new to advocacy through his music. His songs such as Drug Dealer shed light to the regulation of pharmaceutical companies. It is in this song that he mentions celebrities and friends who lost their lives to drugs and his message is directed to the Big Pharma-Congress- and other multi-million drug dealers. This message is particularly close to him as he is on a recovery program.



His advocacy approach is seemingly bearing fruits as his You-Tube fans often post their date of sobriety in the comments section. Sharing his story an journey with addiction with drugs. An anonymous fan posted, “Thank You Macklemore; I needed you in my darkest time. You lifted my spirit to fight and not give up. The message is powerful.”

Weezer and the Pixies Set for 2018 Tour

When you see that Weezer is still making music at a high level, decades after their introduction to the musical world, you can’t help but smile. Weezer, much like the Pixies, have become indie-rock royalty. It only makes sense that these two grunge-oriented, indie rock groups would team up for a big tour that we never realized we needed. It was recently announced that Weezer and the Pixies would be co-headlining a massive tour that would go throughout the Summer of 2018. Tickets will be released for sale on November 10th, 2017 and it is expected that they’ll go quick. The Wombats will also be coming into play support at a few select show dates.


Weezer has been riding high off of the release of their latest record, ‘Pacific Daydream’. ‘Pacific Daydream’ released just a week ago via their label Crush Music/Atlantic. The album has already gotten incredible critical and commercial reviews with the track ‘Happy Hour’ doing most of the heavy lifting. Weezer recently performed on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ and the group seemed in as fine a form as ever. Butch Walker, a famous writer, producer and musician himself, helped to produce ‘Pacific Daydream’. The work on ‘Pacific Daydream’ was described, through a press release, as ‘reveries from a beach at the end of the world’.


With Weezer embracing their ability to dig deep, the Pixies ended up making a gret complement. The Pixies got back together in 2004 and they most recently released their newest album, ‘Head Carriers’. Since getting back together in 2004, this is only the second album that the Pixies have put out. Black Francis, a member of the Pixies, said of the recently announced tour: “We’re all big Weezer fans, so we’re really looking forward to this summer.” Francis went on to compliment Weezer’s ability to ‘rake risks’ with the way that they approach music. The new look Pixies, featuring Paz Lenchantin of A Perfect Circle, will seek to continue their meteoric comeback.


Top Retirement Tips from David Giertz

In the article, David Giertz offers advice on the best way for someone to prepare for retirement. To many people, this is the most dreadful stage of life. They can no longer work as hard and as fast as they did when they were young. They are likely yo have an ailment or two.According to David Giertz, these realities are tougher to those who did not make any worthwhile investments for the stage.

David Giertz lists investments as one of this ‘additional ways’ to make extra income. You should, however, make smart investment decisions. Convectional saving dictates that one should have a six-fold of the amount you earn yearly sitting in your retirement savings bank account by the time you are 50 and a ten-fold by the time you are 60.

Most regard him as an accomplished, visionary as well as inspirational leader. Among other companies, he has also served as president Financial Distributors Inc.

Mr. Giertz has also worked as a broker and is registered by FINRA and does the work of a sales agent working for the bigger brokerage firms.

Some of the security services offered by nationwide investments include sales insecurities, market making securities, underwriting and syndication. David was interviewed about planning a meaningful retirement .He provided an insight on smart retirement saving and strategies that people need to adopt in order to rake care of their future in the most appropriate way.

It is very important to plan for retirement early enough. This is because it an imminent stage in everyone’s life. David reminds every one that it is never too late to start a good habit such as investing or saving for oldage. Clearly, by engaging David Luther Giertz on your financial matters, you are assured of a better future due to ample planning for your retirement.

Weezer and Pixies to Tour Together Summer 2018

Fans feeling nostalgic for the 90’s indie scene will be excited to hear which bands will be touring in the summer of 2018. Weezer and Pixies announced they will be co-headlining a seven-week North American tour. The 29-date tour will kick off in Tampa, Florida at the end of June. It will make its way up the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic region through the month of July, and finish up with a gift for fans in the West, closing out in Phoenix on August 12th.


The bands have expressed mutual admiration for each other, with Black Francis, Pixies lead singer saying, “We’re all big Weezer fans, so we’re really looking forward to this summer. We have a lot of respect for Weezer; they’re not afraid to take risks with their music.”


While Weezer has continued to release new music and tour consistently over the past 25 years, Pixies haven’t enjoyed as the same continuously productive existence. The band’s nearly 30-year history is filled with member changes and hiatuses.


Both bands will be touring to promote their most recent releases. Weezer’s brand new album, Pacific Daydream, is already enjoying chart success on alternative radio stations. The Pixies’ release, Head Carrier, has been out since September of 2016, and they’ve been doing some touring at smaller venues in support of it for the past year. This joint tour will target mid-size venues, including a number of open-air amphitheaters. What could be better than sitting out on a summer night listening to these two veteran indie legends?


Tickets for all shows on the tour will go on sale on Friday, November 10th, and will be available via both bands’ websites.

Pixies and Weezer Head Out on Tour Together

Pixies and Weezer are two pioneers of the indie rock genre, and they are both still putting out great music after debuting more than 20 years ago. Indie rock fans will finally get the chance to see these two iconic bands perform together for the first time at their upcoming co-heading concert tour.


The upcoming tour will consist of 29 shows throughout the summer. The first show will take place at the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheater in Tampa, Florida, on June 23. Pixies and Weezer will hit most of the major cities in the Midwest at the start of July before moving to the East Coast at the end of the month. Everyone on the West Coast will have to wait until August of next year before they get the chance to see this amazing co-heading concert. The tour will conclude on August 12 with a show at Phoenix’s AK-Chin Pavilion.


In addition to seeing two of the biggest bands in indie rock history, everyone in attendance will also get the chance to see an up-and-coming indie rock band open the show. The Wombats will be the opening act for the first 13 shows. The opener for the remaining concerts has not been announced yet. Tickets for every show on the newly announced tour will be available to purchase starting on Friday, November 10.


Weezer just released their latest album, “Pacific Daydream,” in October. They have four more US headlining shows remaining this year in support of the new album. Pixies are also concluding the last leg of their headlining tour for their latest album, “Head Carrier,” which was released last year. Both bands will take an extended break before joining forces in June.

Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere is a beauty mogul and the founder of Lime Crime, a beauty line that offers vegan makeup and hair products. She is known as the Queen of Unicorns and is also known for her bright-colored hairstyles. Doe Deere wasn’t always the beauty mogul that she is today; her entrepreneurial destiny took her down a few different paths in life.


Born in Russia, Deere first scratched her entrepreneurial itch at the tender age of 13. She was a big fan of temporary tattoos and did not hesitate to wear them. Although her peers were hesitant to wear temporary tattoos, Deere convinced them that it was perfectly fine to wear something in which they believed. Her classmates and others then agreed to purchase temporary tattoos from her. Deere probably didn’t realize then but would later realize that she was a trendsetter with the power to influence. She would realize later on that people believed in her and were willing to follow her.


In early adulthood, Deere resided in New York City and continued to do the things that made her happy. One of these things was being part of a band. The then songwriter starred in a band alongside her husband. Being in a band is one of her fonder New York memories and is one of the main memories that comes to mind when she recalls her New York days.


Today, Deere is a thriving entrepreneur. Having come a long way from selling temporary tattoos, Deere now sells products that her own company makes. She is known for providing women with bold, striking colors to put on their hair or faces. Deere believes that makeup is one of the things that allow women the freedom to express who they really are. With her cruelty-free makeup line, she hopes to inspire women to be just that: who they really are. Learn more:

Oncotarget Broadens International Cancer Discovery Reporting

On November 20, 2017, oncologist Thomas Bauernhofer at the University Hospital Graz and colleagues from the Institutes for Biophysics and Pathology at the same university in Austria made a discovery that may save thousands of women’s lives. The extraordinary find was reported in Oncotarget.

The researchers were seeking a better understanding of why 30 percent of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer die despite early detection and treatment. The scientists examined biopsy samples from women who were suspected of having breast cancer and found a new biomarker that distinguishes the women who are most likely to die from breast cancer. The biomarker is the GIRK1 protein.

The researcher found two methods of detecting the GIRK1 protein. The discovery introduces the potential for a genetically modified treatment that hinders the protein from expressing itself in breast cancer. There are other systems that are associated with the GIRK1 protein. Those systems may be simpler and easier targets to produce higher survival rates in the 30 percent of women who die due to this protein.

Oncotarget announced that it will publish internationally twice weekly on September 19, 2017. . Oncotarget is a free open access publication that has been publishing on line since 2010. The main concentration of the publication is oncology. The volumes include peer reviewed articles about discoveries in chromosomes, pathology, immunology, aging, microbiology, and autophagy.

Oncotarget has followed the strict structure of the majority of scientific literature. These priorities include a direct object identifier for each paper and the application of COPE standards to all publications. The original idea behind Oncotarget is unique. The publication aims to distribute the latest scientific information as rapidly as possible. Free access allows the less well funded researchers the same opportunity to learn and improve their practice and the health of their patients.

Oncotarget achieved one of its goals by submitting an entire issue to PubMed post online release. The National Library of Medicine assisted Oncotarget in this achievement. Oncotarget is and will be available on EMBASE, PubMed Central, BIOSIS Previews, ISI/Web of Science: Science Citation Index, Biological Abstracts, and Scopus. Oncotarget has the unique ability to publish research from any country in the world. The publication has even featured new advanced methods from countries that usually are not seen in major mainstream publications.

Is Lime Crime’s New Hair Dye The Real Deal?

Hair dyes are some of the most commonly used hair care products on the market today, and they have been for quite some time. These products allow the user to totally transform his/her look in just a matter of minutes. Just about every major hair care brand offers a hair dye and Lime Crime is no exception. This company was founded by Doe Deere in 2008, and it has grown into an international powerhouse in this exclusive industry. Yes, it’s well-known for its brilliant makeup products, but Deere has taken it a step further by introducing hair care products. The Unicorn Hair Collection has created a buzz for the fall season, and its trending purple hair complexions personifies this notion best.

Lime Crime, and its diversity is also helping to set itself apart from the competition. These new hair dyes give the user a much darker tone thanks to their deeply pigmented components. It would be extremely hard trying to purchase another brand with intensely dark pigments. The unicorn hair products have previously come in bold, bright colors. The new hair care products are going to show you its dark side.

This would include the hues of Sea Witch (mermaid’s green tail), Charcoal (dusty gray), Chestnut (deep maroon) and the ever-popular Squid (spooky purple). The industry has been set on fire by the release of these products and the sells have been consistent. Dare to be different? LimeCrime is putting the keys in your hands, but it’s up to you to do the driving. These products are much easier on the hair and the scalp, especially when being compered to other hair dye brands. Team unicorn lacks all of the harsh chemical additives, but it retains the hair’s strength in the process.

The future is in great hands as long as LimeCrime is on the scene. This eclectic brand will continue to push the boundaries while reshaping the cosmetic landscape and that’s a fact.

Greg Secker’s Strategies for Successful Forex Trading

For those who keep up with the forex trading news, Greg Secker is a common name. Greg is an entrepreneur who has made it big in the sector. His career in forex trading kicked off when he started working at Thomas Cook Financial Services. While he was at Thomas Cook Financial Services he moved to another business, Virtual Trading Desk, which he ran for some time.

Virtual Trading Desk, or VTD, was a platform that offered real-time forex trading experience to customers. While running the business, Greg Secker learnt a lot about online trading, and his career kept on progressing. He left the business to be the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. During that time, Mellon Financial Corporation was one of the major Fortune 500 investment banks in the country.

With his various positions in big corporations such as Thomas Cook Financial Services and Mellon Financial Corporation, Greg Secker was exposed to big forex traders. This, coupled with his international travels, expounded his knowledge in forex trading. His own personal trading account was growing at the same time. He decided to move from Mellon Financial Corporation to start his own company.

Learn to Trade

Learn to Trade was born in just 3 months after Greg left Melon Financial Corporation. In the past 13 years, his company has been used by over 200 000 people, whose interest is to learn the various strategies involved in forex trading.

Due to Greg Secker’s efforts in revolutionizing forex trading, he has been recognized on various levels. In 2010, for example, he was recognized as the finalist for the London Excellence Awards. In 2010, his company, Learn to Trade, was ranked 49th in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards. For two years running, Greg’s company has also been recognized for being the Best Educator by the World Finance Magazine.

With his passion, Greg continues to help people learn the art of forex trading. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, Learn to Trade has something new for you to learn. His own personal strategies are also included in the learning packages on his website.


How Richard Mishaan Design has Taken Interior Decor to Another Level

Richard Mishaan Design is a firm which is known for some of its outstanding designs. The face behind the company is called Richard Mishaan, a renowned architect and interior designer. Mishaan has had a long career in interior design, and he continues to flourish in the sector. His firm is now a household name, and it has been nominated among some of the top décor firms in the country. Magazines such as Elle Décor have also featured some of Mishaan’s designs.

While most people who love interior design associate Richard Mishaan Design with commercial design projects, most of them do not know that the firm actually started with residential clients. Mishaan has designed a number of homes, and added a personalized taste to each on of them. With simple yet beautiful pieces of art, he has been able to turn dull living spaces into amazing ones.

Some of the commercial projects which Mishaan has been privileged to handle include the decoration of the St. Regis Hotel, which is located in New York. With his art and brilliant design ideas, Mishaan transformed the St. Regis Hotel’s presidential suites by the end of the project. He has also been lucky enough to design big hotels in his hometown, Colombia,

Mishaan is not only an architect, but also a lover of fashion and music. These things usually inform the kind of designs he goes for. He also travels a lot, and he attends exhibitions. Some of the exhibitions which he has attended have helped him hone his design skills.

A graduate of the New York University as well as the University of Colombia School of Architecture, Richard Mishaan Design is keen on taking interior design to another level. His portfolio speaks for itself, and he is reputed for a good reason.