Nick Vertucci’s Success Journey as Illustrated in His Book, Seven Figure Decisions

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The journey to success is not an easy thing as many would perceive. In most occasions, it comprises of tough times, numerous setbacks, and all sorts of demeaning issues. If you doubt this, then I bet the story of Nick Vertucci will prove you wrong. As a real estate developer, Nick has been through a lot of hardships throughout his career. In his statement, he terms his career as rags to riches, back to rags, and back to riches again.

Nick Vertucci’s book, Seven Figure Decisions, is more of a life inspiring book. According to him, he has specially focused on matters that are affecting the real estate developers. Apparently, the book which was launched on April 2018, encourages developers to stay strong despite the setbacks that they may be going through in their projects. Nick Vertucci has made a lot of mistakes in his entire career to achieve what he currently has. He is, therefore, hopeful that people will find his book helpful to avoid such mistakes in life.

Seven Figure Decisions consist of 350 pages full of life-restoring contents. It is currently ranked top 5 bestsellers on Amazon and has since sold more than 1000 copy. According to Vertucci, this is the most interesting story anyone will love to be part off. In that case, he has encouraged any real estate developers out there to grab a copy and see his or her life setbacks come to an end.

Nick Vertucci

The real estate pro, Nick Vertucci, is the founder and CEO of the NV Real Estate company in California. According to his story, He has come a long way to be the leader he is now. As a person from a humble background, Vertucci managed to join real estate training industry where he pursued his career.

In a recent interview, Nick Vertucci believes that seeing, believing, mapping, and executing are the best ways to bring ideas to life. He has pride in the way he is enthusiastic about his professions despite the hardships it is encountered with. According to him, it is better if one plans for change. In case of any feature changes in life, it will still be easy to cope with the new trends.