Nick Vertucci Wins Big Playing Poker While Honing His Skills in Real Estate

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Nick Vertucci is a giant in the real estate sector with a lot of completed projects in Orange County, California. He ventured into real estate in 2002 after he lost everything to the economic crisis. Two years into real estate, Nick Vertucci became a millionaire.

His success did not come easy. It took mentorship, hard work and learning from mistakes to be where he is now. It is in recognition of challenges aspiring investors face that he started Real Estate Academy in 2014. He went on to author a book entitled “Seven Figure Decisions”. The book details his struggles to make it in the industry and it inspires new investors to keep going. It is not common to find an accomplished real estate investor with good poker playing skills. Away from busy schedule running the academy and other investments, Nick Vertucci committed his time to playing poker competing with prominent poker players such as “the Poker Brat” Helmuth and Mike “the Mouth” Matausow.

He started playing poker way before he got into real estate industry. His first major tournament was No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championships in Commerce. With just $1500, he came out with $7530. His poker skills are unmatched and he has found himself in the same poker table with celebrities such as Don Cheadle, Jennifer Tilly, Ben Affleck as well as James Woods. While he pursued success in the real estate industry, he relied on poker for entertainment as well as income supplementation.

Some of the traits that put him ahead of other players in poker game include the ability to read others, intelligent bluffing, adaptability, emotional control, confidence as well as knowing one bad hand won’t end the game. He has participated in many prominent poker tournaments emerging as a worthy competitor each time and even winning big. Nick Vertucci’s favorite game is Texas Hold’Em. He has been so good in the game that he was ranked 828th in the World Series of Poker tournament, you could think he has invested all his time in poker but to the contrary, if he did, we could be telling a different story