Nick Vertucci Poker Career

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Poker is one of the most common online games for people to play. Not only is poker fun, but there is no perfect way to play the game. Some people play online and later play in actual tournaments.

For years, Nick Vertucci only focused on his work in the real estate industry. He recently started playing poker professionally. Since that time, he has impressed a lot of players with his poker skills.


Nick Vertucci started playing poker online after becoming interested in the sport. It took him several weeks to learn the basics of playing poker. Over time, he learned how to play specific hands and other fundamentals of the sport.

About a year ago, Nick decided to play in his first tournament. There was a small fee to play, and he decided to make a weekend trip out of the competition. Nick Vertucci was able to stay in the tournament for several hours before getting knocked out. Although he did not win any money, he loved the experience of playing against other people in a real competition.

Nick plays in a poker tournament every few weeks. Although he is still learning the sport, he has a passion for math and interacting with people. These two skills are critical when playing poker. He also enjoys traveling to different cities.

Real Estate

Although Nick Vertucci is having fun playing poker, he still manages a real estate business. Nick started investing in real estate when he was young. He found out he could make money teaching others how he became financially successful. He began offering an online course focused on people with no prior investing experience. He has received hundreds of positive reviews related to his class.

Nick has also written a book about real estate investing. He plans to write another book in the coming years.