Neurocore: Helping Clients Unlock the Cognitive Potential

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The company Neurocore was founded in 2004 to provide a novel service to the individuals of the Michigan and Florida community. Spread over nine centers, Neurocore took a chance in the field of applied neuroscience and pushed for an expansion of their services. Neurocore is a health and wellness center that focuses on bringing performance. This company has spent over a decade honing their services to the exacting standards of their substantial clientele. Neurocore has spent much of their time in existence looking for ways to help alleviate some of the common ailments that plague individuals as they go through modern life. See more information about Neurocore at

While Neurocore started their services in 2004, the concept of brain training is not a new one. For years practitioners have worked on some form of cognitive reconditioning. Neurocore has simply improved on that process with a neurofeedback brain performance training regimen. This regimen goes through 30 different sessions to allow the client to develop better cognitive functioning through breathing exercises and a variety of other training methods. It is an opportunity for the clients to seek out relief for their ailments without having to rely on drugs. Additionally, it provides them with a chance to take control of their life through a partnership with Neurocore.


Neurofeedback and biofeedback are two of the sessions that are used throughout the Neurocore process. Neurofeedback is a very important component of therapy because it helps the client rewire their brain and how it reacts to various stimuli. Throughout the day when there are times of great stress, the brain can spike in activity. This spike increases anxiety and other cognitive reactions. Instead of allowing the brain to continue the maladaptive behavior of brain spiking during times of stress the neurofeedback sessions will train it to adapt to situations in a healthier way. Biofeedback therapists, in contrast, work with clients to help them with deep breathing during times of great stress. Deep breathing is important for this process because of its ability to tamper the fight or flight response in the client. Neurocore has taken the time to come up with a method that will really help clients unlock their cognitive potential. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.