Music to Business: Cassio Audi

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As a successful and constantly growing individual, Cassio Audi makes his grand mark on the world from his substantial personal background and rich education, as well as his amazing experiences. From his early musical career that has no doubt started his life in the limelight, to the outstanding business career he currently continues to pursue, Cassio Audi has been a motivation and reliable support to the Brazilian community and others around the world.In his early years, Cassio Audi managed to create a name for himself as the young instrumentalist when he joined rock music band that still thrives to this day known as “Viper”.

Cassio Audi

With the group starting in 1985 He joined the group and took the position as the drummer that same year. He was officially apart of the all-male band consisting of other boys his age of around thirteen to fourteen. The young boy group maintained a great number of supporters as the talented group was filled with various musical talents. They played genres of rock such as alternative rock, thrash metal, heavy metal, and others of the sort. Audi managed to gain a considerable amount of fame even after is withdrawal from the band in 1987. He soon left to pursue what everyone can see as a successful and worthwhile career in business.

After graduating from the “University of Sao Paulo”, Cassio has continued his astonishing career with magnificent accomplishments in the field of business. With involvements in various companies, while also attracting a great amount of income, Cassio has been able to provide quality philanthropy back to the Brazilian communities by funding the nation’s firms and businesses. He has managed to provide a great number of financial features of the business in Brazil that include planning strategies, accounting, financial reporting, internal and external auditing, treasury. This has been in the hope of providing a better living for the people of the communities, and thus, it has given him more recognition.