Lead Man for Apples in Stereo Ditches Indie Rock Due to Love of Math

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Notable indie music producer Robert Schneider, most well known for his work as lead singer and guitarist of the Apples in Stereo, has apparently left behind the music world to pursue his passion for mathematics.

While Schneider and the Apples in Stereo may only be followed closely by true indie rock aficionados, most casual fans are likely aware of acts that Schneider has produced. Back in the 1990s, he created the Elephant 6 Recording Company, which churned out Neutral Milk Hotel, the Olivia Tremor Control, and Of Montreal.

Elephant 6 is often referred to as a collective, and it is nearly legendary in indie rock circles for the variety of experimental music that it has put out across a wide-ranging group of bands.

To the surprise of many, Schneider is in his sixth year as a graduate student in the math department at Emory University. Even though he had previously spent most of his life obsessed with music, it appears that he has now found a new and different obsession.

At the same time, his interest in math has its origins in music. In 1999, he was trying to record an album and encountered a malfunction with the equipment he was using. He attempted to fix it himself using materials he secured from RadioShack. He learned about Ohm’s Law from a book he read about repairing electronics, and he had an epiphany about the intersection between music and mathematic principles.

While music and math coexisted for a while in Schneider’s life, he is now mostly retired from music both as an artist and producer. He keeps busy engaging in research and teaching math at the college level.

However, fans of the Apples in Stereo and the Elephant 6 collection still rock out to the many classic records with which Schneider was involved.

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