Lawrence Bender – The Biggest Name in Hollywood You’ve Never Heard of

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The public is aware of many big names in Hollywood, but these names are always actors. There is a large cast of characters behind the scenes, making movies possible and providing countless hours of entertainment to moviegoers. These people consist of directors, producers, stage-hands, and other staff.

Lawrence Bender, during his career, has been a grip and film producer. Despite his name not being a household name, his movies are. Movies like Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, and Good Will Hunting were made possible by Lawrence Bender. Lawrence Bender has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood like John Travolta,   , Matt Damon, and Robin Williams. Many of Lawrence Bender’s most successful films were directed by Quentin Tarantino. In fact, Lawrence Bender produced all of Tarantino’s films, except three.

Bender has also worked in television, producing Seven Seconds, a Netflix original, and Earthsea, a mini-series based on best selling fantasy novels.

In addition to his role in movie making, Bender is also a frequent contributor to relief of humanitarian issues. He has even been awarded for his accomplishment in this field, being given the Torch of Liberty award by the ACLU.

Lawrence Bender’s first film was Intruder, released in 1989. It is a slasher film that takes place in a grocery store. The cast of characters have just been made aware of change in ownership, only to be shocked by reality: a killer is in the store.

The film wasn’t much of a success, but it did have an interesting ending when compared to the ends of other movies in the horror genre. The end depicts the killer getting away, blaming the surviving grocers, very convincingly, for the slaughtering of the other workers.

Bender has been nominated for 29 Academy Awards during his career.