Karl Heideck: Experienced, Tenacious Pennsylvania Litigation Attorney

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Karl Heideck Pennsylvania Litigation AttorneyKarl Heideck is a litigation attorney who practices in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He has been practicing law for over 10 years.

Heideck earned his law degree from Temple University School of Law. He received his bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College. At Swarthmore College, he studied English language and literature, with an emphasis on letters.

Heideck is renowned for his abilities as a litigation attorney. As a litigator, Heideck represents individuals, business, and organizations.

In addition to being a litigation attorney, Karl Heideck also represents clients who need assistance in the realms of regulatory compliance and risk management.

A litigation attorney has a primary focus on representing clients involved in lawsuits, or who anticipate being involved in litigation. Not only does a litigation attorney make court appearances on behalf of a client, he or she also tends to a wide range of other legal matters associated with lawsuits. This includes the preparation of court documents, which technically are known as pleadings.

Many litigation attorneys start their careers outside the civil branch of the legal system. They try to find jobs with local, state, or federal prosecuting attorneys. When on a prosecuting attorney’s staff, an attorney typically spends a considerable amount of time at the courthouse. This works to build a strong foundation for a litigation attorney.

Litigators can be found working in a variety of different locations. Governmental agencies and organizations of different types maintain litigation attorneys in their employ in some cases.

Businesses sometimes have litigation attorneys on their staffs. Many litigation attorneys work for law firms, large and small. At larger law firms, a litigator may be part of a large litigation department.

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