Jorge Moll’s Career Success as a Neurologist

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In the year 1994 Dr. Jorge Moll joined Federal University of Rio de Janeiro where he obtained his medical degree. In 1998, Dr. Moll completed his residency. The passion of Jorge Moll was in neurology, he continued with his education, and in 2004, he received a doctorate in the experimental pathophysiology. Nowadays Jorge Moll works as a president of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education that is commonly known as IDOR. This institution is found in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In D’Or Institute of Research and Education Jorge is also a senior researcher and a board member. In the year 2015, he was awarded the Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford University.


In 2012, Jorge became the board member of the International Neuroethics Society, and he was also an affiliate member of Brazilian Academy of Sciences in 2008. Jorge was quick at putting his ideas into action, and this made him establish a medical research institute because of the desire he had in supporting the healthcare innovation and education not leaving behind the world-class research in his home country, Brazil. What made his work effective and efficient is meeting a lot of people frequently, and his topics during the meeting are not the same. The topics were subjective to the ideas and research that were being discussed. The people he used to meet with were; the scientists, business associates, students, staff members, distinguished researchers and the representatives from various organizations.


During the meetings, Jorge would say that the expression of the ideas was vital and as well he promoted the collaboration. The artificial intelligence and the cognitive systems are the ones that inspired Jorge Moll most. He loved to see the machines working together with the human brain to boost the healthcare and more industries. The regenerative medicine and the gene therapy in the medical field were as well among the exciting topics of Jorge. The nimbleness, openness, and transparency of Jorge Moll have made him to be productive as an entrepreneur. Dr. Jorge Moll would always inspire himself through implementing the ideas fast instead of just keeping them.


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