Jeff Aronin: Contributions in the Medical Industry

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Jeff Aronin is an American businessman and entrepreneur who currently serves as the chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences. He was appointed to the position by the company’s board of directors in 2010, and since he was appointed to the post, he did everything that he can to assist especially to the people who are working in the medical industry. Paragon Biosciences is a company that is known for developing and innovating healthcare trends, and it is also serving as an investment firm, focusing mainly on products and services offered by the biopharmaceutical industry. Aside from being the CEO of the company, Jeff Aronin is also known for his service is the chairman for the subsidiaries of Paragon Biosciences, and he has been a role model for other people who are working in the medical firm. He has shown them several attributes that would transform them to become successful executives in the pharmaceutical sector.


Jeff Aronin has a long history of serving the medical industry. He used to be the chief executive officer for Ovation Pharmaceuticals, a company that he established in 2000. When Lundbeck, Inc. acquired the company in 2009, Jeff Aronin decided to stay with the company that he developed and leave a few years later. He focused on searching for better opportunities, and after doing extensive research, he found out about Paragon Biosciences and joined the company immediately. He was given benefits that he never received from his previous companies, and he vowed that he would be doing his best to serve his new found home.


Jeff Aronin lauded the primary goal of his company, which is to limit the number of fatal diseases affected by humanity. For him, contributing a lot to the welfare of humankind is one of the best attributes of his new company. Paragon Biosciences is also known for tracking down their patients and monitoring their conditions to ensure that they will be able to develop a cure for their diseases. So far, Paragon Biosciences has effectively experimented on their creations, and they are hoping that the medicines that they have manufactured would solve the majority of problems that humanity is facing.


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