James Dondero: Dedicated to Supporting Dallas Texas

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What does one usually imagine when picturing a successful person in business? A wealthy, possibly even greedy individual who hoards their coveted fortunes only to splurge on themselves? Perhaps that may be the case for some businessmen and women of the world, but that is not the story when you measure up the others with James Dondero. James began his career by educating himself in the fields of Accounting and Finance at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he acquired two Bachelor of Science degrees. His educational experience led James to his first position with JP Morgan Chase & Company in 1984. Read this article at barrons.com. It did not take Mr. Dondero long to master the financial training program with JP Morgan Chase & Company, and he quickly shifted gears to a dream position with American Express where he was head of managing $1 billion compiled of fixed income funds. After several successful years in the financial industry James Dondero decided to break ground on his first company; and thus Highland Capital Management LP was born. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

James always knew that he wanted to do something more with his success; and that is why he created the Highland Dallas Foundation to support his home city and its inhabitants. With a devotion to philanthropy and a keen eye for business, Mr. James Dondero has used his networking skills as well as savviness with finances to bring together many businesses and philanthropists who all share his passion for the support of a bright future in Dallas. As a recent example of James Dondero’s generosity, the Highland Dallas Foundation was able to donate one million of the needed fourteen million dollars to recreate their beloved hippo habitat. After the death of their only hippo in 2001, the zoo made the heart breaking decision to close the habitat, two decades later, Mr Dondero and several other philanthropists joined forces to acquire the needed funds for the Dallas Zoo to reopen the highly missed exhibit, as well as add on the Highland Capital Lodge where visitors can host an event right with the hippos! It’s easy to see that James Dondero and his philanthropist friends are doing all they can to make Dallas Texas a wonderful place to live and visit.

Read: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/james-dondero