Jacob Gottlieb Makes Way For Change In Health Care

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Big changes are expected to be coming in the health care industry and Jacob Gottlieb wants to be there at the forefront of it. Many people see him as a titan when it comes to health care investing and his track record at Altium Capital makes it very clear why. The investment fund is based out of New York and oriented to health care. They tend to focus on companies that they see the potential for growth in.

One of the first companies that Jacob Gottlieb decided to invest in with Altium is the company known as Oramed. This company developed a treatment for diabetes that can be taken orally. While many companies have made attempts at making an oral form of insulin to treat the disease, Oramed was the only one to accomplish it successfully without it breaking down too quickly.

In this venture, Jacob Gottlieb will be sharing the office space of his company with another health care investment giant Stuart Weisbrod. The 2 have worked together for previous projects at Merlin BioMed Group. In the future, they are planning to do more collaborations.

Jacob Gottlieb has headed other health care investment firms in his past including one that included a hedge fund worth $8 billion. This company had offices in London, New York City, and San Francisco. He is known for his ability to build portfolios that bring a good amount of gains to his company and their investors. This success is what inspired him to start creating his own health care funds. He earned his Economics BA from Brown University and graduated magna cum laude from the institution. He is also the holder of a medical degree from New York University Medical School. The education that he received in medicine has been vital in his ability to choose good investments.

Find out more about Jacob Altium: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-gottlieb/