Infinity Group Australia Touches the Financial Lives of many Australian Customers.

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Infinity Group Australia was the financial organization that was brought into existence by a combination of efforts between Graeme Holm and his wife, Rebecca Walker. This was after the two had observed the agony through which the Australian credit customers had to undergo whenever they required financial assistance from the lenders and other financial organization in the industry. To rescue the customers, Graeme joined hands with his wife to form Infinity Group Australia, a decision that has brought a lot of financial freedom to the clients of commercial credit in the Australian market. The difference has not been out of different types of products and services that the company brought to the market. It has been through the change of ways and culture to adopt new strategies that are more oriented to the customers than to the organization.


The first step that Graeme Holm took after the establishment of Infinity Group Australia was to ensure that the customers got the relevant and correct information that they required to know about the best ways to handle loans and credit. These included lessons such as budgeting and debt management. As a first initiative, the company began issuing their clients with monthly loan statements and schedules that indicated their outstanding loan balances at the end of each month. This initiative helped the borrowers to manage their loans and repay them in time so that they could escape quarrels with the lenders. As a result, the clients o Infinity Group Australia are on record repaying their total outstanding loan balances five times faster than those of other lending institutions. The clients have also been noted to have managed to refund more money within the first three months than they paid within a whole year before the intervention of Infinity Group.


Among the levels of training that are provided to the clients of Infinity Group Australia, financial management is at the top of the list. This entails the lessons on how the customers of the organization can balance between the amounts of money that they spend daily and the amount that they earn every month. Through the maintenance of this balance, the customers can manage to cater to their daily expenditure while at the same time repay the outstanding loan balances that they owe to their financial lenders. The training also includes the ultimate solutions for the preparation of retirement for the employed individuals. By so doing, the customers can save while they are still young and energetic to ensure that they live happily even after retirement. Learn more :