Independent Artists Benefit from Spotify IPO

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Spotify is a very popular site that has gained a lot of attention all these years. It has become the site that really puts a better perspective on what it takes to run a music streaming empire. It is obvious that fewer people are buying compact this these days. It is hard to survive without streaming services if you work in music.

The good thing about this is that these artists are actually do earn more money because there is no physical product that they are selling. This gives them the ability to cut out record stores and manufacturing of discs that have to be shipped to storage.

Within five years of his time in spotlight Kendrick Lamar has grossed over $78 million dollars. The duo The Chainsmokers have only been in business for a couple of years and they have made close to $40 million dollars. These are staggering numbers, and it is true that these artists have multiple streams of revenue, but they are making a considerable amount from the music streaming.

Spotify is not the only site that he is providing streaming services, but it is one of the most popular. This is one of the reasons why this site works so well for independent artists. It is true that an independent music artist could try to shop their music around to a variation of different streaming sites, but it makes much more sense for them to get connected to the most popular platform.

Spotify has proven in recent years that it is the most popular platform for independent artists that are utilizing this site to boost their career will have a much better chance of getting exposed to a larger fanbase. The thing that most independent artist want is a fair return on investment for the music that they put out. Spotify is one of those streaming sites that is trying to work to make this fair trade of music and income possible.

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