How Tim Duncan Lead Talos Energy To The Top

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Talos Energy has only been around for a few short years and has already accomplished so much. The company rapidly acquires new assets. The company has been able to overcome the recession blues that caused many other oil and gas companies file bankruptcy. Talos Energy has their founder to thank for their admirable success.

Talos Energy has an incredible team that manages their operations and technical divisions. Their team members are well experienced with drilling and oil as they have spent most of their career working throughout the Texas, Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico region. This company has lead the industry with creating advanced systems, tools and technologies to improve the drilling experience. Their increase in technology has led to more development and exploration for the company. This gives Talos Energy a competitive edge against all other oil providers in the region.

Tim Duncan has been working in the oil industry since the mid 1990s. He began his career in 1996 working as an engineer for an energy company. For the company, he worked to develop strategies and tools to better assist geologists in getting in rock layers. These rock layers are miles underground. These improved methods of drilling aided that company with its oil production. That company eventually sold for over one billion dollars.

In 2012, Tim Duncan became a company founder. He founded Talos Energy with the mission of being an advanced oil company with leading technologies. He wanted his company to be able to develop new methods of producing and exploring offshore oil. Since the start of the company, Talos Energy has been rather successful. Within a few short years his company has raised hundreds of millions of dollars. The company has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in acquiring new assets. Recently, Talos Energy acquired Stone Energy. Stone Energy had filed for bankruptcy and Tim Duncan saw this as an opportunity for Talos Energy to merge both companies to create an even better company. Only success is in store for Talos Energy’s future. Under the leadership of Tim Duncan this company can expect nothing but innovation.

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