How Ara Chackerian Has Made a Name for Himself

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Ara Chackerian is now a big name in business, and it’s all because of his dedication and hard work. He has been known as a hard worker, but he is also known for his hand in philanthropy.

This is all because he has a heart to invest within his community. Working in the healthcare field, he has always had an interest in anything pertaining to medicine and wellness.

As the interest in technology has grown, Ara Chackerian felt that it was the perfect time to match up his love of healthcare along with these advancements in technology. As a result, he spends much of his time heading up boards in healthcare. Thankfully, two of his greatest loves are working with youth and their development.

Although his passions are rooted in broad areas of interest, Ara Chackerian is also interested in sustainable environments. One of his greatest passions now is his love for a teak farm in Nicaragua.

Limonapa Teak, the teak farm in Nicaragua, is focused on the utilization of safe agricultural practice, and improving the local environment. In addition to the efforts for his teak farm, Ara Chackerian seeks more ways to improve the future for those living in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua was once one of the richest countries in the world, but today it is one of the poorest. There are many individuals living in Nicaragua that have been able to find work thanks to the teak farm.

Above all, his passion for the field of healthcare gave rise to his investment of time and money into TMS Health Solutions. This company was born out of the interest he has in outpatient care.

He felt this would bridge the gap between healthcare and technology. This combination would prove successful for transcranial magnetic stimluation, thus naming it TMS Health Solutions.