Honoring Her Majesty, US Money Reserve Issues a New Coin

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To honor Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 65th coronation, the US Money Reserve became the exclusive distributor of The Perth Mint’s Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 20 2018 Proof Coin Set the new low mintage 2 ounce gold proof coin in the US. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-buy-gold/ and https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve

203 complete three-coin sets out of 250 limited edition sets are available in the US but only through US Money Reserve. The coins are made by The Perth Mint using both gold and silver which are 99.99% pure. Under the Australian Currency Act of 1965, they are accepted as legal tender.

The two have a long-standing partnership relationship, an alliance that sees the US Money Reserve excel in precious metals in America. In 2016, the US Reserve honored the queen with the Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Proof Coin Set in partnership with The Perth Mint. The following year, 2017 they have another sold-out release of 70th Anniversary of the Royal Wedding 2 ounce Platinum Coin. One noteworthy coin series that the US Money Reserve acts as the sole distributor is the Pearl Harbor coin series.

People were stunned in 1953 when the queen adorned the same crown that was used in 1661 during the coronation of King Charles II.

She also wore an intricately embroidered gown containing the wattle flower. These play a part in the 2018 coronation coin.

The coin on it reverse 65th Anniversary Coronation Coin has St. Edward’s crown, the golden wattle which serves as the floral emblem of Australia, plus the inscription H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH II CORONATION ANNIVERSARY.

Also, The Perth Mint mintmark ‘P’ is on the coin. The coins come with the Professional Coin Grading Service’s (PCGS) “First Strike” label. Each coin has a near-flawless Proof 69 and museum-quality Proof 70. Moreover, they have an individual numbered authenticity certificate.

The U.S. Reserve was founded in 2001 and is the main and global private distributors of foreign and U.S. government-issued platinum, silver and gold legal tender commodities. American citizens and people from other parts of the world use the U.S. Money Reserve to expand their assets using precious physical metals, mostly U.S. silver and gold coins.

The company has trained its professionals in numismatic and coin research offering its clients the most profitable options in precious metals. It is known for its unique and exceptional customer care services that extend above industry standards to long-term relationships with each customer. It is located in Texas.

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