Graeme Holm Takes his Idea and Makes an Award-Winning Company from it

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The Australian Financial Review gave its annual Most Innovative Businesses award this year, and Infinity Group Australia was ranked #58 on the list. It may not sound like much to be in 58th place, but when you consider that the field of candidates was over a thousand businesses from across Australia and New Zealand, the placement puts IGA in the top 6% of businesses. It is a prestigious accomplishment for the business, which was founded only five years ago in 2013.


Graeme Holm went from college to working in processing for one of the Big Four financial institutions in Australia. While there he saw a huge gap in the market in regards to debt and mortgage payments: The people of Australia were losing tons of money due to their unawareness of financial law. The banks weren’t helping borrowers or debtors with ways to pay off their debts faster and/or cheaper. Knowing that the public was losing money like crazy, Holm and his partner, Rebecca Walker, founded the debt-reduction and counselling firm, Infinity Group Australia. Offering long-term, ongoing financial counselling to Australians, IGA has a nearly 100% success rate in finding ways to reduce debt total, monthly payments and more for their clients. In the first three months of being counselled by IGA, the average client of theirs pays off more of their mortgage principle than they had in the previous years. With an average debt reduction of $41k, IGA is fulfilling its mission.


Fulfilling a companies mission is part of the requirements for placing on the Australian Business Review’s Most Innovative Businesses list. A business must not only be successfully doing what it set out to do, but must also be providing an innovative service or using an innovative process to operate. With their role in Australia’s economy and the way they provide long-term financial counselling, as well as the fact that Infinity Group Australia only collects fees for successfully saving their clients money, they were a clear choice for this award this year. After only five years of operating, Infinity Group Australia is making waves.


Holm and his partner, Walker, originally started the business from a home office. Now they have their own office building in Bella Vista, New South Wales. With Holm’s own awards, such as being named one of the nations Top 100 Brokers by the MPA, the future for Infinity Group Australia seems very bright. Learn more :