Franz Ferdinand: A New Sound

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Back in 2004, the indie rock band Franz Ferdinand released “Take Me Out.” Because of its original disco-punk sound, the song was immensely popular. It appeared on their self-titled LP.

Since then, the band has evolved in new ways. Soon enough, Franz Ferdinand will be releasing another album for fans and new listeners everywhere, titled Always Ascending. This album will be the first one without their original guitarist Nick McCarthy. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy Franz Ferdinand’s new sound with their latest member, Julian Corrie.

Julian has been noted for adding electronics into the music of the album. According to the frontman of Franz Ferdinand, Alex Kapranos, it’s still their sound, “but it’s maybe trying to do some new things.”

It’s definitely exciting to think that this unique Scottish band has even more material for listeners to hold out for. If you’re a diehard fan of Franz Ferdinand, then you’ll be excited to hear them discuss their new album as well as changes made in their band online.

One of the most important parts of creating their upcoming album was to avoid over-focusing on any song in particular. Their producer, Phillipe Zdar, had made this rule perfectly clear to them. According to Kapranos, Zdar told the band that “All the other songs become jealous if you say what the single is.” This allowed for more freedom and creativity in composing their other tracks without having to compare any one song to another.

A funny fact about Franz Ferdinand is that, even fourteen years after their first hit, they haven’t grown to dislike it. Bands are frequently known to dislike their most popular hits because it’s something that they resent for whatever reason. One common example is Radiohead – they never play “Creep” live anymore since it was their first hit. However, Franz Ferdinand is still in favor of “Take Me Out,” which is the tune most people know them by.

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