Florida Is Home To Master Businessperson Bob Reina Of Talk Fusion

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Talk Fusion is a company based in Brandon, Florida, a city in the greater Tampa Bay area – Tampa Bay, Florida, holds water from the Gulf of Mexico and is in the southernmost third of Florida – that was founded more than ten years ago. Bob Reina created the advertising, marketing, and software creation company in 2007 and has since constantly remained atop the company’s corporate structure as its chief executive officer.


Sometimes referred to as Octa One Networks, Talk Fusion is most famous for its self-named video conferencing software. While some computers aren’t compatible with other popular video conferencing programs or simply don’t work well with certain operating systems or connections, the one that Talk Fusion developed over several years of research, development, testing, and hard work works flawlessly with quite literally all computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices used to talk to others via conferencing through the World Wide Web.


Everyone knows that chief executive officers in the United States of America get paid many tens times more than their lower-rung employees, if not even more money than that. However, despite being loaded with money – something that most people across the globe would be infinitely happy with – Mr. Bob Reina feels that he must regularly make others feel great in their own lives or else he feels bad that he didn’t fulfill his purpose here on planet Earth.


So, what does the popular CEO of none other than well-respected company Talk Fusion do to make sure his days are spent with more hours of gleaming satisfaction than previous ones?


Take notes – at least, if you’re interested in what knowledge Bob Reina dropped in an interview just weeks ago with the hot site for sharing such interviews in Affiliate Dork. Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/bob-reina-worlds-greatest-ceo/


First, Mr. Reina has made a habit out of never saying things like “I can’t.” While some things are impossible, most of them aren’t. As such, saying “I will” makes a lot of difference. He’s also a big philanthropist and loves to volunteer his body to charities around the Tampa Bay area.


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