Equities First Holdings supporting publicly traded companies in Australia

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Equities First Holdings Australia is a business that is supporting various business activities in the world. The company is a lending firm that is making it easy for individuals and businesses which would need financing to access it with ease. Equities First Holdings Australia is a subsidiary of the EFH global, a firm that was started in 2002 in Indianapolis. The firm has made significant contributions in supporting business in many parts of the world where they are operating. Its subsidiary in Australia is one of the best subsidiaries. It is running independently with minimal support from the head office.

Since the Australian offices were opened, hundreds of clients have been served. The company finances business and individual. The main goal of the company is to help people meet their financial obligations without going through the commercial banks.Equities First Holdings Australia has had various programs which are supporting businesses that are engaged in activities that have potential to change the world. One of the companies that EFH is financing is Environmental Clean Technologies Limited. It is an Australian company that is doing research and developing new technologies that are environmentally friendly. The company is a publicly traded company in Australia stock market and is offering services in India.

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