Dr. Saad Saad Impacts the Pediatric Sector through his Inventions.

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For over 40 years, Dr Saad Saad has been quite instrumental in his quest to redefine the pediatric medical sector. Having practiced pediatric surgery for all those years, Saad has gained a lot of experience about how things are done in the industry. He has been able to see where the challenges exist and also the possible measure that can be implemented to improve the sector. One of the initiatives that Dr Saad Saad has taken is engaging in research work that has led to some critical inventions that he has made for the industry. Saad has also been involved in the medical charity work where he has been providing pediatric services to children from low-income families without charging a dime. This has gone a long way in improving the state of health for his community and America in general.


One invention that has greatly transformed the pediatric sector is the introduction of an electromagnetic gadget that detects medical catheters in the patients’ bodies. Medical catheters are devices that are inserted into patient’s bodies during operations and can perform various functions that range from treating medical conditions to assistance during the surgical procedures. Any time that surgery is being performed while the catheter is in the patient’s body, its necessary to trace its location for the patient’s safety and health.


Risky traditional methods have been in use whereby x-rays and Magnetic Response Imaging were performed on the patients. This greatly put their health at risk due to consistent exposure to radiation doses. The electromagnetic device that has been invented by Dr Saad Saad has come to alleviate the problem posed to the medical sector. No scanning of the internal organs is required to trace the location of the catheters. All the pediatric surgeon requires is to roam the machine on the surface of the patient’s body and once it reaches the location where the catheter is positioned, it sends some light signals that allows the physician to locate the catheter. This invention has done a great favor to the pediatric medical sector since the patients will no longer be subjected to such associated diseases as cancer and the like. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad


The most amazing invention by Dr Saad Saad was that of the enhanced endoscopes. The endoscopes are used by physicians when they need to examine external objects that may have entered the human bodies through the openings like the oesophagus, trachea and the like; without performing surgeries. The surgeons have been facing some struggles due to the formation of fog on the visual lens of the gargets, as a result of the body fluids. To improve this, Saad introduced a gadget that will be sucking the fluids from the bodies hence preventing the obstructions by fog formation.