Dr Rod Rohrich Provides Innovation in Plastic Surgery

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Dallas area patients are aware of the skill and professionalism of Dr. Rod Rohrich, one of the leading plastic surgeons in the area. His practice offers a full range of cosmetic procedures that can help you look as great as you feel! The practice is kind and welcoming and the entire staff is dedicated to providing compassionate care and making their patients feel comfortable. If you are in the greater Dallas, TX area and are considering a cosmetic procedure, Dr. Rohrich is here to provide the comprehensive care that you need. Below are some of the most popular procedures performed at Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Dallas practice.

Rhinoplasty – our noses are one of the most distinctive features on our faces, and if you are unhappy with yours, it can be difficult to look in the mirror every day without feeling disappointed. Whether your nose is too wide, has a bump, or evidence of a break, or you just don’t like it, Dr. Rohrich can help. Call the office today to schedule a consultation for your rhinoplasty.

Face Lifts – as our nation becomes more engaged in healthy living and fitness we feel young and vibrant well into middle age and beyond. When the face that we see in the mirror does not match the way that we feel inside, a facelift can make a difference. There is no reason to look older than you feel!

Breast Surgery – whether you are looking for a breast augmentation or a reduction, Dr. Rohrich can help. Large breasts can prevent you from fully participating in sports and other athletic activities, and can cause back and posture problems. A reduction can be the answer to these issues. Augmentation can help give you the figure you have always dreamed of! We can also perform a bust lift when necessary.

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