Dr. Johanan Rand and His Expertise in the Field of Erectile Dysfunction and Other Age-related Issues

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Dr. Johanan Rand has already built all throughout his career a reputation for outstanding expertise in integrated medicine. His career has even seen him as one of today’s most successful specialists in both integrated medical research and bioidentical hormone replacement practice. The fact that he is right now the President of Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange, NJ is also an added testament to his credibility in such medical field.


Erectile Dysfunction Disorder


We should also say here that Dr. Johanan Rand is also a trusted source person for anything that has to do with how aging affects a man’s tendency to have erectile dysfunction disorder. In a feature article about him at Ask Reporter, he argued that erectile dysfunction disorder affects many men today who are reaching their golden age. When this happens, the body changes its ability to function at its most optimal, and medical issues like this tend to cause depression and anxiety to the suffering patients. This is also the reason, among many things, why Dr. Rand advocates for men to control their weight as they age.


Weight gain is one risk-factor for erectile dysfunction and can increase the likelihood of worsening the dysfunction’s symptoms. To prevent this, men should regularly exercise, control their food intake and, if things get worse, get medical treatment from quality aging centers. Erectile dysfunction can be mitigated but only if there’s consistent system of support that can monitor’s the man’s diet and exercise regimen. Only when the body can recover from lack of exercise and lack of discipline in food intake can a man get an improvement from the dysfunction’s symptoms, according to Dr. Rand. When such issue is addressed, the complete wellbeing of the patients is overturned, and their positive outlook on their daily life would go back to normal.


We should also add here that Dr. Johanan Rand is also the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Center, which has already built a name in providing the quality, optimal support system and treatment guide for all age-related concerns of both men and women in New Jersey. His education came straight out of the Howard University College of Medicine, and he has the official license to provide medical service in the state of New Jersey.


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