Color Is Trendy In 2018 And Lime Crime Is Ready To Help

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Most people do not change their looks from season to season. Instead, they wear the same makeup colors day in and day out. Most of the time it is out of fear of color or not knowing where to start. Luckily with a cruelty-free and color line of makeup by Lime Crime, it is not as hard as one may think.


Highlighting is a technique used to accentuate the best features of the face and puts less emphasis on any flaws. For example, if your eyes or your beautiful high cheekbones are your best features, that is where the attention needs to be drawn. To emphasize these features, apply highlighter along the cheekbones and directly under the eyes. The key is to know where to apply the highlighter to get the desired effects. This will draw the attention to those beautiful areas. Lime Crime highlighter palettes come with three colors to choose from.

Matte lips are always in

There are a large number of different lipsticks and glosses on the market, but regardless of the season, matte lips are always in style. Matte lipsticks were created to show off your lips. There is no glossy shine, just color that hugs your lips from morning to night. Lime Crime’s matte lipstick in Apricot Nude is a perfect neutral shade that can be worn every day.


Most people tend to shy away from eyeliner. It is one of those things that if applied correctly, it can really rock your look. However, it can also have a negative effect. Stick to eyeliner with a superfine tip to keep from going overboard. Watch the professional videos and practice. It will not take long to master the look that you desire.