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Zach Schmidt Releases An Ironic New Song

Zach Schmidt is one indie country singer who is making big waves in the music world. In spite of all the odds, this singer is making a big splash. Zach’s newest song is called “Drunk Again This Christmas.” Like all of the other memorable songs Zach has written, this song matches good old-fashioned hooks with a deeply acerbic wit. Hopefully, Schmidt will achieve the high sales numbers he truly deserves. I feel that this artist deserves much more attention in the mainstream media.

It is fascinating to see just how far you can take country without losing that all-important sense of authenticity. This is an ideal time to take advantage of the many musical resources that you can find at Schmidt’s concerts. If you experience one of these musical extravaganzas, it isn’t likely that you will soon forget it. Although there are plenty of indie artists drawing upon country music traditions, few artists do this with such clarity of vision. Without doubt, Schmidt is one of the greatest indie singers working today. This artist’s latest song joins the ranks of the many sardonic Christmas songs that have achieved prominence in indie music culture. Since the days of Adam Sandler’s “Hannukah Song,” humorous references to holidays have made for very memorable songs. Novelty songs are some of the most popular indie songs of the past 20 years.

“Drunk This Christmas” is almost certainly going to cause a lot of excitement among music critics. Artists like this have been critically acclaimed for quite some time. Schmidt has the style and the songwriting acumen to achieve a lot in the modern musical ecosystem. If I don’t see this singer achieve fame and fortune within the next five years, I will lose my faith in the average modern listener.