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Kim Dao’s Skin Treatment Injections in Korea

YouTube Vlogger Kim Dao recently about her skin treatment injection in Korea. Her skin care treatment was with Banobagi and it was her first skin care treatment with this product. She got picked up by a taxi and was taken to the clinic. The clinic was conveniently located near Kim’s residence. Kim has dry and uneven skin and was hopeful they would be able to fix it. She met with Claire who suggested the VIP treatment. Kim felt very comfortable at Bonobagi and Claire made her feel good about being there. She was given an adapter, she forgot hers in Japan. She also received a go0die bag that contained about 10 different sheet masks and a large variety of snacks like oreos, noodles, chocolate pie and seaweed snacks. Kim was introduced to her doctor who reviewed the photos that were taken of her skin. He agreed that she did have dry skin and would need the PIP treatment to help improve skin texture and complexion. The first step was a cleansing. A device was used to remove the dead skin from Kim’s face and then the numbing cream was applied all over her face. They take a blood sample to use for the PIP procedure but Kim admitted it did not hurt, they were very gentle. Kim had to wait about a half hour for the numbing cream to work fully and then she was taken to another room to have the numbing cream removed. The rest of the experience can be viewed here.

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