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Bruce Levenson Spreads the Word of Philanthropy at the University of Maryland

After Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, he ventured into the non-profit industry. One of his notable investments is the University of Maryland’s “Do Good Institute”.

What is the Do Good Institute About?

The Do Good Institute is a higher education initiative aimed at helping students who are undergoing undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland. According to PR News, the program exposes these undergraduates to nonprofit enterprise and volunteering. The intended outcome of this program is to create non-profit entrepreneurs who are highly competitive against the private sector. According to Levenson, many high profile organizations are headed by professionals who are unable to accomplish their mission because they lack basic business skills.

In this class, attendants were given $10,000 and asked to allocate the money to a cause of their choosing. It became a popular program on campus.

The Mission of the Do Good Institute

Founded in 2010, this initiative’s mission is two pronged:

  • To change the campus into an institute where every student who graduates is well informed and has enough motivation to volunteer in the society
  • To educate a generation of non-profit professionals

Currently, the campus intends to allow students to major in the field. The aim of this incentive is to cater for students who have a passion for philanthropy.

About Mr. Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson got his Bachelor of Arts from the Washington University. He co-founded United Communications Group (UGC) in 1977, in partnership with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. Before establishing UGC, he wrote for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. Mr. Levenson became a director at TechTarget, Inc. on Feb 10, 2015. He has also been on the committee of directors at Electronic Publishers Association and Newsletter. He has also served as president of Washington’s “I Have a Dream Foundation”. Mr. Levenson has contributed to many voluntary projects including the “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland.

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